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Monday, August 04, 2008

Road trip!

Hi, all,

If you live in Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, or western NY, I may be passing through a town near you! I'm going to be driving my son to college in Ithaca, NY, and hope perhaps to connect with some of you and quaint roadside eateries or other glamorous locations, like truck stops.

I'm pasting in the route we'll be taking (maybe) below, but I have no idea where the halfway mark is or where we'll be staying overnight. I hope to find hotels in towns that magically coincide with drivable distances for you, so that I can meet you!

Please contact me here or via email if you have ideas about how to make this work. I've really never been east of the Mississippi apart from a few trips to Springfield, ILL, where I was born.

I am willing to alter the route below as long as it doesn't make Ben late for orientation on Aug. 21 or me late for covering the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 25. (We just got official notice from the Library of Congress that we got press creds today, so I'll be there somewhere when you're watching it on TV.)

Driving Directions
Estimated Time: 24 hrs., 23mins.
Total Distance: 1668.5 miles (2685.1km)

1. Start out heading SOUTH on SHERMAN STREET towards 21ST AVENUE. Drive for a short distance.
2. Turn RIGHT onto 21ST AVENUE. Drive for 0.1 miles.
3. Turn RIGHT onto FRANCIS STREET. Drive for 0.5 miles.
4. Turn RIGHT to get on UTE HIGHWAY heading EAST. Drive for 3.2 miles.
5. Go STRAIGHT on CO-66. Drive for 12.3 miles.
6. Turn RIGHT to get on US-85 S. Drive for 8.6 miles.
7. Take exit towards CO-52 / FT LUPTON / DACONO. Drive for 0.3 miles.
8. Turn LEFT onto CO-52. Drive for 9.3 miles.
9. Turn LEFT to get on I-76 E towards I-76 E / US-6 E. Drive for 155.2 miles.
10. Go STRAIGHT on I-80 E. Drive for 471.8 miles.
11. Take exit number 123B towards I-80 E / I-35 / CHICAGO / MINNEAPOLIS / KANSAS CITY. Drive for 0.3 miles.
12. Go STRAIGHT to get on I-35 N towards I-80 E / I-35 N / CHICAGO / MINNEAPOLIS. Drive for 14.6 miles.
13. Go STRAIGHT on I-80 E. Drive for 150.8 miles.
14. Take exit number 290 to get on I-280 E towards I-280 E / US-6 E / ROCK ISLAND / MOLINE. Drive for 27.3 miles.
15. Go STRAIGHT on I-80 E. Drive for 167.1 miles.
16. Stay SLIGHT RIGHT on I-80 E heading towards TOLL ROAD / I-80 E / I-90. Drive for 286.1 miles.
17. Take exit number 151 to get on I-480 E. Drive for 26 miles.
18. Keep SLIGHT LEFT at the fork towards US-422 E. Drive for 1.5 miles.
19. Take I-271 N towards I-271 N / US-422 W / ERIE PA / US-422 W. Drive for 12.8 miles.
20. I-271 N becomes I-90 E. Drive for 90.7 miles.
21. Take exit number 37 to get on I-86 E towards JAMESTOWN. Drive for 190.5 miles.
22. I-86 E becomes RT-17 E. Drive for 1.7 miles.
23. Take exit number 54 to get on RT-13 towards ITHACA. Drive for 27.5 miles.
24. Turn RIGHT onto RT-96B S. Drive for 0.7 miles.
25. Keep RIGHT to stay on RT-96B S. Drive for 1.1 miles.
26. You have reached 953 Danby Road, Ithaca 14850, New York

Get in touch with me if we can meet anywhere along this route! Also, if you know anything we should stop and visit along the way, I'd appreciate knowing that, too. I've been all over Europe, but haven't seen much of the U.S.

Blogger isn't letting me upload photos tonight, or I'd have a hottie here for you to enjoy. D'oh!

Hope everyone is doing well! Now back to Kat and Gabe...


jennjvamp said...

That's awesome Pamela I so wish you were coming closer to TN but alas maybe some other time we can meet up waaaaaaaahhh lol. I hope you get to visit with some of the others and good luck on the writing KAT & GABE You two behave and cooperate now! ;)


Tena said...

me too wish you could come this way I'd love to meet you if I thought I could Id drive to Ohio my sister husbands family lives that way Im in Dublin Va too bad you couldnt see Gatlingburg Tnn its fun I hope you get to meet some of your fans along the way have a safe trip my prayers are with you and your son tell him congrats on school can't wait to read the new book

jennjvamp said...

YEAH Come to Gatlinburg! LOL Good idea Tena! :)

Ronlyn said...

Is it that time already??
You have a safe trip when you go.

Debbie H said...

Have a safe trip and enjoy the time together. Call me if you need to talk. I know how you feel about your baby leaving home. I've been there.

Wow, you get to cover the Democratic Nat'l convention! That's great! Maybe I will watch part of it to see if I can catch you in the crowd!

Christi said...

Have a safe road trip! *Remember to fill up when you have 1/4 tank left(not empty) b/c when you are in the middle of nooooo-where they may not be any gas stations, and i've done enough road trips to know its true {something my Dear ole Dad taught me too}. And if you don't have one yet, Walmart sells an iPod car charger for $15, you may need that too. Well, wait, you have that trendy new car, it may already be adaptable. Anyway.... please be safe and have a great time! (((hugs)))

Cheryle said...

Well as a frequent I-90 driver to my parents home in upstate NY, I say, stop at Niagra Falls. If you are by Cayuga Lake then they have great Wine trails there and on all the Finger Lakes.

Have fun and enjoy NY!

Thanks, everyone.

But I won't be leaving for two weeks.

I know I'll be going through Pygmy Bitch territory, so I'll probably see Sue and Kristi. :-)

I think we'll be close to Niagara falls, so I will try to stop there. It will be like the Superman movie. That's all I know about Niagara falls. LOL!


Bo said...

Have a safe trip & wish Ben good luck for me!

I'm trying to remember anything interesting to see/do from our road trip to MI.

If you are going close to Chicago at all,I would say go to the Field Museum,lots of cool stuff in there,if you like museums.I think they have an aquarium there,too.

BUT,here is something I think you ought to visit.It can be like a reward,for making such a long trip.Pamela Caffiene.*G*

400 College Ave,Ithaca,NY

130 E Seneca St, Ithaca, NY

Anonymous said...

Mmmm all this is still very far from Alsace! LOL Have a safe trip!

LOL, Bo! Now I'm ready. Thank you, because, yes, I will be relying heavily on caffeine to make the trip. Thanks for looking those up for me. :-)

Yes, Stef, this is really very far from Alsace, although I know that Ben and I both would prefer to be driving cross-country through France. OMG, that kid would go nuts! One day he's going to make the definitive film version of the Battle of Verdun, and even French citizens will say, "Wow, he's an American?" I swear the child was there during his last life (if such things exist). Me, well, I just love Europe.

And Christi, thanks for the reminder to fill up early and often! The last thing I want is to be stuck between cornfields in Iowa with no gas! And I always forget to watch.

Jenn and Tena, I'll have to arrange a Pamela Does the South tour one of these days. I want to take a real vacation at some point in my life and just go to a beautiful bed and breakfast and write for days on end. I hear Tenn. has such places.

And Debbie, yes, I'll be at the DNC. I hope to meet Obama. I'll probably do something stupid like cry. I met Hillary, you know. Or maybe you didn't know. :-)

Tena said...

oh cool I have been to Gatlinburg Tnn alot there are some nice places there and the views are beautiful you could write alot have a safe trip

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