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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here it is — BREAKING POINT cover! Plus EXCERPT

Here it is! I’m so excited to share it with you — the cover for my next I-Team novel, Breaking Point.

And who’s on the cover, but the achingly delicious Jed Hill. I recognize those obliques and those lips. Tasty.

This demands an excerpt, don't you think?

From Breaking Point:

Zach hung limply from the manacles, unable even to hold up his head. His shoulders ached from supporting his dead weight, manacles biting into his bloody wrists. But none of that could compare to the residual pain of that last electro-shock. His muscles seized in sharp spasms, his heart slamming erratically in his chest, his body shaking, his mouth filled with the coppery taste of his own blood.

Don’t give in to the pain. Adjust for it.

He willed himself to relax, slowed his breathing.

Cold water splashed over his chest, making him jerk. It wasn’t to revive him, he knew, but to make his skin more conductive to electricity. He waited for the next blast of agony, but instead felt a glass bottle against his lips. A hand fisted in his hair, tilting his head back, and he swallowed, warm cola sliding down his raw, parched throat.

Electrolytes. Caffeine. Calories.

All would help him stay alive.

Then his tormenter spoke to him, as always in Spanish. “You are dying, cuñado. And for what? You are alone now, forgotten, left without even a dog to bark at you. Tell us who has the cocaine and where we can find them. Then your torment will end. There will be no more pain, only sleep.”

Zach fought off a wave of despair. “¡Vete a la verga!” Fuck off!

The bastard chuckled, but Zach knew he wasn’t really amused. They’d tried to break him and had failed. There’d be a price to pay when Cárdenas got the news.

Creaking hinges. Footsteps.

And Zach knew she was there. He could feel her presence, hear her rapid breathing. Hell, he could even smell her, something sweet in a world of filth.


“Tráela aquí.” Bring her over here.

What the hell?

Zach’s head came up. Somehow, he drew himself to his feet, his hands clenched around the chains for support, his heart thudding hard in his chest. Why had they brought her in here? Were they going to torture her to get to him?

Over my dead body.

“Zach?” There was fear in her voice, but also sympathy, concern.

He shook his head, his sign to her to keep quiet, hoping she’d remembered what he’d told her earlier. If they thought he cared what happened to her, if they thought he’d told her anything…

An arm went around his shoulder. “You are a brave man. No one has ever lasted so long against my little stinger, so I’ll offer you a better way out. Tell us where the coke is, and you can have the girl. We’ll take off these chains, give you some food and a little coke to make you strong, ? And you can fuck her till your prick gives out. And when you’re done, you get one bullet to the head. Fast, painless — and you die happy. If you do not, your suffering will be such that those who find what is left of your body will lie awake at night weeping for you.”

Zach might have laughed if the situation hadn’t been so serious. Having failed to break him with pain, they were now trying to bribe him with rape. They were only bluffing, of course. They had no intention of giving him their Jefe’s prize. But if he played along with them, if he could persuade them to unchain him…

He pretended to consider the offer. “¿Es bonita?” Is she pretty?

Rough hands tore off his blindfold.

“!Mira sus tetas!” Just look at her tits!

Unaccustomed to light he blinked, squinted — and quickly assessed the situation. He was in a small room with a half-dozen armed Zetas. There were two small windows and only one door. Wooden chairs sat around an old table littered with dirty dishes and half-empty bottles of tequila. A couple of AKs leaned up against the wall to his right.

You’d give your left nut for one of those, wouldn’t you, man?

He sure as hell would.

In front of him, a car battery sat on a rolling cart, two electrical cables dropped on the floor near his feet. The sight made him shudder, dread mixing with rage in his gut.

Little stinger?

Beside the cart, two Zetas held a struggling young woman between them, while a third unbuttoned her blouse, laughing to himself. Bastards. Knowing he couldn’t risk showing emotion, he met Natalie’s gaze.

His heart seemed to stop. His mind went blank. And he stared.

