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Holding On (Colorado High Country #6) —
The Colorado High Country series returns with Conrad and Kenzie's story.

A hero barely holding on…

Harrison Conrad returned to Scarlet Springs from Nepal, the sole survivor of a freak accident on Mt. Everest. Shattered and grieving for his friends, he vows never to climb again and retreats into a bottle of whiskey—until Kenzie Morgan shows up at his door with a tiny puppy asking for his help. He’s the last person in the world she should ask to foster this little furball. He’s barely capable of managing his own life right now, let alone caring for a helpless, adorable, fluffy puppy. But Conrad has always had a thing for Kenzie with her bright smile and sweet curves. One look into her pleading blue eyes, and he can’t say no.

The woman who won’t let him fall…

Kenzie Morgan’s life went to the dogs years ago. A successful search dog trainer and kennel owner, she gets her fill of adventure volunteering for the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. The only thing missing from her busy life is love. It’s not easy finding Mr. Right in a small mountain town, especially when she’s unwilling to date climbers. She long ago swore never again to fall for a guy who might one day leave her for a rock. When Conrad returns from a climbing trip haunted by the catastrophe that killed his best friend, Kenzie can see he’s hurting and wants to help. She just might have the perfect way to bring him back to the world of the living. But friendship quickly turns into something more—and now she’s risking her heart to heal his.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I-Team Trivia, Round II (updated)

So far the scores line up like this:

First Place: Ronlyn
Second Place (a tie): Christi and Steff
Third Place (a tie): Tena and Jenn

And here are the answers for Round I:

1. What’s the name of bar/restaurant where Reece and Kara meet?

The Rio del Sol, or The Rio

2. What are Julian’s two undercover alias?

Dominic Conti and Tony Corelli.
Some of you put Dark Angel, but that's his street name, given to him by gang members, just like gang members called Tessa "Blondie."

3. What does CORA stand for?

Colorado Open Records Act.
A Colorado journalist's best friend!

4. How does Sophie finally recognize Marc?

In the cabin, he slips and calls her "Sprite."

5. What kind of vehicle does Reece drive (including color)?

A yellow Jeep Wrangler.
(He's switching now to a Prius due to gas prices, but that's not in the book. LOL!)

6. What does virginal, teenage Sophie expect a man’s penis to feel like?

Everyone got this right: A HOT DOG!

7. What is Tessa’s (and the author's) favorite kind of latte?

Triple grande skinny vanilla latte.
Got one on my desk right now.

8. What does I-Team stand for?

Investigative Team.
Kudos to those of you who added the name of the newspaper — The Denver Independent.

9. What kind of firearm does Marc carry?

A Glock .45 stolen off Kramer during his prison break.
I was impressed by how many of you remembered Kramer's name.

10. What does Connor call his mommy’s vibrator?

A jiggle stick.

Congrats to the four highest point winners in this round! Now on to Round II, where the questions get a bit tougher.

Here, once more, are The Rules.

To participate email your answers to me at pamelaclare @ earthlink . net (remove spaces) by the specified deadline.

Do not post your answers on the blog. However, feel free to comment on the discussion questions.

Each round of questions will remain on my blog for four days. The answers must arrive in my email before midnight on the fourth day.

When I ask for the name of someone or something, I mean the entire name. First names don't cut it.

After each round, the names of the highest scorers will be listed at the beginning of the next round. At the end of the 12-day contest, the participant who answered the most questions correctly will get a signed copy of the I-Team book of her choice together with a sample of "Marc" and "Sophie" perfumes.

If there is a tie, we'll have an instant death play-off on in my chat room.

I-Team Trivia, Round II Questions

1. What does Kara call Reece’s sister?

2. What kind of weapon does Julian carry normally?

3. What’s the name of the prison-made tool Marc uses to break out of handcuffs?

4. What’s the name of the chief of police in this series?

5. What’s the name of the strip club Julian visits under cover where girls are being used as sex slaves?

6. What is Sophie’s favorite way to make chocolate chip cookies?

7. What are the two names of the corporation behind the pollution in Kara’s investigation and Reece’s tire-burning bill?

8. What is the name of the gang leader who warms to Tessa and helps her unravel the identity of the villain?

9. Where do Marc and Sophie first make love?

10. What last name was Tessa born with?

Today's discussion question: Which of the three heroes — Reece, Julian or Marc — would you most like to sleep with? Which one do you think would be best in bed?

Have a great day everyone! Please get your answers to me by 11:59 on Sunday! And good luck!

Update: Steff sent me her answers and like a true blonde, I lost them. She got them in well before the deadline, and so I'm counting them.

There is only 1/2 a point separating First and Second Place at this moment, so who knows who will win?

