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Friday, April 11, 2008

Help me name my new baby

It's a MacBook!

But I haven't named it yet, and my mind is so full of other things that I can't seem to think of a cool name for my speedy new computer. And this thing is fast! Hooked up to my broadband, it's the fastest machine I've had. Not that it will make me write any faster, but hey...

So here's today's contest. Help me think of a name for my new computer. The winner gets a signed copy of Unlawful Contact plus samples of "Marc" and "Sophie." (The perfume is probably as close as any of us will get to sniffing the real man, so might as well go for it, right?)

To help you help me, here's a brief history of my computers and their names.

The first computer I owned on my own was a Mac Centris 610. It's name was R2D2. I wrote Sweet Release on R2D2, and I loved it. Remember, it took me seven years to write my first book, so I was with that computer almost as long as I was married. However, the Internet came along and made it obsolete. It was still functioning perfectly when I had to let it go and got...

An iMac, which I named Enterprise. Enterprise still works, but it's so outdated that I use it only in absolute emergencies. It can't read the files from my other computers, but it can, in a pinch, connect to the Internet. I wrote Carnal Gift and started Ride the Fire on Enterprise.

Then I got my iBook, which I loved! I finished Ride the Fire on the iBook, which, because it was portable and could go wherever I went, I very cleverly named Strider, in honor of The Lord of the Rings Films and Viggo Mortensen, who is extremely sexy and, best of all, part Danish. (Dejlige Danmark!)

But my iBook died in the line of duty, after helping me produce Ride the Fire, Extreme Exposure, Surrender, Hard Evidence, Unlawful Contact and most of Untamed. It deserves a decent burial, so I'm recycling it through Apple.

Now I have this sweet little MacBook. It's smaller than the iBook but much speedier. I haven't even come up with a name that interests me, but the name is important because I spend more time with this machine — I spend more time touching it — than I do any living human being.

My sons have already run with the Star Trek theme, so Star Trek-related names — I'm a hardcore Trekkie deep down, though I've never worn a costume, thanks very much — are probably out. And George Lucas ruined Star Wars for me with the second trilogy.

Next post: Music that is Marc to me
Coming soon: A preview of Untamed


Debbie H said...

Duncan, for the Highlander!

It is a sweet looking laptop! Glad you like it.
Can't wait to see your playlist and the excerpt from UNTAMED.

JennJ said...

How about Scotty! LOL You can beam up all kinds of stuff on that speedy computer! hehehe Congrats on the new one hon I hope it lasts a long long time for ye.

Frances said...

I was going to say Samwise because he was loyal and never failed, but after looking at the picture, it looks too femine for that name. What was the name of Sam's girlfriend who was so cute and sensible? Oh, well, Blogspot finally decided that I was a real person.

Leiha said...

How about Hal? 2001 a space odyssey since your names are all sci-fi related, LOL.

Ronlyn said...

LOL. my highschool nickname was Rhomulan. *G*

Tracy said...

A few suggestions:

Aragorn (viggo!)



(I went with a LOTR theme)

JennJ said...

Few more that came to mind :

J said...

How about "Breck" after all the fun times we had up there and all the writing you got done upstairs in the Alaska Room? Also, Breck sounds like some stupid ass soapie character name, so you can imagine steely eyes and muscles!

Mine looks exactly the same except I have a pink plastic case on mine. I didn't have it in Co, so you saw mine just plain white.

Another thought is "Paul" as in Newman. "Lock the door, Maggie" sigh, that is still my fave line from my fave movie and I loved being able to share it with you and Ben.

Oh! continuing the movie theme how about "Louis" as this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you and your Mac. It is Ben's fave movie too!

So, they are my suggestions. I think I like Louis best. Have fun!

J xx

Cheryle said...

How about Janeway because she is a strong confident leader. Seems fitting for you.

Debbie_D said...

I like Flash... Flash Gordon, fast computer, you get the drift LOL.
have to say again I love Marc's story and can't wait to see the playlist!

How about Hawkeye? That seems a fitting name seeing as you will be finishing on it.

Karen said...

Go-hi-yu-di is a Cherokee word for faith. I could not remember what tribe you descended from, so I used my husband's.

I also like Duncan, but Debbie H posted that first!

And I also like Mac for MacLeod, but I guess that might be a little simplistic.

Anonymous said...

I say go for Mistress Janeway. Have you ever checked out the secret logs of Mistress Janeway website? lol. Very funny and she's quite the dominatrix--she'll keep you on the computer working! lol


Anonymous said...

Geez I have always named my cars but never my computers. You probaby started a trend.
Since it is a Mac and you are into literature call it PIPPIN (for Dickens character and it is an Apple computer)

Christi said...

Only a true Star Trek fan would know this: Imzadi. (Do you know what it means Pamela?) It could describe the relationship one has with another - even if it is a computer. LOL. Christi

Hi, all

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been trying to write as much as I can on the weekends, and sometimes that means neglecting other things.

But I've enjoyed your posts and suggestions.

Duncan appeals to me for obvious reasons. I swear, if I named a dog Duncan McLeod, I'd fall in love with it.

Scotty and Janeway (interesting idea!) and Imzadi (yes, I know what that means!) are clever.

Rosie was the name of Samwise's girlfriend/wife, Frances. And I once had a guinea pig named Samwise. He had a best friend named Frodo, and Frodo made babies with Galadriel, an all-white guinea pig. It didn't work out like the book...

I like Aragorn.

Hal scares me, Leiha! What happens when the computer starts running my life. Oh, maybe it already does. LOL!

I love your nickname, Ronlyn. Very clever of your classmates!

Riker, Voyager (the name of my son's external disk drive) are good suggestions.

Breck is a fun name and a memory of fun times, Joanie. Making me think of Paul Newman all over again. That man is hot; I don't care how old he gets!

Kristie J, fun suggestion! I am fond of Hawkeye, that's for sure.

Debbie, Flash makes me think of "flesh"... because I have a dirty mind, I guess. LOL!

Karen, my great-grandmother was Cherokee, too. What a coincidence. I like the spiritual component of your suggestion. Funny that I know about 100 times more Lakota than Cherokee. Weird how that happens.

I like Mac a lot.

Pippin -- fun idea. I had a guinea pig named pippin once also. Can you tell I love LOTR?

Aimee, Boudicca is a name with some significance to me... Hmm...

Another vote for Janeway. I didn't realize she had a hidden life as a dominatrix, Lucy. That's pretty funny. As long as she got to have sex with what's his name... What is his name? The blonde guy she fished from prison?

Joy, I've never named a car, so we're even. LOL!

Tough decision!!!!

Right now I'm inclined toward: Duncan, Mack, Voyager, Imzadi (since my relationship with this machine is so intimate) and Janeway. Since I can't seem to choose, I'm going to pick a name from a hat for the contest.

:::: Drum roll please ::::

And the winner is...


Congrats! Ben's magic fedora popped out your name. Send me your mailing address and I'll get the book and the scents in the mail as soon as I can.

Thanks, everyone, for the great and fun ideas!


Karen said...

Sweet! Thanks. E-mail is on the way.

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