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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quote of the Week

This comes from a former reporter of mine named Matt, who was assigned to do some reporting on the Iowa caucuses by BBC. Matt is, as some of you no doubt have already guessed, the inspiration for investigative reporter Matt Harker in my I-Team series, though I will say that my real-life Matt wouldn't be caught dead in a stained shirt and rumpled tie.

Matt, who has moved out of journalism, was nevertheless asked to do some reporting and had this to tell me:

"You can take the boy out of the newsroom, but you can't take the tendency to spew half-formed opinions as if they were unassailable truths out of the boy."


I love you, Matt, dear.


Matt S! said...

Actually, I've been caught (alive) in stained shirts more than once. And the only reason you wouldn't find me in a rumpled tie is that I hate the damn things. Formality is a terrible thing. I've always said that (aside from the couple obvious exceptions), if you can't do it in blue jeans, it isn't worth doing.

Hey, Matt! Ties suck. When you think about what they are -- a strip of colored cloth tied around a man's neck -- you wonder WTF? What, exactly, are they for? And that's a good precept to live by. I would change it and substitute "pajamas" for blue jeans perhaps. But that's me.

It ROCKS to see you. We must get caught up soon. And you looked very distinguished on BBC. Love it!!!

Aimee said...

"if you can't do it in blue jeans, it isn't worth doing."


Cheryle said...

LMAO I love the quote!

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