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The woman who won’t let him fall…

Kenzie Morgan’s life went to the dogs years ago. A successful search dog trainer and kennel owner, she gets her fill of adventure volunteering for the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. The only thing missing from her busy life is love. It’s not easy finding Mr. Right in a small mountain town, especially when she’s unwilling to date climbers. She long ago swore never again to fall for a guy who might one day leave her for a rock. When Conrad returns from a climbing trip haunted by the catastrophe that killed his best friend, Kenzie can see he’s hurting and wants to help. She just might have the perfect way to bring him back to the world of the living. But friendship quickly turns into something more—and now she’s risking her heart to heal his.

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Monday, May 02, 2011

BREAKING POINT IS OUT! Contests, blogs & more!

Breaking Point is out!

Today is the day! It’s here at last. Yes, it’s Release Day for Breaking Point, my 10th novel and the fifth novel in the I-Team series. Uncork the champagne!

There’s a lot going on today with lots of chances to win books. Here are some of the highlights.

First, you might want to follow me on Twitter. I’ll be announcing any special giveaways or other fun events there.

Also, be sure to stop by my Facebook fan page. We’ll be having some fun there. A few other authors will be stopping by to talk about their books and hold giveaways. Plus, I’ll be holding a drawing for Amazon gift cards and signed copies of Breaking Point. To be entered, you’ll need to comment, and to comment, you’ll need to “Like” me. But you already like me, right?

I’m the guest author today at Seductive Musings, where Booklover has outdone herself in a post that includes a little guest piece by me, as well as the MP3 playlist from Breaking Point, a collection of links to Breaking Point excerpts scattered across the web, links to all kinds of I-Team extras — and some super-sexy photos of the I-Team heroes. It really is quite the I-Team extravaganza, almost an I-Team wiki, so even if you already have a copy of Breaking Point, you’re going to have a lot of fun.

There’s a fun chat between me and Marie Force on her blog today. Yes, two author/journalists dishing about dishy heroes and some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the I-Team series — including the scarier parts of my life that have gone into the books. It took us about a week to have this conversation via email because we’re both so busy. She would ask a question... And 12 hours later I would answer. But stop by, tell us which I-Team hero you wouldn’t kick out of bed, and be entered to win a signed copy of Breaking Point.

Reviews are popping up all over the Internet. I shared a few links to reviews in my last post, including this one by Kristin and Jess that was lots of fun. I also shared the first two chapters of the book. So if you want to peruse that, it’s still waiting for you, together with images that come out of the story.

If you want to help me spread the word, here’s what you can do:

  1. Post about Breaking Point in your Facebook status, linking to my Facebook page or to an excerpt — whatever you believe your friends would love to know about the book.
  2. Tweet and retweet, sharing links and updates about where you are in the story, what you enjoyed, where you saw the book on display. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #BreakingPoint.
  3. Update your status in Goodreads to let people know where you are in the book.
  4. Take photos with your cellphone of displays of the book or of you reading the book and email them to me (my email is listed in my info on Facebook).I might just post your photo on my blog.
  5. Post honest reviews after you read the book, sharing your feelings about the stories strengths and weakness (as if!). Don’t try to sell people. Just tell them, reader to reader, what you liked (or didn’t like — ha!) about the book.
  6. Mention what you’re reading in your readers groups, in chats, in threads on discussion boards.
  7. Fricking get a megaphone and stand inside your local book store shouting, “You haven’t read the I-Team? What the bleep is wrong with you?”

On May 12, I’ll be participating in the Berkley/Jove Author Chat on The fun starts at 9 PM EST. I will be giving away a signed copy of the book to one participant in that chat. To be a part of it, click here and sign yourself in. It’s easy. Other Berkley/Jove authors will be there, as well. These chats sometimes get a bit bawdy. A bunch of romance authors and readers chatting semi-anonymously? You bet they get bawdy. I once taught a group of women how to say “big, wonderful cock” in Danish during one of these chats, and you know what? They still know how to say it. They say it every time I run into them online, in fact. And my Danish friends wonder what the hell...

Ahem. Anyway, there will be other events coming up through the month, so stay tuned! I still hope to get a former U.S. Marshal in here to talk with you, as well as the I-Team heroes, which now number five strong. And by strong I mean ripped.

