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Friday, July 11, 2008

Well, I was wrong...

One moment Amazon had listed that Untamed would be out on October 28. The next is says it will be out in December. December! Well, I called my editor, naturally curious to find out when the novel that I spent nine months of my life writing, with much sweat and toil, would be available to you all.

And December is right.


So you'll be seeing balls like those above before you see Morgan's... His story, I mean, of course. So now I guess we'll have to content ourselves with more excerpts, right?

And though we don't have the java script worked out to enable you to pin the canoli on the I-Team hunk, thanks to Jenn J we at least have a suitable graphic! Thanks, Jenn! I laughed my butt off (yes, I am buttless now) when I saw this. :-)

You can click and drag all you want, but it doesn't move. That's okay. Click and drag anyway. Taste the cannoli if you must. Based on my own descriptions of the I-Team guys, this must be Reece — no tats or scars, no long hair.

Riding a wave of inspiration, I'm working on a couple of story proposals for novels the likes of which I've never written before. No, I won't even hint at what they're about. I did turn in the proposal for my next historical, but I might end up writing something completely different...

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Ronlyn said...


Bo said...

Well,sucky about the later release date,but it will make a nice Christmas gift to all of us,LOL!

Sorry I haven't been around here,I had my SIL & her kids visiting us.Congrats to all the winners of I-Team Trivia though!!!

I LOVE Cannolis! Why isn't there a bakery that presents them in this fashion? They'd be choked with customers.Absolutely stuffed.Haha,okay,enough bad innuendo for one day *G*

Now I am wondering what you have up your sleeve!

J said...

Write what you are inspired to write. Go with the flow.
It sounds very exciting anyways.

One week of work left! wOOt! Then I am a lady of to waddle at my will.

As Bo said, a nice Christmas present, but I am anticipating I might be a tad busy to read much come Christmas time....

J xx

Debbie H said...

Christmas? Maybe Dec 18th? (My birthday.LOL) I can dream, right? You know we will read whatever you write, don't you? Yes the grocery list, too.

Can't wait to hear what's in the works!!

Tena said...

mvBOY does he look wonderful, thats one you really want to take home and cuddle with all night long, I hate that the book wont be out soon but there is a reason for everthing so it means something wonderful will come from the wait. and your writing is a blessing anything you write will be a joy that everyone will want to curl up on a sofa and read. I have been bragging about you and loaning my books of you to everyone I know who reads

Anonymous said...

Pamela you're such a tease!!! You can't bait us like that and not share...And yes I'm nosy, so what? LOL.

Have a great weekend you all.


I thought you might get a kick out it, Ronlyn. :-)

Bo, it's so good to see you here again! I've missed you! I hope you had a good visit with your SIL. I love cannolis, too. Mmm. If there were a place that sold them like this, I'd have calluses on my knees. Yes, I would. As for what's up my sleeve, I shouldn't have teased you all like that, because I'm really *not* going to tell. Not yet. It's too iffy right now.

Joanie, I'm so glad your teaching is winding down so you can rest and grow that baby. I'm guessing you won't be doing a lot of reading around Christmas, not with a new little one to care for. And Auntie Pammy can't wait to see who it is!

Hi, Debbie! It will actually be out on November 25, but in the book world that's a December release. So you'll definitely have it by your birthday. You know, I did send Aimee a grocery list once because she said something like that. LOL! I'm not sure she found it to be that exciting. But that's very sweet of you. I hope I take the correct next step.

Aw, thanks, Tena! That's sweet of you to say. I hope your friends are enjoying the stories, too. I'll get your prize in the mail soon. I promise!

Hi, Stef. Sorry about the teasing. I'm really terrible, aren't I? Good to see you! What in the heck am I sending you for a prize? Did you email me about that? Sorry, I'm just brain dead.

JennJ said...

HEHEHEHEHE Glad you all enjoyed my bit of goofiness. I couldn't resist and dannnnnnnnnng on the push back of the date of Untamed but I will remark my calendar and get it when it does come out then. It will make a great Christmas present!!!!! :)

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