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Friday, October 02, 2009

Building the purrfect man

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of Build a Bear stores there were Build a Bod stores where you could make the purrfect man? I can tell you I, personally, find soft male skin to be much more fun to touch than corduroy or stuffing.

¿No sería agradable si en lugar de construir un oso había tiendas de construir un cuerpo tiendas donde se puede hacer que el hombre Purrfect? Puedo decirles que, personalmente, encontramos la piel masculina suave para ser mucho más divertido tocar de pana o de relleno.


Your votes are in! And now I shall try to create the perfect male body utilizing the information you gave me.

Sus votos están de moda! Y ahora voy a tratar de crear el cuerpo de hombre perfecto, utilizando la información que me dio.

Forty-two percent of you voted that you favorite part of the male body is the chest:

Cuarenta y dos por ciento de los que votó que parte favorita del cuerpo masculino es el pecho:

I must admit that I cast my vote for chest, too. There is nothing like the male chest. It makes the world's greatest pillow.

Debo admitir que mi voto para el pecho, también. No hay nada como el pecho masculino. Hace almohada más grande del mundo.

But an even greater percentage of you (46 %) voted for a man's abdomen.

Sin embargo, un porcentaje aún mayor (46 %) de la que votó por el abdomen de un hombre.

I love the male abdomen, too, so I voted for that, as well.

Me encanta el abdomen masculino, también, así que yo también he votado por eso.

Shoulders came in just ahead of pecs, but just behind abs. I must admit that surprised me. But I definitely agree that a man's shoulders are very sexy. Arms got 14 percent of the vote. I like both, but I didn't vote for either.

Hombros entró justo por delante de pectorales, pero detrás de los abdominales. Debo admitir que me sorprendió. Pero definitivamente de acuerdo en que los hombros de un hombre son muy sexy. Armas obtuvo el 14 por ciento de los votos. Me gustan las dos, pero yo no voté a favor de cualquiera.

The male backside — first the butt and then the back — came in next in your vote. And, yeah, it's not hard to see why. I cast a vote for the male buttocks.

La parte trasera masculina — en primer lugar la culata y luego la espalda — entró en su próxima votación. Y, sí, no es difícil ver por qué. Yo votar por las nalgas masculinas.

Legs came next. I know a lot of women find male legs sexy, and I do, too, but they're not the first, second, third, fourth or even fifth thing that catches my eye.

Piernas que vino después. Sé que muchas mujeres encuentran sexy piernas masculinas, y lo hago también, pero no eres la primera, segunda, tercera, cuarta o incluso quinta cosa que me llama la atención.

The part of the male body that you voted for last is the part that men seem to take most pride in — male genitals. What a blow to the male ego! Yes, a man's naughty bits came in last in your vote. I must admit that I was one of the few that voted for them. Why? Because they are very distinctly male, and I'm at the point where I don't mind admitting that I like to look.

La parte del cuerpo del hombre que votó por última es la parte que los hombres parecen prestar más atención a - los genitales masculinos. ¡Qué golpe para el ego masculino! Sí, partes íntimas de un hombre entró en su última votación. Debo admitir que yo era uno de los pocos que votaron por ellos. ¿Por qué? Debido a que son muy claramente masculino, y estoy en el punto en que no me importa admitir que me gusta mirar.

You didn't really think I was going to put a photo of a penis there, did you? (Come on, admit that you wish I had!)

Usted realmente no creo que se va a poner una foto de un pene allí, ¿verdad? (Come on, admitir que te gustaría que yo tenía!)

Put it all together, and what do you get? Something like this:

Ponga todo junto, y lo que te pones? Algo como esto:

And isn't that just a sight to behold?
Y no es que sólo todo un espectáculo?

Democracy — it's a beautiful thing!

La democracia - es una cosa hermosa!

Thanks for voting!
Gracias por votar!

Coming soon:
A new poll
I-Team hero interviews
Naked Edge excerpts
All about Gabe Rossiter


Debbie H said...

Pamela, I was one that voted for the penis! LOL It is distinctly male. I'm glad the perfect, complete male you pictured had some hair on his bod. I don't like hairless men. Just seems like they are boys.

I will have to tell you sometime about my yodeling cucumber/pickle. Yes, I have one! *BEG*

Mary G said...

Of course I wanted to see the real thing!!You are so mean but I love you anyway LOL. Actually my second fave spot is not on the list. It's that muscle that sticks out on both sides above the hip bones. I don't know what it's called but.. never mind ;)

Hi, Debbie — I'm glad you enjoyed the art. I, too, prefer a man who doesn't look as hairless and smooth as a baby girl. LOL!

Yodeling cucumber/pickle? Interesting...

Hi, Mary G — Yeah, sorry. But I don't think blogspot would appreciate it.

That muscle you love — it's called the oblique. And it's my very, very favorite thing, too. I was once engaged to marry a man who was on the Danish national gymnastics team. And he had a body every bit as delectable as the ones in the images here. And, yes, he had outstanding obliques. But what he had from the neck down didn't match what was inside his cranium. So...

But I hear you, girlfriend.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda A. said...

I like 'em with a bit of body hair, too. And I don't mind looking at, er, cucumbers either. Yes, democracy is a scrumptious thing.

And what is it with the mismatch between bod and brain? It happens far too often.

Wendy said...

I voted for Shoulders. My husband gets up for work much earlier than I get up (although his alarm wakes me), and if I'm still awake when he emerges from the shower, I pretend I'm asleep but I secretly watch him get dressed. His shoulders are so broad and manly... Gorgeous! Stud!

In college, I had a roommate who shared one of her Playgirls. I didn't like it. Erections I can understand liking to look at, but non-erect? Shrug. Just looks like parts.

Luci said...

Oh I missed this poll!! I would have voted for the butt! Love the pics you post Pamela!

LOL, Pamela, it's a wonder any man can live up to what we read about in today's romance novels.

Tena said...

oh wow those bods looked great boy would i love to be wraped in those arms mmmmm cant wait to hear you describe Connor in your book

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