Wow. Ten novels. I know some authors have written more than 100. But to write those 10 novels while working full-time and raising kids... It truly feels like a day worth celebrating.

But the most wonderful part of being an author and writing these books has been sharing them with all of you. I really do read all of your e-mails. I read your Facebook posts and tweets. And on days when I’m struggling, you really keep me going. When a book is done and it reaches your hands — that’s the best moment for me. Characters I love and have lived with for months become characters we share. Their stories become shared adventures.

So thank you to all of my readers and posters, my friends and family, for your support and for sharing this great adventure with me.

Enjoy Breaking Point!

And then come back to chat with me about it!

Contest #1: Really want to help me spread the word? Join my Fan Page on Facebook, and get your romance-reading friends to join, too. The person who brings the most new people to my Facebook Fan Page wins a signed copy of Breaking Point for herself — and one for one of her friends chosen through a random drawing. So that I can keep track, be sure to have your friends tell me you sent them.

Contest #2: Tweet your heart out. How creative are your tweets? How many times can you get yourself retweeted? The person who generates the most tweets and retweets with the hashtag #BreakingPoint will win a signed copy of the book. All I have to do to determine the winner is click on the hashtag and count.

And because these two contests might not work for people in other time zones or those who have to work all day — some bosses are total asshats when it comes to letting their employees goof off online during working hours — here’s Contest #3: Post a comment here about your favorite I-Team moment and be entered into a random drawing for a signed copy of the book.

(I can tell you right now, Breaking Point has an I-Team moment you won’t soon forget. Almost everyone who’s read the story has mentioned it.)

That’s three contests and four winners.

As for my part, I took the day off so that I could hang with you all day!

Now go get him. Zach in all of his Navy SEAL/Deputy U.S. Marshal glory is yours!


DeeCee said...

Best moment for me was Kat and Gabe's baby's birth scene at the end of Naked Edge. :) I love a happy ending!

Kara C said...

Best moment? Singular? You're kidding, right, author lady? I will have to give this some thought.
Congrats on your release day! I will be selling many copies by word of mouth tomorrow. I'm not called the book lady for nothing!
Hope your release day is one big party!

Jane said...

Happy Release Day, Pamela. One of my favorite I-Team moments is when the gang(Sophie, Tessa, Holly and Matt is visiting Kat at the hospital and they're talking about how Gabe saved her. The girls try to convince Kat that Gabe does love her.

Kaetrin said...

I think it's when Hunt killed the spider for Sophie - my true hero!! (as an arachnophobe, it's very important to me that boys kills spiders and then don't go around with the evil dead bodies scaring the girls - ie, me).

Happy release day Pamela!

landin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
landin said...

This may be bad of me but my favorite moment involves Reece,Kara,and....Mr.JiggleStick lol.I'm sorry but I love this scene and I'm not afriad to admit that I've read it over and over again!

I hope everyone has a wonderful BP release day!!! Especially you Pamela,you've made it all happen and then some!

Congratulations Pamela! Best moment? I haven't read all the books yet, but Kat and Gabe's first time was a great read, so sighworthy. As for Zach, I can't wait to unchain him, lol! I've only read the snippets you've been teasing us with, and I'm dying for more!

Leanne109 said...

Congrats on the release! I really really really want to win this book :D I've shared on FB and tweeted :)
Birth of my children and the day I met my hubby r my best moments!

Artemis said...

Oh heck! This series is on my TBR. But I know that I will fall in love with it because romantic suspense is my most favorite. And from the excerpts that I have read, well now..........

Congratulations on another best seller!

Elizabeth said...

Best moment for me is in extreme exposure when reece adopts connor. it's just so sweet!

Tonya said...

I'm just starting BP but my favorite I-Team moment/scene so far is the prologue in UNLAWFUL CONTACT. That is the sweetest thing I've ever read!

Lori said...

Congrats on release day!!!! And good for you for taking a day for yourself :)

Best moment? Wow. Ummm... I think it would have to be the big reveal at the end of Naked Edge.

cgcook64 said...

