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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lipstick hostage standoff ends without violence

Yoda confronts Jabba T. Hutt and his minions late Wednesday to reclaim two lipsticks held hostage since last week by Hutt's crime boss, Evil Libby

(Boulder, Colo.)—Two lipsticks taken hostage by blog underworld figure Evil Libby were returned to their distraught owner, smut author Pamela Clare, late Wednesday night. Both lipsticks, though reportedly shaken, appeared to be unharmed.

The hostage trade-off occurred late Wednesday on neutral territory in Longmont, Colo., where representatives of Evil Libby, including Tattooine underworld figure Jabba T. Hutt, were met by Clare's official representative, known only as Yoda. No violence took place during the exchange, but observers say Hutt and Yoda have a past history and that Hutt appeared to be intimidated by Yoda's hulking presence.

The lipsticks were released into Yoda's custody without incident and escorted by Yoda back to an anxious Clare.

Yoda takes possession of two lipsticks held hostage for almost a week by Evil Libby

"I am so grateful to everyone who pulled together to bring this hostage standoff to a happy close," Clare stated in a press release. "That's why I write romance. I like happy endings."

Yoda shepherds his two young charges away from the forces that held them captive this week. Evil Libby had repeated made threats against the listicks, which were shaken by their ordeal but unharmed.

Leaving the scene, dragging empty chains behind him, Hutt appeared upset by the exchange. Speaking on condition of anonymity, one source claims Hutt feels used.

"There was very little payoff for Hutt in the end," the source said. "Evil Libby called the shots and, quite frankly, Hutt feels used. He was hoping at least for a glimpse of a Princess Leia action figure. Instead, he came fact to face with that ovegrown gnome, Yoda."

Jabba T. Hutt, displaying the chains used to control his young captives, leaves the scene of the exchange in obvious frustration.

Evil Libby's motives in holding the two lipsticks hostage are unclear, but analysts say her motives may have been two-pronged.

"First and foremost, Evil Libby wanted to prove that she is a forced to be reckoned with, not just another pretty face. But second, pulling other people's strings amuses her. This was simply entertainment for her."

But another source claims Clare and Evil Libby were in cahoots the entire time and that the affair was in truth a publicity stunt for the two of them, bringing Evil Libby a new level of notoriety in Blogland and generating sympathy for Clare.

"Any suggested that Ms. Clare cooperated with Evil Libby in the captivity of her two young lipsticks is patently false," said Clare's representative. "Her family and her makeup bag have been through enough. We ask that you respect their dignity."

However, sources in Longmont say Evil Libby and Clare were seen leaving a Longmont coffee shop late Wednesday night after the exchange was made, both smiling and highly caffeinated.


Tammy said...

The Darkside welcomes you into the fold, smut author Pamela Clare. *hands her a cookie to go w/her coffee* I knew it was only a matter of time before Evil Libby lead you astray.

This was the perfect way to shine media coverage on the both of you evil geniuses.
It's so great to see two of the smut sisters working together.

I just hope the lipsticks don't go blabbing about the details of their captivity. It would be a shame if they had to be melted down just so the truth didn't get leaked to the press. This is a secure site, isn't it?

And though our Evil-Gothic-Death-Warrior-Bitch-Princess is amused by other peoples misery, she usually leaves the actual sadistic torture part to me! *cracks her whip*

Enjoy the perks of Sithdom.
I personally have the Dark One working on Tom Welling clones for us, but feel free to add your input too.

Royal Dungeon Mistress Tammy

Debbie H said...

I am so glad to see you have your sweet young lipsticks back with out any violence or colorshed. Pour little things. Tammy's right, if they blab any of the details, there could be a major meltdown.(Shudders at the thought) Hope they know how to keep their tubes shut, for their own safety.

I would keep an eye peeled for anything Evil Libby or her cohorts might come up with next.

Thanks for the lipstick blogs. I haven't laughed so hard in weeks.

Nes said...


Okay, okay, okay.... first off... how come you guys have Star Wars figures for crying out loud?!? This is really worrying me! *shakes head* LOLOLOL!

