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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Naked Edge book trailer

So, I’ve been sharing excerpts from Naked Edge for a while now. I think there are several scattered between this blog, my Yahoo group, Goodreads and my Facebook notes. But sometimes a person needs visual aids.

So with the help of the talented Jenn J — thank you, Jenn! — I offer this book trailer for Naked Edge.

It’s up on YouTube, as well, so feel free to embed it and share it wherever you’d like.

Also, I wanted to let you know that we'll have a very special guest visiting this blog on Feb. 22 — the prolific and talented Christy Reece! I decided to play journalist and interview her, and I’ll be posting that interview on Feb. 22. Christy will stop by as she’s able to answer your penetrating questions.

Christy’s next book, No Chance, hits bookstores on Feb. 23, and I know I’ll be dashing to Borders after work that day to get my copy. Christy will tell us all about her new series — and give us a glimpse of what’s next. Plus, she's giving away TWO COPIES of the book. So put the date on your calender: Feb. 22 for a day of chatting with Christy Reece, and Feb. 23 for the release of No Chance.

Another couple of reviews have gone up online. There’s one from Romance Junkies here, and a more personal one by that same reviewer, Laurie, here.

I’ll be doing some guest blogging as the release date for Naked Edge nears. I'll be at tomorrow (Feb. 18), at Leontine's Book Realm on March 1, and on the Borders blog on March 2. Stop by because I’ll be giving away signed copies of the book.


Mary G said...

Wow Pamela
That is sexy hot! The reviews are amazing. I'm so excited for you (& for us too).

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Mary G. Now to eat dinner. I let my dinner burn in the oven while I was trying to get this online. LOL!

Cecile said...

Wooohooooo both for you Ms. Pamela and Jenn!! Doesn't she rock!!! She is a wondermachine!!! And I know the guy she used... I so huss after him!!!! So, by far this is the best trailer I have ever seen!!!!!!!

Kara C said...

So, more time with you and Christy on the 22nd, Christy's book on the 23rd, and then yours on the 2nd? It's going to be a very fun couple of weeks!
BTW, stopped by my bookshop yesterday and the owner was singing your praises to a customer, who promised to return for a copy of Naked Edge when it came out! Word is definitely spreading around here!

Ronlyn said...

I mentioned it via email already, but the trailer is HOT HOT HOT! WOO!
And YAY for interviewing my friend Christy. (Well, I've adopted her as a friend anyway) :-) Fun times.


Hi, Cecile — Jenn does, indeed, rock! She showed me the website of the model she used, and, yes, he is a biscuit. It was too amazing that there were photos of him with a Native woman. What a coincidence! He almost matches the description of Gabe, too. Very lucky for us!

And thanks! I'm so glad you like it!

Hi, Kara — It should be a great couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to Christy's guest blog. What great news to know that your bookseller was sharing my books with someone. That always makes me very happy to hear. :-)

Ronlyn, dear, I miss you so much. Sorry, but I sent off that message to you and then vanished. Much catching up to do! I got your email and will get back to you tonight. So glad you like the trailer! So Christy is your friend. Cool! She's pretty amazing.

Great trailer, Pamela!

KCP said...

As if I wasn't already excited enough, what with my pre-ordered copies of NE on Kindle and in paperback... This trailer was HOT!

Debbie H said...

Wow, here I am late again. Sorry!

I LOVE the trailer! Hot, Sexy, Intriguing! JennJ you did a fantastic job!

Who is playing Gabe in the trailer? He is yummy!

Hi, Anna — Thank you! And thanks for stopping by the Savvy Authors blog today. :-)

Hi, Kara — You're getting it both in print and in Kindle?!? Goodness! I'm glad you found it hot. You should have seen the nice chest shot we didn't get to use. Slurp!

Hi, Debbie — Gosh, I can't remember his name, but I KNOW that Jenn knows. Maybe she'll hop on here and tell us. He is snaxy, isn't he?

Wow, Pamela. Loved, loved, loved the trailer! So. Very. Hot! And, hmm, lovely scenery too. (:

I cannot wait to pick up my copy of NAKED EDGE.

And I'm so excited to be visiting with you on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Linda A. said...

Pamela, congratulations on the great trailer. It is HAWT! Can't wait for the book.

Hi, Christy! I'm so glad you liked it. I'm surprised anyone noticed the scenery. LOL!

I am very excited about Monday, too. It will be lots of fun. And then on Tuesday... I WILL have your book in my hands. Bwaha!

I just got back from meeting with former U.S. marshal and a retired deputy U.S. marshal. It was so fun and so interesting! It's all pouring in to the hero I'm about to start writing.

So I'm going to disappear here until Monday so that I can finish writing this proposal for the next I-Team story.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I'll see you on Monday when the fabulous Christy Reece will be on hand answering questions and giving away copies of NO CHANCE.

Thanks, Linda! You popped in behind me here. I'm so glad you liked it. Jenn did a fantastic job!

Jane said...

I loved the trailer, Pamela. The music was perfect, too.

JennJ said...

Hi Pamela and everyone! Thank you all so much for your kind words on the trailer. I had a ton of fun making it and working with Pamela. The model's name is Jimmy Thomas he is a romance, fashion, fitness model. Isn't he drop dead gorgeous? I told Pamela it was fate because I found those with him with the Native American girl she was even wearing a turquoise earring in one shot. Thanks again you guys I'm so glad you all liked it! And many thanks to Pamela for her letting me have the honor of working on it with her.

Debbie H said...

Jenn, again, fabulous job! And, thanks for the name of the hottie. *BEG*

I found that if you google him (ummm that sounds naughty, huh?) he has a site that has some erotic pics (need to be 18 for those)along with his covers, etc.

JennJ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JennJ said...

Hi Debbi thank you so much!

And yes he has some really great and HOT pics on there doesn't he lol! I have several of them saved so I can gaze at him when I wish! ;)

Hi, Jane — I'm glad you like the music. I found it at a royalty-free music place. It was a tough choice between a couple of possible tracks, but I'm happy with the one we picked. It has just a touch of eerie to it. I think the title of it is "Wolf Cry."

Hey, Jenn! See what kind of compliments you get for your work? It's awesome. Thanks so much! And Jimmy is flat-out hot! No doubt about it. I just want to stare at some of those erotic photos of him. And just so everyone understands, Kat in the book is wearing — turquoise earrings — or rather, earring singular — when she and Gabe meet. It was a nice touch.

Debbie, those photos you found are scorching hot. I think I went into estrogen overload or something. LOL!

And just so that everyone knows, when it says "This post deleted by author," it means the post was deleted by the person that wrote it, not me. Something would have to be abusive toward me or one of my readers for me to delete it. In this case, I have no idea what got deleted or by whom. :-)

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