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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Interview with the MacKinnon brothers

We stop in at the MacKinnon family farm north of Albany in the Colony of New York to ask Iain, Morgan and Connor questions sent to me by readers. Here's what they had to say. Feel free to post additional questions for the three brothers, and they'll answer.

For Iain: If you had been laird of the MacKinnon clan during the '45,would you have done anything differently, and why/why not?

Iain: Och, well, ’tis an easy thing to look back at a battle that has been lost and quarrel wi’ how it was fough, aye? But ’tis clear that the hielan’ laddies had many misfortunes in the hours afore the battle. If they hadna marched through the night toward Nairn, if they hadna been conflummixt in the dark, if they hadna let that butcher, Cumberland, choose the ground upon which they fought, then perhaps they’d have won at Blàr Chùil Lodair. Even so, that mac-dìolain Cumberland, kennin’ his troop couldna stand to charge of hielan’ men wi’ claidheamh mòr had trained his troops to shoot from afar wi’ muskets. ’Twas our pride that led us to fecht when we were overtired and to let the enemy choose the battlefield, but ’twas their muskets that sent many a good hielan’ man to his grave. If our fathers and grandfathers had kent the Ranger way of fightin’, they’d have won the battle and the crown would now rest on a regal head instead of upon the brow of that German heretic.

For Iain: If you—

Connor: When are you goin’ to be askin’ me a question?

Morgan: Hauld your whist! You’ll ken when she’s askin’ you a question because she’ll be askin’ you a question, aye? Dinnae heckle her!

Um, ok, for Iain: If you had seen Annie and fallen in love with her then, knowing your families to be in opposition, what would you have said/done to convince her of your feelings for her, were she to be (with all due respect to a woman I am guilty of envying, LOL) such a lackwit as to not want to be with you?

Iain: [laughs] Her da’ wouldna ha’ let her speak wi’ me. I’d ha’ claimed her in the old way — by makin’ her my captive and bride. She’d no’ ha’ been pleased, but I’d ha’ won her heart in the end. Once she’d seen the beauty of Skye, aye, and spent a night or two in my bed, she’d ha’ been blythe. [grins]

For Iain: What makes you feel more alive than anything else in the whole world?

Connor: He isna the only MacKinnon here.

Morgan: ’Tis his story the lassies kent when they were asked to gi’ her questions — his and Annie’s.

Connor: When will they be hearin’ my story?

Morgan: If you dinnae shut your gob, they’ll ne’er hear it because I’ll heave your arse in the river!

Iain: What makes me feel alive? Hearin’ my bairns laugh. Hearin’ Annie singin’ little Iain Cameron and Mara to sleep. Wakin’ up wi’ Annie in the morn’. Takin’ to my bed wi’ her at night. Sittin’ by the fire wi’ my brothers and the men, sharin’ a gill or two of rum. After years of fightin’, ’tis the happiness of those I love that matters to me most.

For Iain: How was it growing up with two brothers like Conner and Morgan were there a lot of fights at home? And Conner and Morgan feel free to jump in on this, too!

Iain: They were good lads, but stubborn as oxen, and fights, aye, we had a few. They were always underfoot, always wantin’ to be doin’ whate’er I was doin’. The day I earnt my warrior marks, Morgan picked a fight—

Morgan [grinning]: And struck you in face, blackenin’ your eye.

Iain: He envied me for bein’ a man while he was still a lad.

Morgan: Aye, I did. But you set me in my place soon enough, brother.

Connor: I’m thinkin’ on the time Rebecca first took Iain as her lover. Morgan and I followed them into the forest—

Iain: And made such a bloody din tryin’ to tiptoe after us that I caught you and sent you back to the village wi’ your tails atwixt your legs. Aye, you were always underfoot, as I’ve said.

For all of you: What would they like/need to do/see before dying?

Morgan: If I could, I’d take Amalie and our sons to see Scotland and France.

Iain: I’d take Annie and the bairns to Skye and breathe the sea air again.

Connor: [silent] To see this bloody war ended and have peace on the frontier again.

For all of them: What thing would they miss the most if they were deprived of it? A thing not a person, nor a concept (so not freedom).

Iain: [grins] My wife’s lovin’.

Morgan: [laughs] Aye, that would be it.

Connor: A flask of rum in my hand and a lass in my bed.

Morgan has tasted what French girls are made of. Don’t the others feel they are missing out?

[frowns] They’d best curb their curiosity, else I may be forced to geld them.

Iain: [chuckles] Easy, brother. The only woman I’ll ever want or need is my sweet Annie.

Connor: [big grin on his face] It doesna matter to me whether a lassie is French, Scottish, Dutch or even English, so long as she is soft, well made and willing.


Barbara said...

Great interview, Pamela! Sigh...I just love Morgan :) My kinda fella ;)

Loved this interview Pamela! Can't wait for Connor's story. SIGH. :)

Denise A. Agnew

Anonymous said...

Oh, well done! Now, Connor, I'm thinking of a lass for you - a feisty red-headed Irish lass, perhaps? And Morgan and Iain are right. You'll know that when you find your true love.

Debbie H said...

Pamela, it was so hard to chose in the poll. LOL

Thanks for the interview, I loved it.

Debbie_D said...

The poll was so easy for me (when I get a favorite, it's difficult to change my mind). So is there any chance of a story with one of us in our chosen menage? *sigh* I would so love to read that... It would of course happen before our guys found their wives. And obviously time travel would be needed for some of these but I like time travel romances.

