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Friday, April 30, 2010

January 2012 — Connor MacKinnon returns

This has been an incredible week. First, the shackling bill moves out of committee and onto the Senate floor. And now...

I am so very happy to announce that Berkley has offered me a five-book contract that includes two I-Team books and three historical novels, starting with Connor MacKinnon's book!

MacKinnon's Rangers return in January 2012.

This is beyond my hopes. Conventional wisdom says that publishers don’t buy books mid-series from another publisher, so I knew when I left the previous publisher of my historical novels that there was a chance that the MacKinnon’s Rangers series would die. I didn’t want that to happen, but I knew I had to make a change. So I held my breath and took the plunge...

And I’m so glad I did!

My editor at Berkley, who has stood by my unconventional choices (like a virgin Navajo heroine), read both Surrender and Untamed and loved them. She wants Connor’s book, too.

I know that 2012 sounds far away, but in the book world, it’s really not all that far away. What’s important is that the book is happening, and his story, which is going to be told for sure now, is in the works. I already have an outline for it, which my editor has seen. It was supposed to be two pages. It’s 11 pages long, because someone really got into write about him when she finally had the chance.

After that, I’ll be leaving Colonial America for a while to write some stories set in England and Scotland. And not one of them involves a duke.

My first order of business is writing Zach and Natalie’s story, Breaking Point. And then it’s back to Colonial New York to finish the French & Indian War and tell Connor’s story.

I hope my historical readers are as happy about this as I am. You all know that historical romance was my first love. It’s still what I read most by far. I’ve appreciated your willingness to try reading romantic suspense, but I know some of you — KristieJ, KarLynP, MelissaB, I hope you read this! — wish you had more historicals. Well, you’re going to get them.

I’m so excited, and I want so much to celebrate!

I wish you all lived a bit closer!


Hey, looks like I'm the first at the party with the champagne and tooty things. CONGRATULATIONS, Pamela! That's fabulous news!

Thank you, Anna! We'll have to have some REAL champagne when you're here in Denver. I can't wait!

I'm so excited about this contract. It changes my personal landscape in some significant ways. Oh, how I wished you lived down the street so I could come over and ask your advice!

But I guess the gods know that if you DID live down the street neither of us would get anything written. :-)

Lisa said...

I couldn't be happier for you and me!!!! I'm a big fan, and historical romance is by far my favorite to read. I couldn't be more excited to hear the news! Congrats:)

Yay! Congratulations!!!!!

Scorpio M. said...

YES!! Jumping up & down. This is awesome. And no duke, LOL. Connor. I was a bit worried for that lad. Thank goodness your editor is a smart woman.

Wow, 5 books is alot! You'll be busy but that is great news for us!! Congrats on everything!

oklanannie said...

Congrats to you Pamela on the wonderful deal with Berkley. I'm so happy and excited for ALL of us. I've loved each and every book you've written whether I-Team, the Kenleighs or MacKinnon's Rangers. They're all superb and extraordinarily well-written books. Can't wait to add all the new books to my keeper shelves.

Cheers to you!

Diane W. said...

Toasting you with the giant Mt. Dew I have next to my computer!! And, giggling like a 7th grade girl over the news that I'm getting a new boyfriend. Connor MacKinnon.....I'm waiting for you!!


Diane W.

Ronlyn said...

I'm so thrilled for you!!

Woo hoo! Looking forward to Breaking Point and to Connor's story! What a great week!

Jane said...

Congrats on the book deal, Pamela.

RitaSV said...

Congratulations, Pamela! That arrangement is a confirmation of just how wonderful an author you are. We are so lucky to have so many more books to look forward too. :oD

Debbie H said...

Whoo, Hoo!!!!! I am so beyond happy for you and us! LOL

I can't wait, I love both your historicals and modern suspense/romance so bring it on!

Wait until Jo hears about this!

Thank you!!

Phyl said...

Oh, that's just wonderful, wonderful news. For you and for us. Congrats, Pam!

Heather said...

Am beyond thrilled for you, and us, Pamela.

Historical, Romantic Suspense, whatever...but a 5 book deal...I'm over the moon!!! If you told me they signed you to write the phone book, I'd read it...but 5 books coming my way...YIPPEE!!!

Big, Huge, Ginormous congratulations!

Heather said...

Shoot...can't edit my post. But I wanted to there anything in your new contract about audiobooks?

Brett Hastings said...

Such great news! I'm glad that things are working out how you had hoped. I'm excited for ALL the new books...especially CONNER!!! Congratulations to you...I'll toast to you tonight! :)

Yeehaw! I'm cracking open a beer in your honor. This is wonderful news for you and us. Another MacKinnon to fall in love with! Oh, I hope I can get to RomCon!

Thank you all so much! I took myself out to celebrate with Mr. Laptop, and the two of us are enjoying a glass of champagne.

OK, I'm enjoying it more than my laptop. :-)

Debbie H said...

