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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Countdown: 2 is for...

Today is brought to you by the Number 2. Two is for... Two people, a man and a woman — opposites who most definitely attract.

Yes, he’s male — six-foot-four of dark-haired, blue-eyed male, to be precise — and she’s female. But there’s much more than that.

Kat is deeply spiritual. Gabe believes in nothing — and no one.

Kat is thoughtful and a bit introverted. For her, a quiet hike is a great way to relax. Gabe’s idea of a good time is rock climbing without ropes and skiing off cliffs.

Kat gives selflessly to her friends. Gabe has no close friends.

Kat is saving her virginity for one man; she wants marriage and lots of children. Gabe drifts from one emotionless sexual relationship to the next, with no interest in being a husband or father.

Kat believes in love that lasts. Gabe believes “love” is nothing but a hormonal haze in the brain, a matter of chemistry. From his point of view, a good relationship involves good sex with no strings attached.

Deep down, Kat has an unshakable but quiet self-respect. She makes no apologies for her choices in life. Gabe behaves as if he’s the only center in his universe, but in reality he can’t stand himself.

These two never would have connected on or eHarmony, where matchmaking is built around shared interests, commonalities and compatibility.

But connect they do. When Kat is caught in a rockslide while hiking and is badly injured, Gabe, a park ranger who just happens to be rock climbing nearby on his day off, rushes to help her, saving her life. They meet again when he’s ordered to shut down a sacred inipi ceremony on Mesa Butte.

The results of these two chance meetings go beyond what either of them could imagine.

Tension. Heat. Passion. And a struggle to stay alive.

Gabe will have to summon every fiber of his strength and courage to keep Kat alive. And Kat will find herself in the fight of her life, trying to save the soul of a man who no longer believes he has one.

Only two days till release date! I can’t wait to share this story with all of you!

Join me tomorrow for the final day of our countdown, which will be brought to you by the Number 1: One man’s determination, one man’s love for a woman, one man’s astonishing sacrifice.


Ronlyn said...

*thumbs up*
these are fun!

Especially for those of you who've already read the book and know what I'm hinting at. ;-)

Have a great Sunday, Ronlyn.

Steph70 said...

I am so looking forward to Gabe and Kat's story!!!! I am like a kid on Christmad eve! LOL

RitaSV said...

I. Cannot. WAIT!!!!!

Linda A. said...

Pamela, I finished NE last night. Lord, what a ride! And what a love story. I'll send you an e-mail. I will be reading thi book again and again.

Diane W. said...

You DEFINITELY have a sadistic streak, Pamela. Along with my UPS man, who apparently thinks bringing my book on a slow boat around the Cape of Good Horn is the fastest way to my front door from the east coast! I seriously don't think I'm going to make it through tomorrow's post without a paper bag held over my nose and mouth. *breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out*

Debbie H said...

I still cry during parts of it. Ladies you will not be disappointed on this ride. You will be laughing, crying, screaming, frightened out of your wits and going "awwwww" throughout the whole book. Fantastic read!

JennJ said...

They are HAWWWWWWT together whewwww I sure do know what you are hinting at and they are in for a biggggggggg treat!!!! ;)


Hi, Steph — In that case, this would be Christmas Eve Eve. Tomorrow would be Christmas Eve. And Tuesday would be Christmas. :)

If I could speed it up, I would. But waiting is half of the fun, isn't it? Maybe not...

Hi, Rita — So good to see you! Not much waiting left, dearie!

Hi, Linda — I am thrilled that you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for your e-mail. I really loved reading through it and getting your thoughts. I want to arrange a "spoiler chat" for those of us who've read it sometime mid-March. I hope you'll come!

Hi, Diane — Yes, I do! :-)

I don't think Amazon has released the book yet, so it might not be the mail carrier's fault. Hopefully, it will reach you swiftly after Tuesday.

As for all this teasing... Well, grab that brown paper bag, because tomorrow it continues in one final installment.

Woo hoo! Can't wait to get my copy!! Of course I've alkready read it and LOVE it. But there's soething about gettinga real bound copy taht makes it all complete. An dof cousre it will be a perfect match for my bookmark ;-)

Mary G said...

I found this post very touching.

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