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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Who's going to RomCon?

A view of the Flatirons about 10 minutes away from my office

Please pardon me if my teeth chatter. It's been very cold here lately, and that blizzard that is now blowing its way across the Midwest just left us yesterday after four days of dumping flakes on those of us who live in the Rockies.

We got about a foot of snow in the end, with temps dropping to -15 F/-26 C last night. It was all of -6F /-21-ish C when I drove to work. But the view of the mountains completely covered in white with sun glinting off the snow was spectacular.

I'm not complaining. I love winter. I've spent those days with my sister Michelle, whom some of you have met on my Yahoo group. She’s visiting from Sweden. We’ve been keeping warm with lots of coffee and blazing fires in my fireplace. I think I’ve laughed more in the past few days than in the past few months put together. We have such a great time. She’s been coming to work with me and reading the Twilight series in my office while I do newspaper stuff.

Such are the joys of living at the foot of the mountains.

But it's not all snow and chattering teeth here. Come summer it will be 95 degrees and sunny. Every day. For weeks. It’s dry heat with very little humidity. Sometimes it gets as high as 110 F / 44 C or so. (Personally, I’d rather have snow!)

I hope some of you will experience this yourself when you come to Denver for the first annual RomCon this summer. The event was put together by some Denver-area romance writers — alas, not me — in an effort to create an event that focuses not on the romance industry but on readers.

I will be attending, as will Christine Feehan, Tara Janzen and... Anna Campbell, as well as many other authors. The entire focus of the event is getting writers and readers together in fun ways. I'm very excited about it. For one, I get to see Christine again and I get to meet Anna face to face. (Tara lives about 45 min. north of me, and we get together for coffee when we can.)

The conferences takes place July 9-11 in Denver. I hope to rent a bus and take a group of readers on a tour of the real places featured in the I-Team series and of places where the real investigations behind the series took place. Maybe we can even make it up into the mountains.

For more about the three-day conference, click here.

In the meantime, I'm putting together the proposal for Natalie’s book and trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be writing now. I hope to be working on my next story before Jan. 1.

I've joined Goodreads, so if you frequent Goodreads please find me! I'm also on Twitter now, despite my promise never to tweet. There are so many social networking sites these days that it’s a bit overwhelming.

In other news, I've learned that my first three historicals are available on Kindle. I thought that would never happen. I'm also in the midst of a Web site update, so that will be coming soon, possibly by Monday.

OK, well that’s all there is to report today.

Thanks to Anna Campbell for sharing her time with us and to all of you for making her feel welcome!


ronna15 said...

Yay!!! Goodreads!! ;D

I've been in that site since forever!!! ;D

Debbie H said...

Pamela, enjoy your time with Michelle.

I remember what snow looks like on the Rockies and I was only 5yrs old! It is absolutely breathtaking (or maybe it was the cold that breathtaking. LOL). No, it really is something that my soul yearns for sometimes. To see the mountains with snow on them.

Take care and have some fun in the snow for me.

Brett Hastings said...

Hi Pamela...We got a slushy mix here (PA) last night that just pretty much made for a mess.

Here's hoping you will be working on Connor's story next. :)

Hi Pamela! Sorry I went missing there for a while - I had a few days away with an old friend and didn't have much computer access. Anyway, thank you to everyone for making me feel like a princess (like that girl in the RomCon ad, perhaps!).

I'm REALLY looking forward to RomCon. Partly because I've always wanted to see the Rockies and now it's going to happen and partly because I'll catch up with some great people, especially you! I think it's shaping up to be an amazing event.

Had to laugh at your cold weather. We're in the middle of the most awful heatwave here. And it's so dry, everything is basically frying, especially my garden. Sigh.

Barbara said...

Hey Pamela! Ugh, I wish I could make it, I also wish you would have been able to make RWA this year :( I'll catch up with you at one convention or another.

I'll definitely find you on Goodreads.

Stay warm!!

Big hugs,

Wish I was going...but it's too far away. Luckily we have a readers event in Portland, Oregon every April. The Rose City Romance Writers Readers Luncheon is a fun event that no local reader should miss. Everyone goes home with books and smiles.

Oh...the reason I found this post is that I'm searching your site for info on Naked Edge...we got in an ARC copy today. I'm sending it out to Jennj for review.

Looks like another site update is in order :) - Whoo hoo to press to press.

Linda A. said...

Oh, Pamela, I wish! I've seen the Rockies in British Columbia, but I'd love to see Colorado. I also think it's great to have an event focused on readers.

