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Harrison Conrad returned to Scarlet Springs from Nepal, the sole survivor of a freak accident on Mt. Everest. Shattered and grieving for his friends, he vows never to climb again and retreats into a bottle of whiskey—until Kenzie Morgan shows up at his door with a tiny puppy asking for his help. He’s the last person in the world she should ask to foster this little furball. He’s barely capable of managing his own life right now, let alone caring for a helpless, adorable, fluffy puppy. But Conrad has always had a thing for Kenzie with her bright smile and sweet curves. One look into her pleading blue eyes, and he can’t say no.

The woman who won’t let him fall…

Kenzie Morgan’s life went to the dogs years ago. A successful search dog trainer and kennel owner, she gets her fill of adventure volunteering for the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. The only thing missing from her busy life is love. It’s not easy finding Mr. Right in a small mountain town, especially when she’s unwilling to date climbers. She long ago swore never again to fall for a guy who might one day leave her for a rock. When Conrad returns from a climbing trip haunted by the catastrophe that killed his best friend, Kenzie can see he’s hurting and wants to help. She just might have the perfect way to bring him back to the world of the living. But friendship quickly turns into something more—and now she’s risking her heart to heal his.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Favorite sex scenes

A while back — it seems like eons ago — I posted a poll asking you all to tell me what your favorite sex scenes are from my novels. Fun idea, only it seems I didn't do it right.

Because the poll function doesn't allow you to enter words, I had to make a list from which you could choose. In making that list, I attempted to put what I thought (from a reader point of view) were the best scenes from each book. But I left out the waterfall scene with Morgan and Amalie, and I left out an entire story — Will and Lissy's story, "Heaven Can't Wait."

As a result, some of you let me know that you couldn't vote because your favorite scene wasn't listed.

Here are the results as they stand:

Alec & Cassie: The shackle scene — 0 (0 percent)
Jamie & Bríghid: Tied up in the forest — 1 (3 percent)
Bethie & Nicholas: "No man but me" — 6 (21 percent)
Iain and Annie: The shaving scene — 6 (21 percent)
Morgan & Amalie: The "wolf" scene — 0 (0 percent)
Kara & Reece: The "menage" with Mr. Jiggle Stick — 0 (0 percent)
Tessa & Julian: The shower scene — 4 (14 percent)
Sophie & Marc: The Jag shag — 9 (32 percent)
None of the above. I have a different favorite — 2 (7 percent)

The Jag Shag won, but with only 32 percent of the vote. That was followed by the "No Man But Me" scene from Ride the Fire, a favorite of mine, and the shaving scene from Surrender. After that came Tessa and Julian's shower scene, and then Jamie and Bríghid's forest scene.

I was surprised that Alec and Cassie's shackle scene got no votes and that Kara and Reece and Mr. Jiggle Stick similarly got no votes. But, hey, what do I know? The wolf scene from Untamed also received no votes, but for some reason that doesn't surprise me.

So here's the question: If you could choose and weren't limited to the choices I made, what would it be?

And, most importantly, why???????


Alicia said...

Weelll, I voted for 'No man but me' because 'Ride the Fire' is my personal favorite of all of your books. I wanted to vote twice though. Mr. Jiggle Stick is equally as good, I think, but there wasn't a 'Tie Between...' choice, so ' No man but me' won out. So, my answer is both 'No man but me' and 'Mr. Jiggle Stick'.

Linda A. said...

For me, it's a hard choice between Iain and Annie's shaving scene and Morgan and Amalie by the waterfall. Both are HOT, but the water and the scenery add such a great element to the waterfall scene. I've yet to read most of the others, but I know the waterfall scene will always stand out for me.

The more I hear about Ride the Fire, the more I itch to get my hands on it. Soon!

Debbie H said...

I had a hard time choosing just one. I loved them all. I am particularly fond of the shaving scene, Reese and Kara in the snow and way too many to remember them all. LOL They are all very erotic!

I just read the Mr. Jiggle stick book a couple of weeks ago, after I took the poll...I laughed so hard! Probably because of an incident with my own Mr. Jiggle stick. I actually read that part out loud to my husband but it was laughing so hard I had to repeat myself a lot.

RitaSV said...

Morgan and Amalie's session at Iain and Annie's home. *blush* So beautiful and sensual...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Pamela! Well, the "No man but me" scene is my all time favorite emotional love scene you've written.

But, as far as a sexy sex scene goes, "Mr. Jiggle stick" takes that one.

haleigh said...

My favorite, by a pretty good margin, surprisingly, is the first scene between Marc and Sophie. When they're at the house, and it's the first time since they were kids, and they're on the floor. The emotions are just sooooooo deep that I ADORE that scene.

Actually, now that I think about it, I also really love the first time between Julian and Tessa, on the couch. And then when Julian is telling Tessa about his past, on the floor in his bedroom. *sigh*

Okay, so not so wide a margin :) I'm not surprised I like the "first time" as I love those deep emotions.

But if I had checked your blog often enough and actually voted, I would have voted for the shower scene :) that was freakin hot!

Hi, Alicia — You're right! There wasn't multiple choice, and that might have allowed people to vote closer to how they felt than just the single choice.

So: "No man but me" and "Mr. Jiggle Stick."


Hi, Linda — I hope you're able to find Ride the Fire. It's a personal favorite for me. No matter what people say about it, I will always be please with what I wrote.

I'm glad to see the waterfall scene mentioned. That's one I forgot. Not sure what was wrong with my brain. Too much work, too little alcohol and coffee, I'm guessing.

Hi, Debbie — Ooh! Reece and Kara in the snow. Grrrowl! The whole "mountain lion" thing. I'm glad you enjoy them.

I try very hard not to be repetitive in either what the couples do or how I describe it. The way they have sex should reflect who they are and where their relationship is at the moment. But it's hard to describe sex a thousand times and not use the same words.

I actually print out the scenes from my other books and check to make sure I'm not recycling language. I'm sure it happens anyway sometimes, but I've read series where the sex scenes from book to book start sound like the same book, you know? I try very hard to keep it fresh.

Hi, Eugenia — I'm glad it made you laugh! It's based on a very humiliating real-life experience. In fact, I would have to credit my elder son with the term "jiggle stick." Oh, yes. Shoot me now. I hope your hubby enjoyed it too!

Hi, Rita — That wasn't an option I included on the poll. I'll have to go and read it. I didn't even think of it. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It actually got shortened during editing, I believe. Maybe I should post the whole thing...

Hi, Barbara — Cool way to distinguish them: emotional vs. sexy. And that's three votes for NMBM and Mr. JS. :-)

Hi, Haleigh — Good to see you! I'm so glad you mentioned that scene, because that was really powerful for me when I wrote it (Marc and Sophie's first time). It felt very emotional to me, particularly from Marc's side. ("Help me, Sophie! Help me!")

And I love Julian and Tessa on the couch too. I felt it was fun to take Mr. Dark Side and put him with Ms. Almost Virgin and see what happens. And, well, I just loved Julian. Still do. ;-)

Luci said...

I forgot which scene i voted but I think it was the one from Ride the Fire.

But really all the scenes were very well written. And what I love most is when each book has a love scene different form the other books - eg the waterfall scene; or the Mr Jiggle Stick; even the shaving scene. Not just the same old same old :).

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