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Monday, November 23, 2009

Pie poll results!

How pumpkin pies are made
Cómo se hacen los pasteles de calabaza

Pumpkin pie is the winner by a landslide in our first-ever Thanksgiving Pie Poll. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Pumpkin is so deeply entrenched with the months of October and November — pumpkin lattes (UG!), pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie — that most people must associate this holiday, and perhaps even Christmas, with pumpkin pie.

Pastel de calabaza es el ganador por un deslizamiento de tierra en nuestra primera encuesta Pie de Acción de Gracias. Creo que no debería sorprendernos. La calabaza es tan profundamente arraigada en los meses de octubre y noviembre - Lattes calabaza (UG!), Pan de calabaza, pastel de calabaza - que la mayoría de la gente debe asociar este día de fiesta, y tal vez hasta Navidad, con pastel de calabaza.

This will be the second year that we do not have pumpkin pie at my house. Last year, we all realized somewhat in unison that pumpkin pie really wasn't our favorite pie (gasp!) and that each of us — me and my two sons — preferred pecan pie any day of the year. So we ordered a pie from a local bakery.

This year, however, Benjamin and I are going to make our own pecan pie from scratch and see how that goes.

Este será el segundo año que no tenemos pastel de calabaza en mi casa. El año pasado, todos nos dimos cuenta un poco al unísono que el pastel de calabaza en realidad no era nuestra tarta favorita (¡oh!) y que cada uno de nosotros - yo y mis dos hijos — pastel de nuez preferido cualquier día del año. Así que pedimos un pastel de una panadería local.

Este año, sin embargo, Benjamín y yo vamos a hacer nuestro propio pastel de nuez de cero y ver cómo va.

Here's our Thanksgiving menu, all of it made fresh from scratch:
Butternut squash soup (made from squash grown in our garden)
Roasted turkey breast
Mashed potatoes
Fresh green beans
Cornbread stuffing

And pecan pie with fresh-made whip cream or vanilla ice cream or both (why not?)

What's going to be on your Thanksgiving table? Got any cool recipes to share or any you're looking for?

Aquí está nuestro menú de Acción de Gracias, todo hecho nuevo desde cero:
Sopa de calabaza Butternut (a base de calabaza cultivadas en nuestro jardín)
Pechuga de pavo asado
Puré de patatas
Frijoles verdes frescos
Relleno de pan de maíz

Y pastel de nuez fresca hecha con crema chantilly o helado de vainilla o de ambos (¿por qué no?)

¿Qué va a ser en tu mesa de Acción de Gracias? ¿Tienes frío para compartir recetas o cualquier estás buscando?

Oh... I finished proofreading the second pass of copy edits on Naked Edge. That puppy is now officially out of my hands about to go to the press.

This weekend, while hosting a surprise birthday party for Benjamin, who is now 20, and baking his birthday cake and feeding half a dozen teenagers, I managed to dream up Natalie's story. There will be a sneak peek of her story in the back of Naked Edge.

I don't have a title for her book yet, but I do know her hero's name: Zac McBride. I don't want to steal Gabe's thunder by saying too much about Zac yet, but I will tell you that he's a Deputy Marshal with the U.S. Marshal Service. And much of their story takes place not in Denver but... in Mexico.

Oh ... Terminé de corrección de pruebas el segundo paso de ediciones copia en Naked Edge. Ese perrito está ahora oficialmente fuera de mis manos a punto de ir a la prensa.

Este fin de semana, mientras se celebraba una fiesta sorpresa de cumpleaños para Benjamin, quien ahora tiene 20, y hornear el pastel de cumpleaños y la alimentación de media docena de adolescentes, me las arreglé para inventar la historia de Natalie. Habrá una vista previa de su historia en la parte posterior de Naked Edge.

Yo no tengo un título para su libro todavía, pero sé el nombre de su héroe: Zac McBride. Yo no quiero robar el trueno de Gabe diciendo demasiado sobre Zac todavía, pero te diré que es un agente judicial con el Servicio de Alguaciles de EE.UU.. Y gran parte de su historia tiene lugar no en Denver, pero en ... México.

Still to come:
An interview with the delightful and brilliant Anna Campbell
A review of Kathleen Givens' historical novel Rivals for the Crown
Interviews with I-Team heroes, including an introduction to Gabe

Aún por venir:
Una entrevista con el anuncio delicioso brillante Anna Campbell
Una revisión de novela histórica Kathleen Givensrivales por la Corona
Entrevistas con I-héroes del equipo, incluyendo una introducción a Gabe

Para mis lectores de habla española:

Autoras en la Sombra dio una entrevista a mí que ya está disponible en su sitio Web. Estas maravillosas mujeres salieron de su manera de hacerme preguntas diversión. He disfrutado con él! Haga clic aquí para leer la entrevista.


Cecile said...

Okay, I am so coming to your house for Thanksgiving snack time!! LOL!!
All those things sounds absolutely delicious!!! I am not a big pumkin pie fan... My grandmother use to make pumpkin turnovers, that was much better!!!
But your menu sounds delicious! And congrats on getting some story time in... as you have 20 yr olds in the house!!!! You go girl!! And I can not wait to read whatever you will throw our way!!!
Have a great night!

Come on over, Cecile! There will be wine, too. :-)

Pumpkin turnovers... I've never heard of those. I bet they have cinnamon in them. Mmm.

And thanks! It was great fun to have all the kids here. Benjy has been friends with all of them since he was in fifth grade, so I've watched them all grow up. Benjy says I'm the official mom of the entire group, so I guess that explains why they all feel like my children. I miss them when he's away at school and enjoy their discussions and humor.

You have a great night, too!

Cut picture, Pamela! Hey, where's my Thanksgiving invite? I could seriously sink my fangs into that menu! ;-)

Linda A. said...

Yum? Can I come over? I like pumpkin, but I prefer pumpkin cheesecake to pumpkin pie.

We had our Thanksgiving last month. Local apples are at the height of their season then, so we usally have both apple and pumpkin pie along with turkey and trimmings. That way we don't have to choose.

Sue Z said...

Hey, Chicky...make room at your table for me. It sounds like you have a great day planned with the boys.

I LOVE pumpkin pie. It goes especially good with Cool Whip and coffee. Pie and coffee is one of my most favorite combos.

I plan on reading Anna's book based on your recommendations. Did you read Kathleen Given's book yet? I haven't read it yet but I have it on my TBR shelf.

Enjoy the holiday!
Love ya


Jane said...

Ooh, a marshal. I'm so excited that you've been working out Natalie's story. Happy Birthday to your son. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Debbie H said...

Sounds delish! Mine is kind of traditional. Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, baked sweet potatoes,gravy, rolls, butter,(see a carb overload?), broccoli and cheese casserole, green beans, cranberry sauce, olives, cherry pie, and pumpkin pie tarts with whip cream in a can. LOL

I can't wait to meet Zac! *BEG*

Happy Thanksgiving!

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