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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poll results

The results are in! And they're not what I expected.

When I put this poll together, I expected that Iain, Morgan and Nicholas would be the most popular historical heroes, with Alec and Jamie garnering few votes. Of those, I thought Iain would win. Silly me!

Nicholas came in first with 33 percent of the vote.
Iain came in second with 28 percent of the vote.
Alec — ! — came in third with 19 percent.
And poor Morgan came in fourth with 14 percent of the vote.
Jamie came in last (no surprise to me) with 4 percent.

Benjy thinks that perhaps some people voted without having read Untamed. That would be nice, but I'm not betting on it.

As for your contemporary hero, a full 50 percent chose Marc "Hunt" Hunter, while 35 percent chose Julian "Dark Angel" Darcangelo, and 15 percent chose Reece Sheridan. This didn't surprise me at all, as I felt most readers were being forced to choose between Marc and Julian.

Then came the real shocker. Yes, a total upset!

(The best I can do to depict Connor right now with no cover and no story written...)

Here I am laboring away on Naked Edge, thinking that most of my readers are jonesing for an I-Team fix, when 60 percent of you say you want Connor's story, Defiant, next rather than Kat and Gabe's!


I won't let my Muse hear this, or she might kick Gabe right off a rock.

So, my dears, can you indulge me and tell me why you voted the way you did with regard to your favorite historical hero and which book you're anticipating most.

Of course, there may be some surprises in store for you...

And those are the subject of my next poll.



Anonymous said...

*clears throat* well, I happened to vote for Nicholas.

Why is that?

Let's see...uh, because I absolutely feel head over heels for him! He was extremely manly, tough and yet, passionate and caring all in one. To put it simply he is was the dream man. He didn't care about her past, his only care was that they would have a future together. ((sigh))

Oh, and I finished, Untamed!!! But I can't get my thoughts up just yet. You'll see why! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh and I typed to fast as usual. It's I FELL head over heels, not feel, lol. Oy...

Ronlyn said...

I voted for Nicholas, because I felt a deep connection with him. He was your first historical H that I felt that connection with. Not to say I didn't LOVE Alec & Jamie & Iain and eventually Magnum (errr...Morgan) too. But Nicholas was my first. ;-)

Now, Hunt. Hunt has been my IT from the first. I don't know why, but there you go. But, you knew that.

I can't help you with the upset. I voted for NE, simply because I know it's coming next. LOL

Hi, Barbara— LOL! It's quite alright that you voted for Nicholas. I love him, as well. As a matter of fact...

When I finished Ride the Fire, I was devastated, as I've mentioned before. The story had taken so much from me emotionally that I was a wreck. And I said to my agent, "I will never write another historical like this one. This was IT. I will never be able to write a hero I love more than Nicholas."

Why did the story mean so much to me? The clue to that is in the book's dedication. I've been open about the fact that I was sexually assaulted as a child by the father of a classmate. So Bethie's story was a way to release some of my own pain. And Nicholas — beloved Nicholas — was the man who gave Bethie the healing I wish I'd gotten.

Um, so you've finished Untamed, but I have to wait to hear what you think. Oh no! I'm terrible with suspense. I only go see movies if I know what happens in them. (Dumb, but true!)

And pleeeease don't worry about typos. I am the Queen of Typos (even though I'm an editor).

Hi, Ronlyn — ROFL on the "Magnum" thing. We knew that was going to be a problem from Day One, didn't we?

The inspiration for Nicholas fell into my head in one solid piece while I was working on Carnal Gift. It was hard even to write the rest of that book when Nicholas, as bossy as he can be, was stomping around in my head looking all grim and seriously angry.

As for Marc... Well, when I finished Hard Evidence, I told my agent, "I'll never be able to top Julian." LOL!

That's my running theme, in case you haven't guessed. I believe that whatever I'm writing at the moment sucks shoe leather and that I might as well quit trying to write books at all.

Tena said...