The picture you posted is beautiful. Be careful getting around! We had a slushy, messy storm last night that made the roads icy and treacherous. Sometimes Maritime winters are a test of character. And thanks again to you and Anna for the interview.
P.S. I vote for Connor.

JennJ said...

Oh I so wish I could! But I hope you have a great time hon. Maybe I can catch you if you are up near Nashville are you going to the RWA convention?

And I just saw Tammie's Post woohooooooooooo *HAPPY DANCE* I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Sue Z said...

Hey! I thought that the "Pamela Clare Reality Tour" was just for me!! As long as you don't take your tour group to a certain somebody's house for coffee, I will share!!!

The mid-west storm system brought lots of rain a few snow showers and mega high winds to OH. We did get the below 20 temps too.

I am glad that you had fun with your sister. How long is she staying in the states??

I would love to go to RomCon. It would be so much fun but I am trying to save $$$ for my trip to Ireland.

Hi, Ronna — Terrific! Did we find each other there? I'll have to check.

Hi, Debbie — Thanks for the Christmas card. Do you know that for three years running, you've sent me the first Christmas card of the season? Amazing.

I think both the snow and the cold can be breathtaking. There are those days where it's cold enough and windy enough to feel like your breath is being stolen.

I did enjoy my sister's visit. Thanks! We did a TRUE BLOOD marathon, went to see NEW MOON, watched episodes of FIREFLY, ate out every night and laughed our butts off. I miss her already!!!!

Hi, Brett — Slush huh? I know this storm is working its way eastward. I hope to start Connor’s story soon. Enjoy Iain again!

Hi, Anna — I cannot wait to meet you, and I’m really looking forward to sharing the beauty of the mountains with you — and to have some long conversations that don’t rely on the Internet. :-)

Sorry to hear about the heat wave. I tolerate cold much more than heat. Here’s hoping that you get some monsoon rains and relief from the heat!

And thanks for being a guest on my blog! It was great to chat with you.

Hi, Barbara — I wish you could make it, too, but I trust that our paths will cross one of these years. I haven’t been going to RWA much lately, but who knows?

I'm so glad you found me on Goodreads! Thanks!

Hi, Tammy — I've heard of that even in Portland. I love that area so perhaps one of these days I’ll head that way again.

I’m so glad you got the ARC. Penguin is so on top of mailing those out. Yes, my Web site is woefully out of date. If you need any additional info on NAKED EDGE, let me know. My Web site should be updated within the week. I use my blog more than my Web site to stay in touch and up to date on things, because I can make the changes myself. :-)

Hi, Linda — One of these days perhaps you’ll make it down here. The Canadian Rockies are spectacular, as well. I have friends who ski up there every winter. They're total powder hounds, chasing powder wherever snow is falling.

Ice storms sound scary. Snow isn’t that bad. The roads really weren’t bad this time. They’re clear now. We got a Chinook last night that warmed everything up.

Another vote for Connor. Duly noted.

Hi, Jenn — I'm so glad you’re getting the ARC. The author’s note isn’t included, so let me know if there is anything you need. :-)

I’m not going to RWA. I chose RomCon over RWA this year, even though I really, really wanted to meet you. I hate to fly, and RomCon is in my backyard. I will miss you!

Hi, SueZ — Um, yeah, no stops at a certain someone’s house. That was an exclusive, one-time engagement. Can you imagine if I pulled up with a bus?!?!?

Michelle will be here through Jan. 7, but she’ll be spending the rest of the time at my parent’s house on the other side of the Divide.

I totally understand about the trip to Ireland. I want to get to Wales one of these years.

Stay warm!

lucy said...


Put me down for your tour please! I think I'll be going to RomCon instead of RWA this year too! I'd love to go to both but I'd have to be over there for at least a month and I don't know whether I want to be away from home that long. I get awfully homesick and hate flying too.
Actually, I might be bringing a friend along -- she REALLY wants to see the rockies :)

That's wonderful, Lucy! I have a feeling I'm going to be renting a big van to take a bunch of wonderful folks into the mountains. They're right in front of my house -- okay, about 20 minutes from my front door. So hopefully I'll get a chance to show you around, maybe even visit Rocky Mountain National Park and show you where I almost died. Won't that be fun? ;-)

You can actually see where I fell from the road.

SueZ, did you see it or was it snowing that day? I cannae remember. I know we went up and there were elk and a deer jumped in front of the car... But did I show you where I fell?

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