LMAO, we don't want Mr. Laptop to get any drinks on or in him, K? He has some serious work to do. Enjoy your time, PC. Just wish I could drive in and celebrate with you. When you look a the map, Oklahoma isn't that far from Colorado, but driving it is. :(

Kara C said...

Wow, Pamela, that is fantastic news! You know I LOVE Team Marc, uh, I mean, the I Team, but now that I've been properly introduced to your historicals, I have something else to be excited about!

Taylor265 said...

That's so wonderful! I can't wait to read more of your fantastic books! Love that Mackinnon's Rangers are back, but what about the Kenleigh/Blakewell series? Is that over for good?

Just jumping in quickly to say NO — the Kenleigh/Blakewell saga is not over. One of the proposals was for a young sea captain who now spells his name Ruary so that people will have an easier time of it. But he used to spell it Ruaidhrí — until some trouble he stirred up as a young rapparee almost lost his sister and his family their lives.

Ruary is out sailing and comes to the aid of a ship that has floundered in a recent storm. On the ship is a young mother named Ailís with her young son.

And that's how that story begins.

Tammy said...


Mary G said...

I'm so thrilled for you & like Annie says, thrilled for us too.
you are deserving of every success that comes your way. I don't know whether to pat you on the back or your very astute editor LOL.

Rachel said...

Congratulations Pamela! I literally fistpumped the air in front of my computer when I saw the blog post title! =) The first book I read of yours was Surrender, and the MacKinnon brothers have a very special place in my heart. And Ruaidhri is getting his story too?! YESSSS! I'm so happy, I think I need to celebrate with a drink of my own. A toast to Pamela and her wonderful, wonderful publisher!

JennJ said...

OH PAMELA I am so so happy to hear this honey! I am overjoyed for you! YAY!!!!! I can't wait till 2012 and for all of the upcoming stories I know wherever or whoever they are about they will be fabulous!!!!! And yay they don't involve a Duke hehehehehehehe. ;)
Maybe zing them a bit and have the villian's named Duke JK ROFL! Couldn't resist.

Mitzi H. said...

Ohhhh....That is awesome news!!! Congrats Anna!!! I can't wait to read anything you write...but I'm sooooo looking forward to more of your Rangers. It's been a long time baby.....Hehehe. But we know....(like good whisky) it only gets better with age!!!

And thank you Berkley too...for recognizing a fabulous author that will bring all of us loads of excellent reading pleasure!!!

WooHoo!!!! I so excited!!! Wait till I tell my aunt....she will be screaming in the phone!!!

lucy said...

Fantastic news, Pamela! A 5 book contract is fabulous (and darn amazing!) and with Berkley to boot! If I was a writer, I'd want them to publish my books :)

Congratulations! It's gonna be hard waiting but it's Connor's story!! Woohoo!!!

Leontine said...

OMG Pamela, congratz on this exciting news and YAY for me who lurves the MacKinnon men. I'm virtually toasting with some bubblies to 5 more books from you, enjoy the good fortune!!

Crystal said...

Gone for a day and came back to the best news ever!

Congrats to you, but I feel like I'm getting the real prize in the end.

So it's Zach and Natalie, then Conner, then ??? Doesn't matter, I'm going to buy them all.

Mitzi H. said...

Whoops....Meant to type Pamela. That's what happens when you are babysitting your 2 year old granddaughter and she is supposed to be easy to put to bed...but won't go down without a fight...and I'm trying to follow my favorite blogs....Dang can be so distracting....But never the less...Mucho Mucho Congrats!!!!

Anonymous said...

(K. ODoharty)

YAH!! *Doing happy dance for both of us here* :D

Congratulations to you Pamela for sticking to your guns and realizing your own talents, despite whatever the trend of the moment is with publishers. I consider myself the bigger winner by far as you know how much I dearly love that particular series! Cannot wait for Connor's story . . . and the next! :)

MelissaB said...


Congratulations! I am so excited to read Connor's story because as you know I LOVE the MacKinnon's Rangers series. I would love to read any historicals (or contemporaries)that you write! Hmmm, any possibilites for Joseph's story? (Thanks for the fan girl shout out!)

I am so glad to see your writing getting the attention it deserves! Congrats on the new contract and good luck writing!

JulieMarie said...

I didn't even realize the MacKinnon series was in jeopardy, but I am SO thrilled that it will continue. I'll be counting down the months until January 2012 and daydreaming about Connor! I am so crazy about all your books but especially the historicals, and especially the MacKinnons. It has something to do with yearning. No other author comes close. Congratulations!

Madhura said...

Thats great news, Pamela.It speaks to your talent that a new publisher picked up the series mid-way.

I am a huge fan of your books, of which the historicals are some of my favorites. This update makes me go :D.

WEEE!! So very excited for you! William yes?! Please...

Amber said...

Wow I'm so excited. I've been checking in regularly for any news. I can't wait to read Conner's story as well as Joseph and William. Congratulations!

Shaddy said...

I am SO excited about this. January 2012 is marked on my calendar. I just finished re-reading Untamed and man oh man, do I just love this series. Great news Ms. Clare. I am waiting with bated breath.

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