I love all them I havent finshed Untamed yet but I know Ill love him too now if men could be like that Id be happy being single stinks

Anonymous said...

Oh and I might mention that you've inspired me. I recall your new year's resolution about spending less time online and more writing. Well, I just posted about that. Hopefully, I'll finally finish my MS :/

Oh, and don't fret, I loved Untamed. You'll see ;)

Debbie H said...

ahhhh, I missed the poll! I would have voted for...I don't know. I love them all equally. That would be so unfair to have to chose and see the others hang their heads in disbelief.

You have a name for Connor's book!!! I can't wait to read more of your books. I love all of your heros!

Hi, Tena — I hear you on wanting to find a real man who's like a romance hero. I'm single, too, though I don't hate it. It has its upside, for certain.

Barbara, I'm so happy that I inspired you. I haven't followed through yet on my vow to be on the 'Net less. I have to rush over and read your blog. I hope you DO finish that manuscript! That would be fantastic!

Hi, Debbie — You missed the poll??? Oh, no! Well, there's a new one up now (down on the right) so be sure to sound off. Yes, choosing a fave hero is for me a bit like choosing a favorite child. I have probably seven favorites or maybe eight out of eight novels and a novella. LOL!

haleigh said...

How did I miss such cool polls? Well, I missed these, but I've already voted in the new poll, so there's no chance of me missing that one!

If had *had* voted, though, I would have voted for Iian, though Morgan is a very close second for me.

And of course, I would have to pick Julian (but again, such a slim margin - how can you expect us to make these decisions!!). I just loved Julian's temper :)

And I'd pick for you to finish Naked Edge, because I cannot WIAT to read about Gabe after reading the hints you've been throwing out!

JennJ said...

I loved the polls but I have to say it was VERY VERY hard for me to make my decision as I love all of your characters! In the end I had to vote for Nicolas a smidge above the others because as Barbara put so well he was everything rolled into one. AND he was a tortured hero himself too so that put him over the edge for me. I personally love the tortured hero. I always find I root for them even harder because of all they have been through. You want to see them with a happy ending. :)

Ronlyn said...

I remember your saying that about Marc. That he was no Julian. LOL. And, I said it then and I'll say it again. It's OK. How dull would life be if all our men were the same. We all have our issues, we connect with people (even fictional people) on diff. levels, and it's good. Julian is HOT, no doubt. But, for me, Marc is IT. ;-)
Now, I'm still forming an opinion on the aloof Mr. Gabe. I think I need to do more research on him. (hint! HA!)
Love ya Babe

Ronlyn said...

slightly off topic. I asked my sis if it was wierd reading a H with her name. She said it was at first, but she quickly got over it and he's her fav now, so...the Magnum thing is *my* issue. LOL

Hi, Haleigh — I'm so sorry you missed them! I'm going to be doing this regularly, so check back when you can. Thanks for voting now. You bring Marc and Julian closer together and bring Iain up a notch to a near-tie with Nicholas. I hope NAKED EDGE is worth the wait. Right now, I'm pretty sure it's the least interesting thing I've every written. (Has anyone heard that before?)

Hi, Jenn — You know what's so interesting about the whole "tortured hero" thing? Nicholas was quite literally a tortured hero, not just a moody dude with some bad memories. He was tortured to within an inch of his life. That fact made some readers LOVE LOVE LOVE him. It also made some readers HATE the book because they felt it was too gory and violent. I knew the prologue would turn some readers off, but I had to write him how I "felt" him. So what made some readers love him turned out to be the exact same thing that made some readers hate him. His hair too... Some LOVED the long hair and thanked me profusely for not cutting it. One reviewer recently said his long hair made him seem like a girl to her. LOL!

Just goes to show you that you can't please 'em all.

Hi, Ronlyn — I remember you saying that back when I was telling you the UC was a train wreck. LOL! Very supportive words. Thanks. Glad you like Marc so much. As for Gabe... We'll see.

