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Thursday, July 02, 2009

The home stretch

I'm off from work through July 13, during which time I am going to be working mercilessly on Naked Edge, with the goal of finishing it by July 15, at which time I must start another project. I tried putting up a countdown clock here for fun's sake, but I couldn't get it to work.

So rather than leaving you with a countdown clock to stare at for the next two weeks, I thought I'd share a video of some of the most amazing powder skiing I've ever seen. Remember, I grew up in Colorado. Skiing lessons were part of PE in junior high. So when I say this is fantastic skiing, believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

I have no idea who these guys are, but they ski like powder demons. Why is this relevant? After all, it's July! True, true! BUT, Gabe Rossiter, the hero in Naked Edge is a mountain parks ranger and loves to ski. Not only does he love to ski, but he's amazing at it. None other than Julian Darcangelo says that Gabe is hell on skis. And now that you've got this video to watch, you can see what that means. These guys ski deep powder, taking face shots all the way, and they ski a couple of cliffs. (In ski lingo, "face shots" means having the power fly into your face. Outside of skiing, it's a porn term, and you can figure out for yourself what it means.)

In his younger years, Gabe chased powder. That is to say, he traveled wherever the powder was deep and the skiing was good. A lot of young guys live that way here, mostly sleeping in cars or vans and driving anywhere in the Rockies where the snow is dumping.

If you want to catch some of Gabe's other activities, you can search YouTube for heliskiing. He and Marc Hunter out of necessity go heliskiing, something I have actually done. I went heliskiing with a group of friends near Telluride. Heliskiing is where they fly you into the wilderness to some crazy high ridge in the mountains and drop you off in the snow and you ski down the mountain in deep powder. I suck at telemark skiing, so I kind of fall down the mountain while wearing skis. But, hey, I still went heliskiing, right?

After watching all of this snowy activity, hopefully you'll feel cooled off and refreshed.

I'm five chapters and an epilogue away from finishing Naked Edge. I'll check in if I can. If I'm focused on the story and can't come back to the real world, then you won't see me for a while. But do enjoy that crazy ripping in this video. I watch in awe.

And if I don't see you all again before Saturday, have a wonderful, safe Fourth of July!


Luci said...

Love the video Pamela and a welcome break from the heat here. The girls want to go to the beach today so I am expecting lots of heat and sand sticking to everywhere and everything :(.

I am a scaredy cat and so not adventurous but I am finding that as the years go by I am wishing I actually did something adventurous! Go figure. You would think it would work the other way around.

Happy writing. You know I love all your books but I am really looking forward to the historicals you will write after Naked Edge :).

Amanda said...

Wow what a great video!! Thank you Pamela!!

Hope that the writing goes well your on the homeward stretch girl!!

Loving the cover btw love pink!

Linda A. said...

These guys are adventurous all right! I used to cross-country ski a bit and I've tried falling downhill on skis once or twice (I can't call it anything else), but we haven't got anything here that you would call a hill, let alone a mountain. Good luck with finishing NE, and take a break before a certain Scot starts demanding his story ASAP.

You are much braver than I am to even try it. I am a wimp! Enjoy your time off!

Ronlyn said...

wOO HOO!!! the home stretch! My cell phone is powered up and I'm ready for the finale! Question, am I going to throw this book at some point? *G* Am I going to stomp around my house (like when I was reading UC) and have Scott tell me that if I don't calm down you won't be my friend anymore? LOL. YAY! Can't wait.

I went skiing once. (which I'm sure sounds odd since I grew up in MT) my friend I was with fell and broke her arm, so I sat on my butt and refused to move. She, after all, knew what she was doing. I had no chance if she broke when skiing. LOL. I do love watching it though, and when people know what they are doing it's THRILLING.

I'm heading to work for the last day this week, then my mom & cousin from Norway will be here when I get home. I haven't seen Inger Lise in 10 years, since I was in Norway last, and I'm SO EXCITED!

I hope the words fall onto the page, as if by themselves, making the ending easy for you. (is that even possible)

Love ya!

