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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Debbie's favorite scene

Hi, all,

Debbie sent this in to me at work today. It's her favorite scene. She says she has lots of scenes she loves (and has the dog-eared pages to prove it), but that this scene always gets her. I'm betting you'll guess the book right away. Let's just hope this doesn't get me thrown off Blogger! LOL!

So Name Debbie's Favorite Scene...

It was then that she realized what he was about. It shocked her to her soul, drove the breath from her lungs, exited her beyond reason. "Nay,---! You cannae mean to ---!"

"Aye, I do." Warm fingers slowly spread the soap over her mound and outer folds, kneading it into her, the pressure sending tremors of delight through her belly.

"---, nay, 'tis indecent, and ...aah!" Her objection faded into a moan, and she found her hips lifting to meet his touch, shame forgotten.

"Hold still."

Those two words made her breath catch in her throat. Then she heard something swish in water.

The razor.

At the first sharp touch of the cold blade against her mound, she whimpered, as much fro arousal as from fear.

"Oh, please, ---, dinnae---!"

"Uist, a leannan! I willna hurt you." Brow furrowed, he slid the razor over her skin, one deft stroke after the next, pausing several times to rinse the blade in water.

'Twas like nothing ---- had ever felt before — the biting caress of the razor, the warm tingle that followed each stroke, the intimate touch of his hand as he held her for the the blade. Her fingers dug into the flesh of her thighs as she fought not to move, both afraid and unable to breathe. She saw the heavy rise and fall of his chest and the midnight blue of his eyes and knew that he was just as stirred to passion as she.

He set the razor aside, then lifted the bowl of hot water, spilling a gentle stream over her to rinse her, water splashing unheeded on the floorboards below.

"---!" The breath --- had been holding left her in a rush as the heat trickled over her vulnerable, sensitive flesh, flowing over her like the caress of hot silk. She closed her eyes, lost in the unimaginable pleasure.

Then she felt the brush of cool air.

And what happens next?

Clams — they're what's for breakfast!


Ronlyn said...

Dare I say I knew the scene from the photo? *G*

Anonymous said...

LOL! I took a look at the pic and knew what scene it was and which book it was from!!! Didn't even have to read the excerpt..but I did, I mean that's exactly what I needed before heading to work! Love that scene too.
Off to work (and I guess all of you are all cozy in bed...)

JennJ said...

LOL now that one I know without a doubt that's which one thats from but I'll not say the name and let others play. I'm with Ronlyn I knew which one from the photo I was like ooooooooo lol! ;)

Ronlyn, Jenn, Stef - Yeah, there aren't a lot of scenes in my books that reference straight razors, are there? LOL!

Stef, I'm glad it got you off to a good start at work. I was mopping the floor actually. With Ben gone, I'm suddenly bereft of my house cleaner. I paid him to be my "maid," and now it falls to me. FUN! Not. And now it's suppertime in France. Bon apetit!

Lori said...

Ahhhh, this was Iain and Annie, no?

Yes, Lori, it was Iain and Annie enjoying a little "one on one" for breakfast — before Iain leave on his secret mission to kidnap a Catholic priest.

Was anyone besides me amused by, "Forgive me Father, for I'm about to sin"?


I'm such a dork. I crack myself up. It's probably not even that funny!

Tena said...

hey pam I hope you got my email I couldnt get the blogger to let me on take care

Amanda said...

Wow I like that scene!! I can't wait for my copy to get here now so I can dive in and get lost for a few hours!

Debbie H said...

P.C. I laughed out loud at that comment!

Oh, good, Debbie! I'm glad to hear it! Then it's not just me. :-)

Amanda, I hope you enjoy the story.


Amanda said...

I won't just like it, I'll LOVE it!!

Heather said...

So you know I've had this book ever since it came out...but hadn't read it yet. So I FINALLY decided to pick it up. I LOVED it. Iain is THE MAN!!! I loved him. I did laugh at the "Forgive me Father, for I'm about to sin"? part...and I loved the part where Wentworth, now trying to woo Annie away because he knows she is of noble birth, and she tells Wentworth how Iain loved her no matter her status, penniless or daughter of an Earl, Iain treated her with honor and risked his life for her over and over again :::sign:::: so romantic. The Epilogue was great too...I love to get an Epilogue that truly makes me feel that the H and H get their HEA!!!


So wonderful to see you here! I'm so happy that you finally found time to write it. I know you hadn't been so thrilled about reading a historical, so I'm glad you weren't disappointed. That makes my day!

Iain does have some fans, I must admit. :-)

How are you????


shirley said...

nandy4ver@yahoo.comhello Pam I have started the book I got called Ride the fire and I have a question in it you say that Nicholas's is Alex's brother he is the same the one in Sweet Release right or is this another family

Hi, Shirley,

Nicholas is Alec's oldest son. He's born at the end of SWEET RELEASE. Yes, it's the same family. He is Jamie's nephew -- Jamie, who is the little boy in SWEET RELEASE and the hero of CARNAL GIFT.

Does that help?

Thanks for posting your question!


shirley said...

thanks for the info I just started to read your books I know Tena and she told me how great your books are and she is right I love what I have read so far I hope to read them all and add them to my collection I would have asked her but she works all the time cant wait to finish the book

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