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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Amalie, Morgan & Wentworth

Just a quick pop in to share some images with you.

I've long said that Duncan McLeod is the model for the brothers of the MacKinnon's Rangers series — Iain from Surrender, Morgan from Untamed, my WIP, and Connor. Jennifer Johnson put this bit of artwork together, transforming Duncan into a Ranger a wampum belt over his shoulder... And she put him with my idea of Amalie (the beautiful Sophie Marceau).

And this is my idea of Lord William Wentworth. And, yes, he will get his own novel, provided I'm still allowed to write books after this...

Just thought you might want to see.


Cheryle said...

Great images Pamela. I always like to see what an author is picturing in their mind and see how close I am LOL! Love them!

Ronlyn said...

Always love to see the images rumbling around in your brain. *G*
Great job JEnnifer.

PS Pammy, Scott thanks you too! ;-)

Hi, Cheryle,

I hope the images live up to what you'll see in your imagination as you read the book.

Ronlyn, you probably wouldn't want to see all the images rumbling around in my brain. LOL! And, yes, isn't Jennifer talented?

Tell Scott he's welcome. ;-)


Sue Z said...

OMG - that is exactly how I pictured a T! Jennifer did a beautiful job on the images.

Great minds think alike, SueZAY! ;-)


JennJ said...

I'm so glad and humbled that you all liked the image. :)

And Pamela you have some awesome images running around in your head my lady aye! Keep up the good work!


Debbie H said...

Ah, Adrian Paul, there can only be one Highlander and he's the one! Great job, Jennifer!

She is very talented isn't she?? I love what she did! Duncan MacLeod is a Very Fine character to have in mind while writing.

Aimee said...

ok, if AP is the mental pic of Morgan, who starred as Iain?
Yup, that is a perfect Lord W!

I was reading Bonnie Vanak's first book last night, and the hero for that book was totally Oded Fehr, 6+ feet of warrior in the Egyptian desert... yummy LOL

Funny how sometimes you start to read a story and the hero is set in stone from the first sentence.

How are you feeling today Hon?

Thanks, Jenn! And thanks for the beautiful art. It IS inspiring. I love seeing the two of them together. Now, can you make 'em kiss? LOL!

Debbie H, you are so right! There can be only one. YUMMY!

Aimee, dear, you have sussed out one of the great conundrums I'm facing. If Iain is Duncan and Morgan is Duncan and Conner is Duncan (and Julian and Nicholas, for that matter), then how are the three brothers different?

This WORRIES me. Because I have to have one brother who is the tallest. But who will it be? And why do any of them have to be TALLER than the others? And how are their faces different? How do they wear that long, dark hair differently?

You might laugh, but it's tough to create variations in a male "type" that I find to be absolutely purrfect! So was Iain the tallest? Or is it Morg? Or Connor?

I still have not answered that question for myself!

I am doing better, thanks. Seeing okay, but not as well as I should. When the meds wear off, my vision starts to go. :-/

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