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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I-Team Trivia, Round I

Composite image by Jennifer Johnson

Welcome to I-Team Trivia!

This is your chance to show off your knowledge of my I-Team series and to win some cool prizes. Here are the rules: There will be three rounds of questions, each growing progressively more difficult and each featuring trivia questions from all three I-Team stories that are already published. There will be one or two discussion questions, as well.

The Rules

To participate email your answers to me at pamelaclare @ earthlink . net (remove spaces) by the specified deadline.

Do not post your answers on the blog. However, feel free to comment on the discussion questions.

Each round of questions will remain on my blog for four days. The answers must arrive in my email before midnight on the fourth day.

When I ask for the name of someone or something, I mean the entire name. First names don't cut it.

After each round, the names of the highest scorers will be listed at the beginning of the next round. At the end of the 12-day contest, the participant who answered the most questions correctly will get a signed copy of the I-Team book of her choice together with a sample of "Marc" and "Sophie" perfumes.

If there is a tie, we'll have an instant death play-off on in my chat room.

Now let the fun begin. And may the most rabid I-Team fan win!!!

Round I Questions

1. What’s the name of bar/restaurant where Reece and Kara meet?

2. What are Julian’s two undercover alias?

3. What does CORA stand for?

4. How does Sophie finally recognize Marc?

5. What kind of vehicle does Reece drive (including color)?

6. What does virginal, teenage Sophie expect a man’s penis to feel like?

7. What is Tessa’s (and the author's) favorite kind of latte?

8. What does I-Team stand for?

9. What kind of firearm does Marc carry?

10. What does Connor call his mommy’s vibrator?

Discussion question: Which villain(s) do you dislike the most? If you got to shoot just one person in the series, who would it be?

Answers are due in my email by 11:59 on Thursday, June 26.


Christi said...

Oh, fun fun fun. I'll admit I don't remember all these off the top of my head, but I promise within the day I will be on my way to searching for the answers!

Ronlyn said... are evil woman.

7. my fav. latte too. ;)

I'm not sure if i'm sad or proud that I do know (or think I do) most of these...not all, but....


which villians do I dislike the most? hmmmm....I don't want to give spoilers too much in case someone hasn't read them, but I REALLY dislike the villians in UC. There's something truely dispicable aobut people who use their position of power to abuse people powerless to stop it.

If I could shoot jsut one person? Lissy's mom? *G* No...ummm...the red headed bitch or the perviously mentioned villian.

Anonymous said...

These are the easiest ones???? And from round one I'll have to look for a couple answers in the books.

Burien. Most definitely. That guy was creepy.


JennJ said...

Discussion question: Which villain(s) do you dislike the most? If you got to shoot just one person in the series, who would it be?

OH this is a toughy cause you have had some really nasty villians! But if I had to choose it would be the ones Unlawful Contact I won't go further don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read it yet. But they were just beyond horrid. Though I will say the villian in HE Burien was pure scum of the earth too. So maybe it would be a tie.

Hope you have fun researching, Christi. :-)

Ronlyn, we must go drinking... coffee... together. LOL! Sounds like you're primed for quite the little shooting spree. I approve!

Oui, Stef, these are the easy ones. Believe it or not I spent probably 10 hours picking questions. OK maybe 5 hours. But that's still a long time. So some of these are gonna be tough!

I did find myself laughing at some of Julian and Marc's one-liners. And that thing about watching men painting trim being a women's spectator sport. LOL! OK, so I wrote it, but still it cracks me up.

Jenn, it sounds like you're locked and loaded for a good shoot-out, too. You have my blessings! I can just see the climax of the stories:

"And then Ronlyn and Jenn stepped out of nowhere and shot them all dead." Tess and Sophie stared in utter astonishment. "Who are you?" they said, almost in unison. "You just appeared out of thin air."


Ronlyn said...


Yes ma'am, we must go out One of these days it WILL happen!

Yes, it will, Ronlyn. We've already had shakes and burgers together, after all.

And if it's alright with you, I'd rather wait to have the... coffee... until after we've earned a solid hangover from drinking margs! :-)

Ronlyn said...

I promise that before too long I will take you out to get you properly "shit faced" and we'll save the coffee for later. ;)
Southwest flies to Dever now...I wonder if I can take a weekend away without the boys without too much fuss. hmmm....something to think about anyway.

JennJ said...

Rofl!!! I love it! *blows on smoking barrel*

well remember I keeled Sir fancy pants german laddie I couldna let these get away wee it. ;P

Tena said...

Hi I got your page toopen a bit and I just wanted to say I too am born in feb on th 25th Im a twin small world :)

Jenn, you killed Fancy Pants? LOL! Good for you!

Tena, it's good to know another Pisces.

Most of my family has birthdays in the span of two months. I have a nephew born on Jan 24, another on Jan 25, then my niece on Feb. 14, my brother on Feb. 19, me on Feb. 29, and my dad and former SIL on March 9.

By St. Patrick's day, we're all broke. LOL!

Tena said...

:)me too my family as a bit close in a few months then it goes 4months and start again my son was born on Jan 26th,one of my nephews is Feb 23, the other is Jan 24th, my brother is march 16th I think (thats bad when dont remember the date at least I know the month)my mom is April 24 but my daughter was Aug 6th

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