But about "Magnum." Every time you use that word, it makes me think that some people must believe we're talking about the size of his tadger. So I LOVE it! I'm glad your sis liked it so much. Haven't seen much of her lately...

Zeek said...

For some dumb reason I missed the poll- but I would have voted for Nicholas first I think and then Morgan.

Mostly because Nicholas reminded me so much of DDL's character in Last of the Mohicans. ::shiver::

OH and not to further mess with you but I DEFINITELY want Conner's story next! :P

Ronlyn said...

LMAO! Well, I could be referring to the size of his "tadger"...that would work too, right? It's certainly better than the "ripe plum" description. *snort*

Jane said...

I missed those votes, too, but you know how much I love Hunter and I can't wait for Kat's story.

Heather said...

Well...I voted for Iain...because he balanced tough man/sensitive man extremely well. All your men are that way...but Iain was tougher, being out in the wilderness, carrying his woman all over the forest and protecting her.

I also voted for Marc...because because again, a good balance of tough man/sensitive man. Also, that book made me cry...and I never forget a book that brings out that much emotion in me.

I did not vote for the next book, because for some reason, I didn't see that one...but I would have voted for "Naked Edge". I'm ready for that one...I can wait a little bit for Connor, because I just got to be with him for a little bit in "Untamed"...but it's been a long time since I visited the I-Team cast!

Heather said...

OMG...I just saw the new poll...this is the hardest one yet. You do everything so perfectly...and you know I love my romantic suspense...but you do historicals like no one I can't choose just one. I think I'll pass on this poll, because it's impossible for me to choose.

Hi, Zeek — Thanks for chiming in. I'm glad Morgan got another vote. An author hates to think her best heroes are behind her, you know? LOL! Another vote for Connor's story... I'm actually calling my editor tomorrow to tell her how popular another MacKinnon's Rangers book is... at least on my blog. :-)

Hi, Ronlyn — I prefer "Magnum" over "ripe plum," too. LOL! I know what I'm getting out of a "magnum." It's big and powerful. A ripe plum??? Hmmm.

Hi, Jane — Another vote for Marc. I can only imagine what he and Julian would say to one another over these votes. LOL!

Hi, Heather — Did you see on the new poll that you can vote for more than one? I knew it would be tough, and I kind of wanted to get people's notions of what they'd prefer. I might not be able to do a MacKinnon's Rangers book next, depending on how well it did. If that's the case, I'm trying to decide whether to do a paranormal idea that came to me (no vampires, I swear!!!!) or to just do a different kind of historical. I have ideas for all of these. :-)

I hear you on your reasons for choosing Iain and Marc. I can see how Iain is a bit tougher than Morg (partly due to circumstances). If I'd had an endless number of pages, I'd probably have let Bourlamaque torture Morgan a bit. ;-)

Here's a funny thing. Both of my 2008 books started with Un-. Both had heroes whose names start with M. And both involved the heroes being prisoners and tied up (or cuffed) for part of the story.

I wonder what's going on in my brain... Maybe I have a closet thing for bondage. LOL!

Bo said...

Sliding in late here,but I did vote.For Iain,of course! *G* No explanation necessary.I have a big grin on my face right now,just thinking about him.Surprised? *G*

I was having a hard time deciding between Julian & Hunt,but I think I voted for Hunt out of respect for Aims.I know she doesn't like anyone getting on her man Julian,LOL.Besides,I got thinking about Marc eating that sushi the way he did,taunting Sophie,and I HAD to.*G*

And,I was SO excited to see a title for Connor's story,I was nearly giddy.I kept thinking ,'HA! This means she HAS to write it!' LOL.

I know I've been woefully absent from here lately,sorry! I'm in slide-scanning hell.My Mom has like 14 rolls of film on slides from her European trips in '66 & '67,so I have been busy on that nightmare project.Blech.

Anonymous said...

I voted! Iain, Marc (of course) and Defiant. Historicals are my first love and you do them so well.
I voted in the new one too but I'm going to wait to see the results at the end... would love to see your take on a different type of story.
BTW, any news on the erotica?