Definitely the end of Naked Edge,so emotional and beautiful.Really I think the whole dang book is a best moment!

Congrats on release day!

Sue Z said...

Happy Breaking Point Day, Pamela and readers - I have read it and LOVED it and you all will too.

Caty said...

Happy release day, Pamela!

My favorite moment was at the end of Naked Edge, when Gabe wakes after the surgery in the hospital. All the things he said to Kat, and how grateful he is... well, let just say this scene had me crying my eyes out, and even when I loved the whole book, that moment stayed with me for a long while.

PS: I'm not sure how to make my E-mail show on my blogger profile, so I'll leave it here, hoping to win.

I soo can not wait for AMAZON!!! its like they keep teasing me...then shipped it thru the mail UGH!! i want my ZAC

best moment for me was when Sohie got Marc his grandfathers car back...I cried happy tears and laughed at Julian...could just picture his face like Marc one upped him...loved them all!!

Hey Pamela! Congrats on release day.

My favorite moment is in Breaking Point so I won't share since it's a possible spoiler. However, I wanted to share this with you. While I was watching the coverage of Osama Bin Laden's death on CNN Sunday night, I heard that Navy SEALs were the ones who carried out the misson. All is could think about was Zach & imagining him leading the team! So proud to own this series, even if they are only electronic copies (other than my faulous ARC of course).

Alison said...


Favorite I-Team moment...there are too many! Here are some of the ones off the top of my head...

I cracked up when Connor brought out Kara's jigglestick.

When the girls got caught spying on Julian from their car.

The prologue of Unlawful Contact

When Kat told Gabe she didn't mess around with men who were only after sex.

OK...I'm stopping now. I'm supposed to be working :) LOL!

Hope you have an amazing release day!

king said...

PAMELA! Don't you dare compare yourself to authors who write 100 books. I've read those and they s***. I've read everything you have written including newspaper articles and you are fabulous. Your books are longer and intense. Those others are cookie cutters. Big, big differences between quality vs. quantity. Now I'm off to help promote your book. Very proud of you!!!!!

krisgils33 said...

happy release day! BP is so awesome (and jed on the cover...yum)

king said...

Hard to pick just one. But since I cried like a baby with Naked Edge I guess I will tell you my favorite part.

Kat - "No, Gabe, please! Don't do this! I need you! Let me save you!"

Gabe - He looked up, wishing to God he could touch her. "You already have"

(Let the tears flow)

Kristin said...

Happy Release Day!!! You did take the day off, right? You SO deserve a day to bask in the glory!

I have many favorite I-Team moment's, but right off the bat, I'm thinking of the first scene in Unlawful Contact with Sophie and Hunt. That was a REALLY great "first-time" scene, and it just started their history together at such a young age, that after everything they ended up going through years later, it was awesome that they had had that moment early on.

Loved #7 on your list of ways to promote BP!

Hi, DeeCee — I'm so glad you were touched by that. Not everyone likes babies in epilogues, but I do (and I'm unrepentant about it). For me, writing that epilogue was special because I got to focus on the Navajo and their tie to the land — the fact that their afterbirth is actually buried in the earth near their homes and becomes their "deep root" with the earth. *sniff*

Hi, Kara — Yes, one moment. Just one. LOL! I appreciate your support SO very much. Word of mouth is everything. Thanks for the good wishes. So far, it's been a blast!

Hi, Jane — It took me a moment to remember that. That was the first time she's in the hospital. (She does have a rough time of it, doesn't she?) And then Gabe walks in and overhears... And finally we get the truth. I'm so glad you enjoyed that!

Hi, Kaetrin — A fellow spider-hater. I don't even like the word "spider." I really hate them. A man who can slay eight-legged demons is truly a hero. LOL! And thank you!!!

Hi, Landin — I think that's a great scene to like. It's probably the closest I'll ever get to writing a menage. :-)

Hi, Jennie — Don't leave Zach chained up too long. LOL! On the other hand, he isn't going anywhere, so take your time. I'm so glad you enjoyed Kat and Gabe's first love scene. That was tough to write — a modern-day virgin.

Hi, Leanne — There are lots of chances out there today to win the book. Keep trying! There's Marie Force's blog, Seductive Musings, the three options on this blog, plus the discussion about heroes in the discussions section of my Facebook Fan Page.

