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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bookmark! Bookmarks! Want one?

Today I got home from work to find a big box and a padded envelope waiting on my front steps. I got very excited because I thought my author copies were in the box and the bookmarks that my publisher had made up for me were in the padded envelope.

Other way around!

I have a single lovely copy of Naked Edge that I shall be cuddling tonight and about a zillion sexy Naked Edge bookmarks. That’s just an estimate, of course. There could be more than a zillion.

Which means I’m giving bookmarks away!

Anybody want one? Yes?

Well, then all you need to do is complete one of the following I-Team hero quotes:

Reece: “You need a man, Kara. A man you can open up to. A man whose passion for life matches yours. A man who grabs your hair in big fistfuls and twists and pulls it when he’s fucking you. A man willing to .....”

Julian: “If you try to tell me next time I see you that you haven’t been thinking about fucking me, I’m going to....”

Marc: “It’s not so much where I want you, Sophie, as it is how. Nothing tastes quite like a woman, and no woman...”

Extra points for anyone who can complete this quote:

Will: “I agreed not to have sex until after the wedding. But I didn’t agree not to touch you, Lissy. I intend to touch you every day. Get ...”

Double extra points for this one:

Gabe: “If I can’t be man enough to keep my hands off you like I should, then at least let me be man enough to ...”

E-mail your answer to me at my e-mail address, together with your address. If you’re suspicious that “Pamela Clare” is just a cover for an international crime syndicate and don‘t want to give me your address, then just mail me a self-addressed stamped envelope to: PO Box 1582, Longmont, CO 80501.

Have fun!


I've already got winners. Woohoo!

This is fun!

Debbie H said...

So not fair! I'm on the hunt!

Kara C said...

Love the bookmarks! Can't wait for the book!

Thinking about starting a Marc Hunter fan club. So Julian is hot, and sexy, and intense, and hot...ok, so Julian's not so bad. :) Sticking by my guy though.

Mary G said...

I've got some homework to do. Is there a deadline?

Hi, Debbie — I misread that at first. I thought you were on Hunt. I wanted photos. ;-)

Hi, Kara — I'm so glad you like them. Yours will be in tomorrow's mail.

Hi, Mary — No, no deadline. As long as I have bookmarks, I'll be happy to get one to you.

Oh, and because this is MY contest and I can do anything I want, I'm signing the bookmarks and I'm sticking UNTAMED bookmarks in with the NAKED EDGE bookmarks for as long as they hold out. :-)

Let your friends know!

Debbie H said...

LMAO! If I were on HUNT, there would only be pics to prove to myself it wasn't a dream. NO sharing of photos. LOL

Ahhh, to have 24hrs with each of the men! *BEG* I doubt 24hrs would be enough, but it would be a start and I would die a happy woman.

Kara C said...

I will have to say that as deep as my love goes for Marc, I cannot wait to read about Gabe. The excerpt alone blew me away! March 2 can't come fast enough!!

Linda A. said...

Haven't really made the acquaintance of Julian and Hunt yet, but I've pre-ordered NE. Can't wait!

Jennifer said...

I'm totally looking forward to Naked Edge. I just re-read Unlawful Contact to get ready for 3/2!

Rachel said...

I just finished rereading Unlawful Contact to get ready for NE too! Of course now I'm antsy and thinking of rereading all the I-Team books again. Two and a half weeks seems so far away!

LOL, Debbie! I would love 24 hours with each of my heroes. That's nine heroes now. That's nine days of heaven. Is it incest to sleep with your own characters? ;-)

Hi, Kara — I'm glad you're looking forward to meeting Gabe. Which excerpt blew you away? I'm changing the excerpt on my Web site, and I want to put something super-sexy there.

Hi, Linda — Oh, I hope you get to meet Julian and Hunt. I think you'll like them. Hopefully, you'll enjoy Gabe, too.

Hi, Jennifer — It's not that far away now. Only 18 days!

Hi, Rachel — I'm just as antsy as you are. I hope you enjoyed your re-read of Unlawful. :-)

Today I need to work on my proposal and go to the post office to get more stamps to mail more bookmarks! I blew through two books of Christmas stamps. ’Tis the season, I guess. :-)

Mary G said...

Pamela, I love this. It's sounding like the Edward/Jacob/Twilight camps. While I love all your heroes, I have to say that Marc's care of Sophie their first time was pretty special. When he called her "sprite" I just got the shivers. Now that's an ick moment cause it's really you giving me the shivers LOL. That's how good you are - we forget it's just a story.

JennJ said...

So sorry I'm so late a VERY Happy Valentine's day to you girl and you know I want one they are beautiful!!! Ok going to hunt... lol ;)


Anonymous said...

I'd love one, but sending an envelope all the way from Australia seems a bit crazy.

Julian all the way, but I think every man deserves a fan club of their own!

Just email me your address and I'll send you a bookmark. I send stuff to Oz all the time. :-)

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