Anonymous said...

Please do not postpone Naked Edge, I've been waiting and waiting and waiting!

Hi, Bo! I've missed you around here! Don't stay away for long, okay? I had no doubt that you would vote for Iain. Are you kidding me? YOU? LOL!!!

Very thoughtful of you to leave Julian for Aimee and vote for Marc instead. I'm sure she'll appreciate that gesture. *G*

That scanning work sounds overwhelming! At least you have Vegas to look forward to!

Hi, Debbie D — No news on the erotica front. I have a story started but I haven't gone anywhere with it, mostly because I'm on contract with other books now and have no bleeping time even to get those finished. So Iain, Marc and Defiant, huh? I'm so happy you enjoy the historicals. They are definitely my first love, and they're what I love to read most, too. :-)

Hi, Anonymous — The good news is I'm writing Naked Edge now, so it's next for certain. I won't postpone it. I promise! The bummer is that last year was such a roller coaster ride that I got behind on the story very much against my will. I am trying to catch up, though. Wish me luck!

Well - you KNOW Nicolas is my favourite *g* - because - well - he's Nicolas. For my favourite in the I-Team series, that's a tough one because I love both Marc and Julian!!! And *g* I'M jonesing for the next fix :-)
I think maybe people voted for Connor's story next because they've just finished Untamed and it's fresher in their minds. Plus I think more readers read historicals then RS. Me - I'm happy with either since I ADORE your books in either genre. I say keep listening to your muse because she hasn't let you down yet!!
And now you have me real curious as to what else you have up your wonderful writer sleeve.

Kristie, dear, I knew you voted for Nicholas. There was never a moment of doubt in my mind. I figured you voted for Marc, too.

I called my editor in NY on Thursday and read her the poll results and she said what you said — people have just finished Untamed and are in a MacKinnon mood. (Not that she minds that. She said she wanted to read Connor's book when she finished Untamed, too.

You know, despite what people say about sales for historicals not being great, I think a lot of people harbour (I wrote it that way for you) a secret love of historicals. Contemps sell better, no doubt at all. But most hard-core romance readers love to read historicals when they find one that appeals to them.

I do have a few secrets brewing, a surprise or two ahead. The poll kind of gives those surprises away. But the order in which they are written...

I'll finish Naked Edge, and then I shall probably surprise you all. :-)

shirley said...

HI Pamela Id have to say I don think I did the poll Ive been so busy with a 4moth old so far I love all the men you have wrote about I havent read untamed yet but I am going to cant wait to read more of your books

Amanda said...

Well shoot I missed the poll!! Thats what happens when you work instead of checking on here! Darn conference taking over my life! LOL

Hope everything is good with you Pamela! *hugs*

shirley said...

Hi Pamela if you dont mind I was just wondering if someone was wanting to write a book how many pages does it need to be if you was typing it on word

You have two days left to vote in the current poll, Amanda. I hope the conference ends soon so you can have your life back! :-)

Hi, Shirley — Don't think in terms of pages — different fonts create different page counts. Think in terms of words. These days most novels are more than 90,000 words and less than 110,000 words. Mine are always around 115,000 to 120,000 words. Hope that helps.

Gina said...

OK so I'm coming in here REALLY late but I'll put in my opinion. No....I didn't vote. I missed it. Not like it's going to change cause I think I would've voted for Nicholas (sigh). I figured it was a tough story to write, but it was soooo good! Thank you for putting it on paper for all us romantics to enjoy. Now, IF I hadn't read Nicholas, it would've Iain. Who knew shaving was erotic? LOL


shirley said...

thanks pamela for answering my question I have started untamed it is so good cant wait to finishes it

Tena said...

oh wow I read for all night long on Untamed book I guess u can say I take my time as reading trying to be in that place and time see the people as they unfold in the story I love the story I cant wait to finish the book I hope that they get to be together as Iain and Annie did

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