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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Final Countdown: 3 is for...

Today is brought to you by the Number 3. Three is for... Three men, each with his own background, who must work together to keep Kat alive.

Gabe Rossiter, a park ranger and expert climber and skiier.

Gabe Rossiter never planned to get caught up with a woman again. But Kat is not like any woman he's ever known. And when her life is in danger, he willingly takes on the task of protecting her. By the time he finds he can’t keep his emotions from getting involved, it's too late.

But what he needs to do for Kat requires some backup. For that he turns to two men who, in the end, become his friends.

Julian, the former FBI agent turned vice cop.

A man who has seen the darkest side of human nature, Julian has a serious problem with any man who hurts women. When it’s clear that Kat is in danger, he’s more than willing to step in and help Gabe in his quest to protect Kat.

Marc Hunter, a former Army sniper and DEA agent who was once sentenced to life without parole.

Marc doesn't trust Gabe — at least not at first. Kat's like a little sister to him. But when the bullets start flying, he steps up as tactical support. If helping to protect Kat happens to involve a couple of days out in the wilderness... so much the better.

Three men working together to protect one woman.

Before it's over, Kat will need them all.

Tomorrow will be brought to you by the Number 2: Two people, a man and a woman, opposites who most definitely attract.


Linda A. said...

Hi Pamela. Happy birthday! These three are any woman's dream. I'm not finished NE yet - busy weekend - but I'm loving it. Hunt's nicknames for Julian are too much! I think 'Dorkangelo' is my favorite. Now back to edits, so I can finish NE tonight.

Emmanuelle said...

Three white knights... can't wait to read that !

Diane W. said...

*wipes drool off chin* WHERE is the postman with my Amazon order?? I really don't think I can wait much longer. Especially if you keep posting photos like that, Pamela!! :)


Debbie H said...

Lordy, I almost didn't make it past the first pic and by the third, I was holding onto the chair while wiping my chin. Whew! I think I'm breathing again.
Thanks for those wonderful Saturday afternoon pieces of eye candy.

Three very worthy men each in his own right.

Ronlyn said...


Hi, Linda — Thanks for the birthday wishes. I really appreciate it. I'm so glad you're enjoying NAKED EDGE. I plan on setting up a chat for people who've read the book and want to talk about it. Would you want to be invited to that?

I love those two guys and their bickering. It cracks me up. And I love, love, love Marc's nicknames for Julian, too. When men love men but can't come out and say it, this is what happens.

Hi, Emmanuelle — Yes, three white knights. All women should be so lucky, right? :-)

Hi, Diane — Want a napkin? LOL! I think I've got a sadistic streak, because I just love torturing people with photos and excerpts and such.

Hi, Debbie — I'm glad you enjoyed the eye candy. Me, too. Imagine the hard work of choosing these photos, viewing dozens to find just the right ones that represent these men. It was very hard works. ;-)

Hi, Ronlyn — I agree!!!

Steph70 said...

Holy crap...I think I may have shorted out my keyboard with all the drool!

Mary G said...

Hard enough to pick a fave. Now you've thrown Gabe into the mix.
Can I just love them all?

librarypat said...

This is new. Didn't know there were two other men involved. Sounds good.

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