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Monday, October 25, 2010

In the home stretch

Just thought I’d do a quick update on Breaking Point. I missed my Oct. 15 deadline, but I won’t miss it by too much.

I finished Chapter 26 this weekend while enjoying a long chat with readers on The even was organized by a reader, Dhestiny, who has her own blog at Blithely Bookish (you can find it listed lower down on the right side here). I think in the end there were more than 200 posts. Of course, a lot of those were from me answering questions. But back to Breaking Point...

I had hoped to write three chapters this weekend, but it just didn’t happen. The biggest difficulty about having another job besides novel writing is that it uses up brain power and tends to push my characters out of my mind, no matter how hard I try to hold onto the prior weekend’s inspiration. So it wasn’t till Sunday morning that the chapter began to click for me.

I have about four chapters left to write — 27 through 30 — plus the mandatory epilogue. (Oh, come on! Most of you are total suckers for a poignant epilogue.) Then begins what I love the most — the editing process.

Different authors handle writing differently. Some bang out an entire draft of a book in a short period of time — a couple of weeks or a month. But I’ve been an editor too long to bang out anything. So I edit while I write, which makes the process take muuuuch loooooooooonger.

But the upside of writing the way that I write is that when I’m done, I have a fairly polished manuscript. Then my attention shifts from themes and plots and details to really finessing the story, polishing the prose, making sure every scene is how I want it. With the pressure to produce pages behind me, I find it my most creative time. Sometimes I even add, completely rewrite or revise scenes during this time. The shackles scene in Sweet Release is an example of that.

I spent some time Sunday evening trying to figure out how this book ends, and the pieces are miraculously starting to fall into place. I hope the next chapters move quickly. I don’t want to be so late with the book that I lose my July publication date.

Other book news: I got the rights to my historicals back from the original publisher, so they belong entirely to me now. You'll see the print copies disappear from stores, including online stores, and the e-books will come down, too. Right now, the sales are still going to the book's former publisher. But hopefully they'll be back relatively soon once I work out how to handle it all. It’s new to me. I’m exploring some interesting options at the moment. Sorry that they’re going to be largely unavailable for a while.

Unlawful Contact sold in Japan, and it looks like the I-Team may be on its way to China. Keep your fingers crossed!

We’re due to get our first frost tonight. This morning was windy and rainy, then the sun came out. Now the temps are dropping. The tops of the high peaks were sparsely white. Not deep snow yet, but a sign that we’re moving toward winter.

Have a great rest of your week. I hope to pop in again before the weekend.

Thanks to all of you who joined in the Goodreads chat, and thanks to Dhestiny for setting it up.


Congrats on coming to the end, Pamela! Any chance on an excerpt soon? *looks with pleading puppy-dog eyes* ;)

Zosia said...

Bloody hell (runs over to The Book Depository to order extra copies of all the historicals before they disappear...)!

Can't wait for the next book!

Sue Z said...

I hope that you will be finished or very very closed to being finished by November 11th!! (For selfish reasons of course)

I do not think that you would be able to live with someone else doing your edits. Your peeps should take that into consideration and give you a little longer to meet your deadlines. That is just my opinion.

Hugs -

Jane said...

I love epilogues. Good luck finishing the book.

Reg said...

Oh thank God, the waiting is killing me. Like literally killing me. Also, just randomly, how come you opted for a re-vamped cover? Sorry, I'm meticulous about covers in series following the same pattern. Don't get me wrong, though, it sure is nice to look at *wipes drool off chin*

Pamela, organizing the Getting to Know Pamela Clare event was such a pleasure, and I can't tell you how much we appreciated all the time you spent answering questions, giving up some sneak peeks, and just chatting it up with us. It's so nice to have spent the weekend with you, an author who is not only approachable, but outgoing and so very generous with her time, and an amazing person to boot! Thank you!!!

Debbie H said...

You've been a busy lady! I'm glad you are getting to the end and will just need to do polishing so it can be published.

I'm with Jennie, on the excerpt. Add my puppy-dog eyes too!

I'm glad you have the rights back and I'm glad I rescued all of your historicals I could find on the shelves. They are going to make some good Christmas gifts to some lucky ladies.

oklanannie said...

Count me in as a lover of the epilogues as well. Also, I'm in the same column as Sue Z in that I'm selfishly desirous of that timely run to the finish line!!!

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