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Monday, September 13, 2010

For Kristie J — Get Well Soon!

One of the best kisses in film history

There are likely few residents of Romancelandia — authors or readers — who haven't seen the name KristieJ somewhere on a blog or who don’t know Kristie J from her own blog or from her various crusades for books and movies she loves.

I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting Kristie twice — once at her first RWA conference (in Atlanta?) and once right here in Colorado. She was part of this summer’s Pamela Clare Reality Tour and sat squished in the very back of the rental vehicle the entire way.

Kristie is a genuinely wonderful person, and I’ve enjoyed emails and a few phone conversations with her.

I learned this week that she’d had a terrible accident on the stairs at home about two weeks ago and had broke both her tibia and fibula. Tib-fib fractures are very serious. Gabe Rossiter, my hero from Naked Edge, suffers a compound tib-fib fracture — no one say how, please — at the end of the story. Those of you who’ve read the novel know how serious that was.

Fortunately, Kristie’s situation was a little less serious, but of course she is a real person. She is now “in hospital” as the more British among us would say. She had to have surgery on the fracture and now must undergo therapy.

Having been through a serious accident myself, I know that the next few weeks won’t be easy for her. I hope and pray that she gets a lot of great help and support and that her pain is relieved. She has a great sense of humor about it — that’s Kristie — but it’s still tough. Make no mistake.

So this blog is dedicated to Kristie in hopes that she’ll recover quickly. And what better way to cheer her up than to feature images of her favorite BBC series, North and South. If you haven’t seen this, please rent it from Netflix immediately — or just go buy it, because you’ll want to watch it again and again.

In the meantime, those of you who’ve lurked at Kristie’s blog, who’ve read a book she recommended, who’ve chatted with her via e-mail or online, please post your get-well wishes here for her. I’ll send her the URL so she can read it. She’s made our lives richer, and this is a chance to thank her for that.

Kristie, please feel better. Know that you are in my prayers. And here is one of your favorite scenes from North and South — one of my favorites, too.


Anonymous said...

"She is now “in hospital” as the more British among us would say."

What do other people say????

That is a terrible injury to have.

Americans say, "in the hospital." Brits say "at university" and Americans say "in college" or something like that.

Yes, it is a terrible injury to have, and Kristie endured a real ordeal when it happened. She fell and then lay there until she was discovered hours later. So that's a long time to be in horrible pain lying on your floor.

Christine said...

Man oh man. North and South, simply THE best BBC Video ever made, and yes, I'm including Pride and Prejudice in that.
I really do hope you feel better Kristie J- all my best!

Hi, Christine — I like it LOADS more than Pride and Prejudice. I enjoyed P&P as a book, but not so much as a movie. I guess it just can't live up to the book.

And I have to admit that, as a character, I like Thornton much more than Darcy. Yes, I went there. I said it. I did!

And Richard Armitage is simply... delicious.

Thanks for posting! I want Kristie to know how much we all care. :-)

Marg said...

Well said Pamela! Kristie is one of my favourite romance bloggers! I have left my best wishes at her blog, but will reiterate them here. Get well soon Kristie!

Thanks so much, Marg! :-)

irene_m said...

I already send an E-mail to Ms.Kristy.I don't if she have received it.I hope so.As for North and South,I would love to watch it.The guy in that series though,uhm,isn't he the same guy in ""Pride and Prejudice" and "Atonement"?

Hi, Irene — The UK version of P&P featured Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, while the 2005 version featured Matthew Macfadyen. I don't think Richard Armitage has played Mr. Darcy. I'm not familiar with the other film you mention.

I'm glad Kristie is getting lots of e-mails.

Thanks for posting.

irene_m said...

I just googled the three male characters from those films
(N&S,P&P and atonement)and they don't even have resemblance to one another at all.haha.What was I thinking?
Anyway,I gotta say that Richard Armitage alone makes me wanna watch the series.So handsome.:-)

You would love it, Irene.

At first I strongly disliked the hero's (Mr. Thornton's) mother. But by the end of it, I absolute adored and respected her. The actress who plays her is so incredibly talented.

I hope you can get a hold of a copy!

Yes, Richard Armitage is delicious.I HAVE to see North and South again soon. I hope poor Kristie is feeling a bit better. What an awful experience. I'll keep her in my prayers.

Kathy Halpin said...

Kristie, Get better soon. Now did you really need to experience a little of what Gabe went through? Wasn't reading about it enough? Seriously, I do hope your recuperation goes smoothly. Just follow the doctor's orders.
Kat H

Ronlyn said...

oh no! Get well soon Kristie! Sending lots of healing/painless vibes your way.

JennJ said...

OH Goodness I am so sorry to hear about her accident! That is terrible. Bless her heart I so hope you are better soon Kristie BIG HUGS to you!

In honor of her I am going to start watching this again tonight I have it queued at Netflix now. I have been meaning to rewatch it I have seen it once and loved it! Richard is just a doll isn't he. I just got finished earlier this week seeing him in the Robin Hood Series. Rawr...

Sending healing thoughts and prayers hon. And that was very sweet of you Pamela! :)

Thanks for all your well wishes!! I'm at the rehab hospital now and they are making me work. As if that weren't enough, they gave me a diuretic a few hours ago that is just now kicking in! I might as well spend the evening in the can! This is the third time in half and hour I've had to go - and go BAD.
And I had to laugh when I saw Pamela mentioned North and South.
I've already done some Crusading - one of my other room mates was so interested she was going to stop on the way home and get a copy. And since I have my laptop that plays movies, I just happen to have a copy here with me. I haven't watched it yet - but soon.
I also didn't realize that Gabe had the same kind of fractures I broke, so of course I had to load a copy of Naked Edge to my laptop - even though my copy is at home. Talk about flashback when I read the first chapter when Katherine falls! Although she did much better than me - I only dragged myself to the bottom of the stairs not a full football field *g*

Diane W. said...

Oh my word, that's not a fun injury to have!! Hoping you're feeling much better, Kristie and that they're giving you the good drugs!! Hang in there! :-)

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