Bo said...

Thank you so much!!! I never get tired of the brothers MacKinnon,especially Iain :)I could read about him forever. Awesome,awesome interview! LMAO@ the bickering,as usual,and this is a lovely word-



That was SO Iain,I could just see him grinning,and his answers just reaffirmed all over again why I love him best out of all your heroes.He never fails to make my pulse speed up or bring a big smile to my face or choke me up a little.Sometimes all three together.Iain is THE MAN!!!!!

And such a deliciously naughty poll! Very fun,thank you SO much for this!

Please don't EVER stop writing.Posse of FOP's,I'm tellin' ya! *G*

Jo said...

Menage with Iain & Morrrrgan. Now just the thought makes my toes curl...
Now, a question if I may...

if Morgan heaves yer arse in the river, would ye mind a redheaded English-French-American unvirgin giving yer mouth to mouth?!

Hi, Barbara — I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I'm glad you think Morgan is your kinda guy. I'd take one just like him if he came my way. :-)

Hi, Denise — I guess I'd best get crackin' on a synopsis for Connor's story one of these days. He's got to wait for me to finish with Kat and Gabe first...

Hi, Anonymous — Connor say: "I wouldna mind a feisty red-headed Irish lass, so such women make good bed sport. But as for love... I'll be leavin' that to my brothers. I dinnae believe Heaven has such a thing in store for me."

Hi, Debbie — Sorry that the poll was so difficult. I had an idea whom you'd choose. :-)

Hi, Ronlyn — Good to see you. Your family is in my prayers.

Hi, Debbie D — You know, I'm fine with fan-fic, so if anyone wants to write their own menage and post it here, they can be a guest blogger. Or write it for someone else. So I'm trying to remember your faves so I can figure out who you're sleeping with (at least in your imagination). ;-)

Hi, Bo — I KNEW you'd pick Iain for one of the two. As for the other... Marc? Julian? Hmmm... I'm so glad Iain is still The Man for you. I have no intention or desire to stop writing. I hope one day to meet you in person, dear FOP. I was hoping Vegas... We'll have to see.

Hugs to you all!

Hi, Jo — I love how you're thinking Amalie's attempts to say Morrrgan's name. As for curly toes, I'm glad to hear the idea appeals to you. Me, too, for that matter.

I had to explain what "mouth-to-mouth" was to Connor before he could answer your question, but here's what he had to say. "Is she offerin' herself to me, this lass? ’Tis no matter that she isna a virgin, but she needn't fear I'll drown. I ken the river well and swim like fish. But if it's my mouth she's after, I'm happy to hauld my breath and let her pretend."

Debbie_D said...

Well, the men for me are Marc & Morgan *sigh*
*maybe I'll try my hand at some fanfic....nah. I couldn't do justice to your characters, you write them so well.*

Ronlyn said...

Connor has been providing me with some much needed laughter these past couple days, so I'll pose a question to him (since he seems so eager to answer.) *G*
Connor dear, Now that you're leading the Rangers, how do you relax during your downtime? AND (ok, so it's two questions) after watching both brothers fall in love with their wonderful wives, do you have a fanstasy woman in mind? (Describe please.)

Heather said...

Loved the interview...and the bickering is too cute. I love that, even tho I've finished reading their stories...I can still come visit them at your blog!!!

So how good are you Pamela...who did I choose for my menage?!?!?

Jo said...

Eyes narrowing,
"Let me get this, Pamela, you had to explain what the term 'mouth-to-mouth' was to a Scottish laddie?!"
Eyes rolling. "Even if he wasn't familar with the term and he had smart wits about him, the visual should have clued him. I dunno. Tell Connorrrrrrrr I said nevermind."

Debbie H said...

Pamela would you pass on to Connor this: Connor take care, because I want to see you happily married to the love of your life with at least a half dozen little Connors running around your home and a few sweet little lasses that look just like their mother.

Ronlyn said...

since I've been given more time to think of questions...for Would you *really* have been able to leave Amalie behind?

Linda A. said...

Better run, Connor! You'll be wed sure as the sun rises if you don't!

Hi, Debbie D — Marc and Morgan... Lots of "M." As in "mmm-mmm." LOL! I'm sure you could do a great job at fan fic.

Hi, Ronlyn — I'm glad Connor could make you laugh. I dinnae think he means to. I think he takes himself quite seriously. LOL!

OK, Heather, let me polish my crystal ball... I'm guessing Iain and Morgan. Am I right?

Hi, Jo — I think my mistake was using the word "resuscitation" with "mouth-to-mouth." I'm sure he's fine with mouth-on-mouth. ;-) I'll get back to Connor and his additional answers here in a moment.

Debbie, Ronlyn — I will pass this along and get you the men's responses shortly...

Hi, Linda — If Connor heard those words at just the right time — such as late at night while kissing the ale wife's daughter — he probably would grab his breeches and his pistol and run! LOL!

Jo said...

I be waitin' on what that Connorrrrrrr laddie has to add then!
Thanks Pamela.
I do so love those MacKinnons, especially the single ones.
Hey, a woman can dream, can't she?!!!

Jo said...

Happy Valentine's Day Pamela & everyone...
Please give Connorrrrrrrrr a kiss for me if you will, Pamela.
Hair pulling, tongue thrusting, body grinding, air-suffocating, dominating kind.
Insert smilie face here...
Add a wink for good measure.
Nuff said.

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