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Monday, July 02, 2007

Bling's the thing

Pardonez moi for not posting more frequently. I'm still avoiding the computer, and I've been pretty busy.

No, these aren't the crown jewels. This is my new hair ornament — Swarovski crystals set in flower shapes with tear-drop danglies on the bottom.

This was the result of my mall crawl yesterday, a little trip that cost me dearly. The goal is to buy clothing and accessories that are appropriate for attending the big Romance Writers of America conference in Dallas in nine days, taking into account the fact that I'm a RITA finalist.

I've gotten two sexy cocktail dresses, one that has a transparent chocolate brown overlay on top of deep, peacock blue silk. The skirt is pleated. I didn't think it would look good on me, but Benjy, who is the perfect shopping companion, insisted that I try it. It was the first thing that looked good on me. The second is a really fancy cocktail dress with a black layered taffeta skirt and a white beaded silk bodice. I love it and might wear it to the RITAs instead of a long dress.

I bought a pair of black patent leather pumps and wish I could find the same shoes in brown. No luck thus far. No matching handbags either.

I also bought a strand of pearls (as fake as some women's orgasms) to go with my pearl and white gold earrings (genuine like my orgasms) and a lovely Liz Clairborne brooch (don't ask, don't tell).

I took back a suit I'd bought and bought a better one that happened to be on sale and was cheaper.

Then I wandered into the Swarovski store.

I'll never go there again!!!

I would post photos of the dresses, but my cell phone just can't capture them. I'm hoping someone (Su? Leiha? DebbieH?) will have a camera in Dallas, because I don't own one.

OK, off to edit boards for tomorrow's paper and do more laundry.


Ronlyn said...

oooo, soooo pretty!!!! I LOVE hair bling. I have so many hair clips and ties and things it's really pathetic.
I can't wait to see the dresses, they sound gorgeous!

uh oh, Mighty Mouse (aka Alex the Awesome) is to feed.


Debbie H said...

Oh, Pamela, so worth the money spent! I love the hair bling. I will be bringing my camera on Wednesday. There is no way I am going to miss a photo op with you, girl! I know you will look beautiful in both outfits. I love peacock blue but feel sexy in black! I can't wait to see you and the dresses!

Bo said...

It's gorgeous,and you deserve it,SO THERE!!! *G* I understand the nausea,though-I've gone on a spree before & taken back the next day.You will look fabulous at RWA,though-I want to see the dresses,esp. the peacock blue,it sounds so pretty!

Thanks, Ronlyn, Sarah, Debbie and Bo. :-)

And just so that it's clear, this isn't a tiara. I know that's what it looks like in the photo. It's actually a barrette that will go on the back of my head, not on top of it.

sparkle said...

Pamela, Love the Hair Bling! Wear it and have a great time! Sounds like you had quite the shopping trip! I'm sure that Leiha will have her camera! Can't wait to see the dresses and the barrette!

Debbie H said...

LOL, I wasn't going to say what it looked like. Besides you deserve a tiara, girl! You carry alot on your shoulders, why not a tiara on your head? Can't wait to see everthing!

Debbie_D said...

P.C., Love the hair ornament and the descriptions. Wish I could see you at RWA but Debbie_H will send me pics I'm sure (right Debbie??? LOL) Have a great time there and good luck with the RITA.

Aimee said...

I wish I was going to be theeeeeeere!!!!

I will make sure to ask Leiha to get some great shots, I don't think I've ever seen her when she didn't have her camera somewhere on her person. Mighty damn convenient!

I Love the hair piece, I hope you get a shot of it in the mass of long beautiful curls you have (beyatch LOL)

I miss you chic, I hope you drunk-dial me from Dallas LOL

Leiha said...

That's the joy of a big purse, my camera will always be on hand. The worst part at last year's RWA was the fact that my camera was broken so I will have to make up for it this year. Lots and lots of pics!

Can't wait to see you and all of your new purchase Pamela! Will definitely take pics of you in your finery.

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