If you didn't play Round I, feel free to jump in on Round II anyway. I will be giving surprises and bonus prizes.


Ronlyn said...

and by "sleep with" I'm guessing you don't actually mean who I wouldn't mind snoring beside me? *G*

Marc. Hands down, front and center. Something about that man just turns me on...and it's not just the jag. ;)

Ronlyn, you are so astute!

By "sleep with," I do not mean "slumber beside" or "listen to them snore." What I mean is "have sex," "shag," "do the wild thang."

So, for you it's Marc, huh?

Care to elaborate further on why he turns you on? You don't need to, but I'm a journalist so I always ask the follow-up question, you know.

Ronlyn said...

And i think trying to determine who would be the best is like trying to determine if white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate is better than the others. I mean, jeez: they're all chocolate! LOL

I like the way you think. LOL! And that's a real compliment. Three heroes who are the equivalent of chocolate... I should put that on the cover of my next book. LOL!

Ronlyn said...

hmmmm...In all honesty, I'm not 100% sure why it's Marc for me.

Reece reminds me a LOT of Scott, so he's a bit less fantasy and more my reality (lucky me.)

Julian is VERY intense, dark brooding...probably a bit too intense IRL for lil' ol me.

Marc...he just is. He is the whole package, with the desire for something more, even though he doesn't think he deserves it, if that makes any sense.

Ronlyn said...

LOL...yes, they are all chocolate. Yummy, rich, edible in every way.

Anonymous said...

Do I have to choose? I mean can't I have a threesome with Marc and Julian? Please? I swear I'll be a good girl...not.
I like them both because as Ronlyn said they are intense. But if I have to choose I guess it'll be Marc...looks like he's gonna be quite busy tonight.....

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to sign.....


LOL, Stef!

I'm guessing Marc can handle it. Thinks about it...

Six years of no sex. All that sexual tension. The need to feel himself inside a woman, even the scent of her driving him crazy.

Oh, he's into it, and he's got the stamina. In fact, I think I'll join in the fun. ;-)

(This is imagining no Sophie, of course...)

Anonymous said...

NO Sophie... That goes without saying! LOL


Tena said...

Ok this might be long, you asked which one would you choose to be with. I too would say that would be hard for you have 3 wonderful men who would lay down their life for the women they love rather it was their lover, friend, sister, ect. And they would be there for any other person as well. All three took the woman he loved and showed her he loved her with all his heart, showed her he would give her up if he had to for her to be happy, and then they faught to keep her as well. They let you see that there are good men out there, men who will love you till the end of time. They make heart beat faster than you ever thought it could. They make you want more of them, you want to learn more of the romance they all shared. So I really cant choose because to me they all are the most romantic men they have the looks that leave you breathless, the arms that you would love to be wraped in, the love that will have you feeling special, they are able to make you laugh and make you feel warm inside. Never wanting to leave the arms that you have in a warm embrace that will keep the cold out. and if you hurt that will comfort you every day thanks Tena

JennJ said...

Dang that is a hard question hmmmm I would have to say Reece he is just such a great guy and I LOVED how he focused on Kara their first time now that's how a man should make love!

Though Julian would be a very close second... and then there is Marc too dang LOL!

Hi, Tena,

And thanks so much for your thoughtful post. I'm delighted that Reece, Julian and Marc come across that way, because what you described sounds to me like the perfect man. I'd take a man who had those qualities — in a heartbeat! I'm so glad you're participating in the trivia game and posting here. I owe you a couple of responses to your MySpace messages, and I will get to it, I promise!

Jenn, I see your dilemma. LOL! Hmm. You could resolve the problem by just going in the same order as the books. Just a suggestion. ;-)

Tena said...

thanks and I can't wait to read about the new man in the lives of the ladies of the I-team (and maybe we will hear of one of the men in the I-Team who finds the woman of his dreams I know Gabe will be just as sexy, wonderful, loving and kind and it would be nice to be with all of them I have to say yes to your comment on Marc since he hadnt had any in 6yrs and of Reece when he wanted to let Kara enjoy something she hadnt had any in years both would be great for me since I have been single for 3yrs :)

J said... shower...Marc and Reece on the reserve bench. Holding the towel, maybe?

See, Ronlyn gets to the heart of matters, they are all chocolate, but for me Julian might just be the Tim Tam and the others just chocolate.
Is there such a thing as just chocolate? Yes, if you have tried Lindt, Godiva or the like, you know that Cadburys is just chocolate...

Not that I turn down cadburys, you know?

J xx

ROFL! Julian = TimTams. I can see that. I love to suck those TimTams. :-)

You're making my mouth water, Joanie!!!

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