Second, I'm starting to doubt your sanity. LOLOLOLOL!!!

Third, this is frigging hilarious and I'm buzzed so this is like super extra funny now and I love it! Love it!!!

Thanks for the laugh, Pam!!


Okay, since I'm buzzed, I'm sure this word verifacation thing is gonna be a pain on my little backside. Heh.

Wish me luck!

Nes said...

Took me 5 tries damnit!!!!

Aimee said...

I'm actually sorry it's over :( I know, I know... How dare I take pleasure in the pain and misery of 2 defenseless lipsticks *sigh*

That was the best LMFAO!

Rosie said...

The adventures from the Darkside had me from the moment they started. I'm glad the stand-off ended peacefully and with huge doses of caffeine! LOLOL!!


karmull said...

Too freakin' funny!

PC, I already knew I loved your creativity, but Evil Libby, Tammy, Debbie H and the others cracked me up too!


Sue Z said...

I am really surprised that anybody could get through the Storm Troopers. (Yoda, hero he is!) I am glad that the crisis is over, PC. Now you can use those lipsticks as they were intended; to leave lip marks on the rims of your coffee mugs.
Sue Z

Anonymous said...

I am so glad this all ended peacfully!! I think you should be more careful around Evil Libby, she can be sneaky! The standoff has really made me giggle!

Pamela, I talk to you on the RBL board, but this is my first ime here. I read your blog all the time and think its great!

tammy2 said...

You guys are too funny.My son wanted to know what was so funny.Even the dog gave me the humans are so easily
amused look before he went into another room. In honor of the30th
anniversary of Star Wars the USPS is issuing stamps this year.June I think.Since there is another Tammy replying and to avoid confusion I will post as Tammy2(same as RBL).
Today is Friday the 13th, does anyone believe in the bad luck associated with it or do we make are own luck or fate?

LOL - You are a nut, Pamela! And glad I am for it. It was just the smile I needed after a hellish Friday the 13th that isn't even close to over yet.

Thank you!

tammy2 - just for the record I only believe Friday the 13th is an unlucky day when they go like they did today. Then at least I have something to chalk it up to! :) and to be honest, this is the first bad Fri the 13 I've had in a really really long time.

The #1 Tammy *giggles* said...

Gahhh....Okay Tammy2, I forgot what day it was, but I believe.
I woke up to Aunt Flo knocking on my door and no pain pills to dull the misery that is her visit! I also am on my last roll of TP and I'm running out of about a billion other things, so guess who gets to fight through after work mall traffic w/killer cramps tonight. (yeah our grocery is in our mall)

Thanks for the reminder on what day it is. I guess I can blame my day on that instead of my DH, who would be my first target when Aunt Flo is around! LOL

Kristi said...

Hmmmm.. Evil Libby "used" Jabba the Hut? In what way, exactly? Certainly Super-SWAT-Dave is a "force" in and of himself and Jabba would be superfluous. Ha Ha!!! You guys are a fucking riot! Thanks for the creative laughs this week, my Sistas... xoxo, K

Elizabeth said...

You and the BWP Libby Are a riot!

Tammy2 said...

After my last post earlier Fri.the 13th paid a visit here. We lost internet connction yesterday had it fixed this morning. Worked for awhile then it wandered off. I got it working again and then my son's puter decided to blow up.I think it has gone onto the darkside. He says everything is going wrong because it friday th 13th.Tammy1 sorry Aunt Flo came today.Well I hope tomorrow is better.We are under a winter storm warning up to a foot of wet snow from Satuarday eving to Monday morning.Gotta love spring in New York

Joanie said...

OMFG! I disappear from cyberspace for like four days and this is what I missed? I have learnt my lesson, and beg forgiveness of the dark mistresses.

My kids were sitting an exam this am so I logged on caught up on everyone and hello! Picture teacher hiding behind screen, desperatly stifling belly laughs and mascara running down to chin!

Little heads started popping up like Meerkats, and I just had to shut it off, I have my dignity to maintain, ah?

Thanks you two for such a great laugh at the end of a wierd week.

J xx

Sara said...

Oh my abs!!! LMAO

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