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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Graduation weekend reading

A few months back, I was introduced to author Christy Reece through some of our mutual readers. She and I interviewed each other for our respective releases in late February and early March and found it funny that our books both featured heroes named Gabe.

I hadn't had time read any of her books, but this is graduation weekend. And I found myself desperately in need of a fiction break. (Let's just say sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my brain when it comes to the ex. And with family gathered from near and far — including the ex's family — I said some things that escalated, and... You get the picture.)

Needing some R&R, I grabbed Rescue Me, Christy’s debut novel, off my neglected, lonesome TBR... and devoured it.

Romantic suspense novels that involve kick-butt heroine always make me nervous, because, to be honest, I can’t enjoy a heroine who lacks femininity or vulnerability. Female strength to me is different than male strength, and rather leave the violence to the guys. Gender role reversals don’t interest me much.

But Eden/Devon is not that kind of a kick-butt heroine. She’s still very much a woman, not a guy with breasts. At times extremely vulnerable, she tugged at my heart strings. Jordan, the hero, is all the things a hero should be: strong, brave, physically adept (in many ways), sexy, protective.

Reading about the tragedies of their lives and watching them find their way together while they take down a nest of vicious and evil human traffickers — a subject I dealt with in Hard Evidence — was pure romance reading pleasure. And it helped get me through a tough day.

I’ve got her next three books in my TBR, and I’ll read them in order.

I’m extremely proud of my older son, Alec, who graduates tonight from Colorado State University with a double degree. We’re having a BBQ tomorrow. Thank God a bunch of my family will be there. Hopefully it won’t snow.

We’ve had a snow and rain all week. The foothills were covered in white on Thursday. And, yes, it’s mid-May here in Colorado, too.

Now I need to get back to writing. With all the activity this weekend, I’m going to get behind on Zach and Natalie’s story. Poor Zach has been in chains for so long now, and the conditions in which Natalie is being kept — all those scorpions! — horrifies me.

Upcoming: I promised an interview with a true powder hound, and Isaac has agreed. I sent him a bunch of questions earlier today. When he’ll get answers back to me, I can’t say. Over the weekend, he’s mostly likely up in the mountains. But it will be lots of fun, I’m sure because Isaac is lots of fun. So stay tuned!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


Zosia said...

That’s what I loved so much about this book - and this series. It’s possible to be a strong woman without turning into He-Man! It annoys me so much these days how so many writers seem to think that in order to make their heroines strong they have to be the characters who run around with the weapons, saving the day all the time. Eden was the perfect balance of strength and femininity. This is a book I’ve been recommending everywhere.

There’s a reason I have certain authors named Pamela Clare, Cindy Gerard and Christy Reece as my top three authors on Goodreads...

Mary G said...

Congrats to Alec. Hope you have a wonderful celebration weekend. So great you enjoyed Christy's book. You're so lucky you have 5 left to go. I'm readung Found Wanting by Joyce Lamb & my heart is in my throat. She has a new one coming out this month, True Vision, & I can't wait. Rom. susp. is what I'm in the mood for right now.

Diane W. said...

Loved Christy's books. Finishing the last one in her second trilogy right now. You might also like Jami Alden's "Gemini" series. Those Taggert brothers are to die for and the heroines are wonderful, too. I LOVED them!

Congrats to Alec!! Graduation is such a milestone. Have fun celebrating. Don't let any petty people ruin your fun!

And, um, did you say "scorpions"???? Oh geez. My sking is crawling already. *shudder* Get Zach out of there!!

Diane :)

Debbie H said...

Aww, sweetie, sometimes certain people just push our buttons by being in the vicinity of us. Sorry it happened.

Major congratulations to Alec!

You have got to get Zach and Natalie out of there, please? Poor guy, he's probably totally lost it by now with scorpions around.

Pamela, what an incredible compliment to have one of my favorite authors say such kind things about my book! Thank you so very much. I am beyond thrilled you enjoyed RESCUE ME!

Congratulations to your son and to you on his graduation. An exciting time for both of you! Hope you have wonderful weather for your barbeque tomorrow.

Look forward to discussing the possibility of a GabeFest with you!

oklanannie said...

So very glad Christy's LCR gang could help soothe your nerves during a stressful situation. I love her series and am totally hooked.

I'm looking forward to hearing that Zach and Natalie free themselves soon from chains and scorpions!

Major congratulations to your son on this most important occasion. College graduation is one of the most exciting times in a young person's life in my opinion. I know you are proud. Enjoy the festivities and don't let the ex and his crew upset or diminish any of the fanfare!!

At the mere mention of a "Gabefest," I'm fanning myself and shouting bring it on!!!!

Elise said...

I've just finished Rescue me and are waiting for Amazon to send the next 2 books in the same series over! I like the reading even though I would have liked more sex scenes!!
I finished a week ago "The First Sin" by Cheyenne McCray and well... Wow... I loved it. I will not recommend it to you Pamela, because Alexi Steele is a kick-butt heroine you may not like but some other readers may be interested: the topic was also human trafficking and BDSM circles. In a way it resembles "Dangerous games" by Lora Leigh.

Luci said...

First of all congrats to Alec!!

Secondly, i recently discovered Christy Reece and she is great. I had been searching far and wide for a romantic suspense author whose books grip me and have had quite a few misses. I read Christy Reece's first trilogy back to back and have the second trilogy books ready in my TBR pile. She has become an auto buy for me together with your books - both rs and historicals, Karen Rose and Beverly Barton.

Kelseya said...

I just discovered Christy Reece's books and I love the series. All the hero's and heroines have something that they are trying to overcome, and the characters are so great because they are flawed.

Its because of Christy Reece that I found you! I've read all of her LCR books and just like the I-Team series I can't get enough! I'm helplessly addicted to both of your books! I agree with Zosia your all three are on my instant buy/can't get enough books!

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