She looked pleadingly up at him through the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen, their irises an unusual shade of aqua blue. Her features were delicate, her otherwise flawless skin marred by a dark bruises and smudges of dirt. Her dark brown hair — why he had imagined her as a blonde? — hung in thick tangles past her shoulders. She couldn’t have been more than five-foot-four or an ounce over one-twenty.

The protective urge that welled up inside him took him by surprise, and he actually took a step toward her, until chains and pain reminded him where he was — and in what condition. Then her blouse fell to floor, followed by a lacy, white bra, revealing two beautiful, natural breasts.

A low whistle. A groan.

“¡Oye, mamacita, que buena estás!” Oh, baby, you are fine!

The testosterone level in the room surged, and for a moment Zach was afraid the Zetas’ lust for her would overcome their fear of Cárdenas.

The one with a long scar — the electrical specialist who’d turned Zach’s life into a living hell — walked over to stand behind Natalie, then reached around, drew her back against him, and grabbed her breasts, hands that enjoyed cruelty manhandling sensitive flesh.

“¡Chécalo, güey—las chichis perfectas¡” Check it out, dude — perfect boobs.

Zach felt his teeth grind, seeing only the emotion on Natalie’s face — fear, revulsion, pain. Her gaze locked with his as if eye contact were the one thing keeping her shattered world together. She probably didn’t understand what was happening or why they were doing this to her. He wished he could reassure her.

Instead, he was about to make it all much worse.

Stay strong, angel.


Ronlyn said...

so, now that I don't have a patient standing at my desk, how do you feel about this cover vs. the other I-Team covers? I remember you saying (now) that they were going a different direction....

oklanannie said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Thank you, Oh Generous Writing Goddess! The cover is hot and so is the teasing excerpt. I can't wait!!

JennJ said...

OMS it's gorgeous! LOVE it Pamela! I know you are thrilled and I'm thrilled for you!


annmarie said...

I think it's a FABULOUS cover! Thanks for sharing it!!!

Scorpio M. said...

It's very catchy! Jed looks fabulous. They definitely went in a new direction, this is going to be a NYT bestseller, I can feel it!! Manchest sells. =)

Hope you are feeling better.

OMG the cover is hawt, but the sneak peek is...welll it's totally unfair for you to leave us and Zach "hanging" like that! Can not wait for this one.

Laurie D. said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I want this one!! It can't release soon enough! Thanks for sharing the cover (so gorgeous) and a tease!

Hope you're continuing to feel better.

Christy said...

LOVE IT!!! That's hot! Can't wait to read it :)

Brett Hastings said...

All I can say...holy shit! When is the release date again?

Diane W. said...

WOWSA!!! That is seriously the BEST looking cover I have ever seen!!! I need a bib to catch all the drool running down my chin.

And the excerpt!! My heart almost stopped. Poor Natalie. I feel terrible for her. As for can he stand the pain? I can't wait to read the rest of this book!

Also, it's amazing how real these characters are to me since I have a very definite mental picture of how they look. And, what a fantastic mental picture of the hero it is!! *wiping more drool*

Gorgeous, fabulous, stud-eriffic cover!!!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! One of the best covers ever. (I need a fan right now!!!)


Rebecca said...

Loved loved loved the excerpt! Totally cannot wait to get to know Zach. Wish this was coming out next month, but I can wait for greatness ;)

Your books are terrific, Pamela. Keep on writing!

Christine said...

wowie! When does this come out again!? Please say tomorrow!

Nissie said...

Fantastic, Pamela!! Sooo looking forward to this! Hope you're continuing to feel better!

Carrie said...

Wonderful!!! Thank you for the sneak peak!

Cecile said...

Are you kidding me... I recognize that man any where!!!!!! Anywhere!!! But that teaser you gave us... holy wow!!
I hope all is well honey!!! Hugs to you!

ronna15 said...