Those are pretty special personal moments you mentioned!

Hi, Artemis — Thanks so much. I really can't wait till you dig in. I predict I will be getting e-mail or FB messages from you... :-)

Hi, Elizabeth — When Reece adopts Connor. I got very teary when I wrote that. To me there's something beautiful about a man who is truly able to love children, even when they're not biologically his own. Thanks for mentioning that!

Hi, Tonya — I know you're a big Unlawful Contact fan. I hope you're deep into Breaking Point now and enjoying it! A lot of people mention the prologue to UC. There was an Amazon thread in which some readers called it the best prologue ever. I liked that!

Hi, Lori — Thanks! It's been a great day so far! I was pretty sure someone would mention that scene. I think it was pretty unexpected. Only someone who is a climber could have guessed what was going to happen. And you all have been fantastic about not giving it away.

Hi, CGCook — Good to see you again today! I'm so glad you enjoyed Kat and Gabe's story so much. It's a very special book to me.

Hi, SueZAY! Thank you! So good to see you! <3

Hi, Caty — You know, I loved writing that — the intimacy of it. I knew it would upset some readers, but that's how life is. And I felt Gabe's true heroism really showed from that moment on the cliff through to the end of the epilogue. So I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hi, Chele — The car! LOL! Yes, it was nice to see Julian topped there for a moment, wasn't it? Incidentally, the car was inspired by my son Benjamin's love for classic automobiles. That's his dream car.

Hi, Alyssa — I know exactly what moment you're talking about in Breaking Point. That made me cry when I wrote it.

You know, I knew it was a SEAL team the moment I heard the news. I spent so much time last spring watching SEAL training videos and documentaries, I could almost see it happening in my mind. Those men are the strongest of the strong and bravest of the brave.

Hi, Alison — Oooh! A collection of moments. Oh, I love it that you mentioned the girls spying on Julian from the car. That was so fun to write! I laughed out loud when it came to me. Haha!

Hi, King — OMG! I read this and kinda got choked up. Thank you so much! You're so kind to say that. I try. If more readers felt the way you do, I'd be able to leave journalism and devote myself to fiction, which would, I hope, mean more books but also better books.

As for the moment you've picked out here... Yes, tears. *sniff*

And thank you for everything you're doing to get the word about about BP!

Hi, Kris — Thanks so much! Yes, I am fond of Jed. So are my ovaries and eyeballs.

Hi, Kristin — Thanks for the wonderful review together with Jess. That was a lot of fun to read, especially after Skyping with the two of you. I'm so glad you both enjoyed the story.

That prologue is just so popular! And yes it helps sustain the reader through everything else Hunt and Sophie endure.

And thanks for employ method #7 today. LOL! Too funny!

Amy said...

There are so many great moments in the I-Team series, that I really, really can't choose just one. Some of my favorites, the ones I remember off the top of my heart are:

-Sophie and Marc's first time
-Kat and Gabe's wedding
-Kat and Gabe's first time
-when the I-Team girls were checking out guys when they worked on Sophie and Marc's house

tresa said...

Happy "release day" there are only 2 books left here so glad I got mine! Haven't followed any of your after chats going on ,(never win anyway;) ) too busy reading every chance I get ...between all the hey do rhis and can you do that.!! And now hockey trying to get in-between periods!!! Love the I-Team !!!

KayH. said...

Well it is a GREAT day to be a Pamela Clare fan
right !!
Congrats on another wonderful I-Team story.
Best moment...All of N.E. esp. the cliff part.
Marc & Sophie...when she comforts him after he draws the gun on her in the shower.
B.P. (so far) ...when Natalie gets a private jet ride with southern sweet tea.
Thank you for all the Great reads Pamela. All 10 of them.

Cee said...

Dear Pamela, happy release day! I picked up Breaking Point today and devoured it in just a couple hours. I think it's my second favourite of the series! (My favourite is Naked Edge.) It had me on the edge of my seat. I LOVE adventure/survival romances where the hero and heroine are thrown together and put through the ringer. Zach was such a great hero and I just love that he was a US Marshal! Have you watched the show Justified? It stars a very sexy marshal.