Debbie H said...

Wow what a great video! I am the type to enjoy snow in a safer, calmer way. LOL My sister and BIL snow and water ski all the time.

Hopefully you will become immersed in the story to the point you finish a bit early and return to the world to let us know. LOL

Have a safe 4th!


Hi, Luci — I hope it helped you cool off a bit. I would LOVE to go to a beach. We have frozen water (snow) here in Colorado, but there are no beaches, no ocean, no large bodies of water. We do have rivers, and rafting is one of my favorite things to do. But we don't have beaches. And thanks for the good wishes. My mind is also thinking about those historicals. :-)

Hi, Amanda — You're welcome! I loved watching it. The cover is not as pink as that. For some reason, Blogger can't get the color right. It's a bit tamer and more purple-y. And thanks for the good thoughts!

Hi, Linda — I love both cross country skiing and downhill. I'm pretty decent at both, but not in that kind of terrain. LOL! And telemark is really tough for me (that's downhill in mountain terrain on what are essential cross country skis). So you're wanting a historical, too, huh?

Hi, Book Junkie — I love trying stuff, especially if there's an adventure component. But I won't do anything that involves falling long distances like bungee jumping or sky diving. No. Way. But thanks! It was an experience for sure. And thank you! I do intend to enjoy it as much as I can. I really need time away.

Hi, Ronlyn — I can't say whether you'll throw this book or not. Personally... Well, I won't tell you what I think of it. I still laugh when I think about you throwing UC and Scott offering to go get it for you. LOL!

Your skiing story is funny! Not the part about your friend's arm, but the part about you refusing to budge. it's an intimidating sport to learn. I'm glad we had it in school. Neither of my boys ski because I made the mistake of taking them with my dad whose sole instructions were, "Get up. Brush yourself off. Now tough it out." Well, who wants to do anything that involves "toughing it out"? So I took over the instruction and had them both skiing within thirty minutes. But we never went again because lift tickets are so expensive at Telluride (where I like to go).

Have fun with your norske familie. Offer them a "hilsen" from me. :-)

And thanks, Ronlyn! Words falling on the page sounds great to me!!!

Hi, Debbie — Yeah, me, too. And thanks! I would LOVE to finish early and then have some time to BREATHE!

Lori said...

Yay! Time off from "real" work. Now get to work and write, LOL!!

Loving the video. I've skied that powder at Alta! Only one spring break. We usually skied Mary Jane and once we went up to Jackson Hole - the guy jumping off that cornice reminded me of that trip. I've never been heliskiing, but we've hiked to the top of Loveland Pass in the dead of winter many times. One of our group switched to telemark right after college. I just don't get the appeal of it, but whatever floats his boat!

Wow, just realized how much I miss living in Colorado.

None other than Julian Darcangelo says that Gabe is hell on skis. Excellent!!! Cannot wait.

Hi, Lori — OMG! I got such a thrill out of reading "Mary Jane." Someone is posting on my blog who knows what Mary Jane is!

Say it with me, Lori: "No Pain, No Jane."

Colorado is pretty fantastic, though I have developed an itch to live in far upstate NY to be close to my Rangers. I'd also like to visit a lot of the original 13 colonies to see their historical sites. I want to spend more time near the ocean, too.

But if you have to be living in one place, Colorado is probably the best there is. (OK, so Oregon and Wash State are awesome, too.)

Jane said...

Good luck with the last five chapters and the epilogue. Have a great July 4th.

Lori said...

LOL - you can't go to CU and not know Mary Jane, can you? I think that was the reason I chose CU in the first place. It's coming back to bite me in the butt now though. My oldest is wanting to go to CU for the same reasons my hub & I chose it, LOL.

Denise A. Agnew said...

Can't wait for Naked Edge!

Denise A. Agnew

RitaSV said...

So, how did you do? I've been thinking of you...wondering if you're like me, the most creative when working under pressure.

Hope you got everything you needed to done. Hang in there!

Hi, Denise — Thanks so much!

Hi, Rita — Your comment prompted a new post. :-)

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