Poor Natalie! Poor Zack! I can just feel how horrible this must be for them. You can't just show an excerpt like that! It's to cliffy!!!! I can't wait for this to come out!(when again?)


I'm busy writing, which is why you haven't seen me here replying to your wonderful posts.

I'm so glad you all like the cover. And I'm so glad you all like the excerpt.

Mark your calendars: July 2011.

IF I finish it on time. Having had surgery, I'm behind, but I'm pushing very, very hard. Or as hard as I can six weeks out from major spinal surgery.

Anonymous said...

Omg....that is one of the most gorgeous covers I have seen in awhile...SEXY!!!!

irene_m said...

oh,it's totally different from the rest of the I-team covers.

Poor Natalie,I think it's unfair for her to experience such a terrible thing and not to be part of the cover with zach,what do you think????

Anonymous said...

If we could get that belt off it would take just a little tug to reveal ... rawr.

Your excerpts for this book keep me up at night! And I've got that long to wait. I'm going to be exhausted by then worrying about Zach and Natalie.

I'm glad you're feeling up to writing, though. Don't push, stay well!

Beanbag Love

OMG, that is just jaw-dropping! Love it, Pamela! May it catapult this series (and you!) onto the bestseller lists where you belong. Okay, going back to gaze some more...

Brande said...

OMG I can't wait.... Pamela you are such a tease...! Of course I loved every moment of it.

OH MY YUM!!! Now just to keep myself patiently waiting...I am a Huge fan of all your work...I kinda miss the girl with him but DAYUM!! I could stare forever

I am also so looking forwarding to Defiant...MacKinnon bros can not help but love them...the Kenleigh started it all for me...Iteam keep them coming love them all

I hope recovery is still going well knowing you are getting stronger & can contiue with these amazing stories makes the wait so worth it

a fan

WOW thats one hot cover! I'll just have to try remember this one because its not on goodreads to be marked yet:(

Jane said...

What an awesome cover. Congrats, Pamela.

RitaSV said...

OMG! Those people are AWFUL!! I have complete faith that Zach will be able to help Natalie and I can't wait to see what he comes up with.

UM said...

Awesome cover, and different from the others in the series, I see.

Lovin' the excerpts, too.

Thanks for posting :)

auntee said...

Best...cover...EVER! *sigh*

Debbie H said...

Wow! I've been without internet service until this minute and I came her first. Sorry to be so late.

Love the cover! Droolworthy for sure.

You are a cruel woman, leaving us with Natalie in the filthy hands of that scum.

J/K Love Ya

Wow ! Great picture ! GREAT story !! July is soooo far away. ( And I thought Naked Edge was hard to wait for.) Please share more when you can. Thank you !!

Elise said...

SOrry girls,
I admit that Jed Hill on the cover is REALLY yummy BUT it seems I'm the only one here to prefer the other I-team books' covers.
Well again, sorry...
And non , non et non, I did not read the excerpt, I just had a peek! ;-)
This will however not prevent me from buying the book as soon as it is out! I just can't wait until July 2011!

RitaSV said...

Elise, you're not alone. I'm with you in that I, too, prefer the other covers but I'm also very happy for Pamela that she was able to get Jed Hill. Absolute perfection for me would have been to have him depicted in the previous style which seemed more real but ultimately its the story itself that will sell me regardless of the cover.

king said...

Danggggg! Now........that is hot!

Oh my gosh Pamela
I just got a chance to read the excerpt I can't decide if I'm glad I did or wished I would have waited. It just made me all the more excited for the book to be in my hands! Wow... I think I am already in love with Zach!! Thanks for the teaser!! lol Hope your feeling well!

Di P said...

WOW Pamela the excerpt sounds great. I love the cover as well.
Can't wait for it's release date.

Luci said...

OOOh Love IT!!!

Will we be getting it as a wallpaper liked Naked Edge?

A fantastic excerpt and a wonderful cover!!

Denise A. Agnew

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