I also wanted to say that I absolutely cannot wait for your next historical. Thank you and keep writing!

RitaSV said...

Well, I'm feeling rather testy. I went to 3, yes 3 stores today within a 15 mile radius and could not find 'Breaking Point'. I will go further afield tomorrow if my sherpa is available. *grumble*

Hi, Amy — Thanks for saying that! That rooftop scene where the guys show off for the women had me laughing out loud when I wrote it. I'm glad you mentioned it. And I love the way you put that "off the top of my heart." Was that intentional or a Freudian slip? Either way, I love it.

Aw, KatH, now I'm a little choked up. I hope it IS a great day to be one of my readers. I hope you're all enjoying the book.

I hope you come to the Spoiler Chat so we can talk about that jet ride and the southern sweet tea. You know a man cares about you when....

Hi, Cee — Thank you so much!

How do you read so fast?!? I'm amazed. It's been out a day and already so many people are done with it. Wow.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. That's okay if it doesn't unseat NAKED EDGE. As long as the story didn't disappoint you or leave you wanting, then I'm happy.

No I haven't seen Justified. I don't have television, so I mostly watch things I get through Netflix. Now I'll have to see if its on Hulu. I love me a sexy marshal. :-)

Rita, I'm so sorry about that! Major bummer! Did you ask them to see if they had it in back? (Sometimes you have to really push to get them to check.) Sometimes they just don't get the boxes unpacked for a while.

I hope you find it tomorrow!

Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful day! Feel free to keep posting. I can't wait to chat about the book with all of you.

lucy said...

Congrats on the release of Breaking Point! It's so exciting to see it on the shelf (or, in our case, the counter ).
Favourite moment? Oh, I think you know what mine the end of Hard Evidence when Julian wants to paint his white picket fence and why he wants to do it himself. Sigh. Such an awesome scene.

RitaSV said...

I live in a small town with no real bookstores so grocery type stores are normally my go to place for books. Since the books are delivered by vendors who just leave when they are done putting them out I had nobody to ask but today I went to a Barnes and Noble (about 25 miles from here) since Borders has gone out of business) and when I asked one of the employees there she checked their computer and found out that they had not received them yet! >:o( Not only that but I couldn't find ANY of your books on the shelves. Period. I am not a happy camper. If I'd have known how hard it was to get a copy of it I'd have pre-ordered from Amazon. I am now going to console myself by going out and planting some flowers in the rare sunshine we are having and work on patience until next weeks delivery. Sorry I wasn't able to help your initial sales numbers. :o(

Thanks to everyone for your fantastic support on Tuesday. I can't tell you how much it meant to me to share the excitement of my new release with all of you. Just feeling how excited you were made my entire month!

But now let's get down to giving away some prizes!!!

Elizabeth and Louise Owen are the winners of the Facebook Fan Page referral contest. CONGRATS!

Next time I come up with a contest for Twitter, I'll create a hashtag that isn't being used by people in a state of breakdown. Somehow #BreakingPoint is what people use when they're about to go insane. So all those tweets with that hashtag are lost amid people's nervous breakdowns.

SO, I decided to name the winner of the contest based on an unscientific searching method, and Ren is the winner of that contest. CONGRATULATIONS!

And Kaetrin is the winner of the contest here on this blog!

Winners, please message me your mailing address on Facebook, or e-mail it to me at pamelaclare at earthlink dot net.

And congratulations!

There are still open contests on Julie James' blog page. Just comment to win. Also, Seductive Musings is still open. AND, the discussion under the discussion section on my Facebook Fan Page is open for comments (entries) through 11:59 PM tomorrow. So there are still lots of chances.

Thanks so much for making the day so special! And I'm so thrilled to know that so many of you have already read the book and have really enjoyed it.

tresa said...

Just finished Breaking Point,impaiently awaited and as usual you knocked it out of the park!!!!!Great story, although Julian is still my favorite!!!! Thank you so much for such fantastic stories.

Kelli Jo said...

I gotta say, my favorite I-Team moment would have to be when I accidentally ran across an excerpt of one - don't remember now which one - and became ADDICTED!!

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