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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Prom photo extravaganza

I'm going to post these relatively small, but they are clickable if you wish to enlarge them...

This is the view I see every day and have seen almost every day of my life. This is Bear Peak. You can see that it snowed above 8,000 feet. I've been on the summit a few times. It's part of the foothills that frame Boulder, part of our city's backdrop. My office is much closer to it, about a two-minute drive from the base of the mountain.

This is Green Mountain. The big slabs of red sandstone are the Flatirons. From right to left the very largest are known by numbers: The First Flatiron, the Second Flatiron, the famous Third Flatiron in the middle (lots of folks die climbing this), the Fourth Flatiron and the Fifth Flatirion (the pointy one). I've been on top Green Mountain a lot. I used to like to climb it year round before going to work. In the winter, I had to wear crampons. Not to be confused with tampons.

This is my wonderful son Ben holding the corsage he'll give to his date in a few minutes.

Ben and Liz pose for photos for pesky parents.

The Humvee stretch limo arrives.

Ben helps Liz get inside.

Ben and his beautiful date Liz inside the limo.


Aimee said...

Very lovely scenic pictures PC! I love living near mountains, Jersey was WAY too flat for me LOL

I love the pics of the kids, and the stretch Humvee?! WHOA it must be love!

I haven't seen you in forever, so I hope you are doing ok and holding everything together, I miss you Hon!

Nes said...

Nice pictures! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Hope all is well. Guess what I'm reading now? Hard Evidence!

I'm at the point when she just called Chief Irving to confirm his identity.

Aimee! It's been ages, girl! I hope all is well with you and yours. We need to catch up!

There were 18 kids in that stretch Hummer — the whole group of friends and their dates. They said that by the time everyone got settled inside, there was no room.

Things have been up and down here, but I'm pushing. I haven't had much time to be on the 'net. Are you getting those chapters? You probably don't have much time to read with all the seeding you must be doing.

Nes! I'm so glad to see you! I'm thrilled you're reading H.E. Can't wait to hear what you think of it. I'm on the second-to-last chapter of Unalwfu. Contact now, so the next on in the series is almost done.

Now if only I could go back to bed!

Mondays suck.

Debbie H said...

Hi, PC! Just hopped on the computer at the library. Mine has not arrive (long story) so I jump in here as much as I can. We are moved in and it feels like home. You have got to bring your Lord of the Rings DVDs so we can watch them on the 61" TV!! If only there were time while you are in Texas.:(

The kids are so cute!

I really miss the Colorado mountains. Even though I was only 5 when I lived there, I still remember vividly their peaks, the smell of the air and the peacefulness of being in them.

Hey, Debbie! I'm glad the moving mess is coming to an end. I hope you get your 'puter back soon. I miss your emails.

I'll have to remember to pack the LOTR DVDs. That could be fun! I have a tiny, 20-year-old color TV. OK, so it's like a 28-inch TV, but these days that's small.

The smell of the mountains is amazing and special, isn't it? I love the scent of sunny ponderosa pine forest. Mmmm.

See you online soon!

Rosie said...

Wow, Pamela, what a beautiful view. I'd love to look at that every day! That's the one thing I love about the west, it's the gorgeous views you can get with all the mountain ranges!

Ben is an absolute doll! He and his date made such a cute couple. I hope they had a blast at prom.


My what a handsome son you have there!!! Don't you just love taking pictures when they get all dressed up?

Isn't it gorgeous, Rosie. Truthfully, most of the time I take it for granted. These are cloudy-day pictures -- it was raining -- but when the sun shines, particularly at dawn or on a day when we've had a heavy snowfall, the view is just spectacular.

And thanks! I think Ben's a doll, too. Of course, I'm biased... And yep, they did have a blast!

Hi, Kristi! Thanks for your sweet words. It's hard in some ways to see him like this because he seems so grown up!

Sheila said...

Hey PC! Glad to see your back to the blog! Is this your son's Junior or Senior Prom? The pictures are wonderful. He is a good looking boy and his date is really cute! Mine just had his Senior Prom and I can't believe he is about to graduate!

I can't wait for an excerpt! I read down the blogs since the weekend and I am sorry about your migraine, and your bad message. Big hugs((()))) for you! Eleanor Roosevelt said "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" She was a great lady and I have a feeling you are alot like her! So, chin up and smile and the world will smile with you! I know I will. You are a fabulous and talented writer!

I hope your week is better!

Hi, Sheila --

This was Ben's junior prom. Last year he went although he was only a sophomore because a junior girl asked him. Liz, his date an serious GF this year, is a senior, so it was her senior prom.

Congrats on the imminent graduation! That's a huge milestone. When my first son graduated, I bawled my eyes out. I don't know what I'll do next year when it's my baby's turn. OMG! And thanks for the kind words. You're very sweet!

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