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Holding On (Colorado High Country #6) —
The Colorado High Country series returns with Conrad and Kenzie's story.

A hero barely holding on…

Harrison Conrad returned to Scarlet Springs from Nepal, the sole survivor of a freak accident on Mt. Everest. Shattered and grieving for his friends, he vows never to climb again and retreats into a bottle of whiskey—until Kenzie Morgan shows up at his door with a tiny puppy asking for his help. He’s the last person in the world she should ask to foster this little furball. He’s barely capable of managing his own life right now, let alone caring for a helpless, adorable, fluffy puppy. But Conrad has always had a thing for Kenzie with her bright smile and sweet curves. One look into her pleading blue eyes, and he can’t say no.

The woman who won’t let him fall…

Kenzie Morgan’s life went to the dogs years ago. A successful search dog trainer and kennel owner, she gets her fill of adventure volunteering for the Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue Team. The only thing missing from her busy life is love. It’s not easy finding Mr. Right in a small mountain town, especially when she’s unwilling to date climbers. She long ago swore never again to fall for a guy who might one day leave her for a rock. When Conrad returns from a climbing trip haunted by the catastrophe that killed his best friend, Kenzie can see he’s hurting and wants to help. She just might have the perfect way to bring him back to the world of the living. But friendship quickly turns into something more—and now she’s risking her heart to heal his.

In ebook and soon in print!

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Seductive Musings

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I-Team Reading Challenge

Another busy week.

On Monday, I wrote a column in support of home birth and renewing the statute that enables lay midwives to practice legally in Colorado. I feel very passionate about this subject, and so I wrote too much. Go me! Fortunately, I’m the editor, so my long column magically fit, while letters to the editor was somewhat short this week. Hmmm...

On Tuesday, Benjy went back to New York for his first semester as a senior. I took Tuesday off and stayed home with him, then drove him to the airport and cried all the way home. But I’m getting used to his being gone again. He gave me the great news that he’s going to be inducted into the National Honor Society.

We had a snowstorm on Wednesday that caused an inordinate amount of traffic snarls. It took some people three and four hours to get home from the paper because traffic came to a standstill. I think we’ve had such a dry winter here at the base of the foothills that everyone has forgotten how to drive in snow. It took me two hours to get home from the office, and I rarely reached a speed higher than 10 mph — but we only got three inches of white stuff. Three inches! From the way people were driving you’d have thought there was four times that.

As one of my coworkers put it the next morning, “A clown on a unicycle could have passed me last night.”

Clearly, what we need is a major blizzard that dumps three feet in two hours. Then people will get some real practice driving in snow and stop being afraid when they see a few flakes on the roads.

Okay. Got that off my chest.

So I heard something from my editor’s assistant yesterday that might interest you... They have 10 bound galleys of Breaking Point that they’re sending my way. And that can mean only one thing.


Not only do I plan to give away lots of copies just for fun. I plan to do it in some fun ways.

First, there will be some straight giveaways. Those are easy. You post, and your name goes in the pot for a randomized drawing.

But there will also be some true contests including I-Team Trivia and the “Get Out of My TBR, Get Into My Bed” I-Team Reading Challenge.

Today marks the launch of the “Get Out of My TBR, Get Into My Bed” I-Team Reading Challenge.

This contest has two tiers.

Tier One is for I-Team virgins: If you’ve never read the I-Team or you’ve got Reece, Julian, Marc, and Gabe sitting somewhere in your dusty TBR pile and need to dig them out, this is your chance to catch up — and be rewarded with a free, signed copy of Breaking Point, Zach’s book. Hey, you know you need to lose your virginity at some point, right? Who better to lose it to than Reece, Julian, Marc and Gabe? Egads, just thinking about it that way made my heart skip a beat...

Tier Two is for I-Team veterans: You’ve read the books and fallen in love with the heroes. Maybe you’ve got a favorite hero. Maybe you helped cast the I-Team books or participated in our last round of I-Team Trivia (which was tons of fun, by the way). This is your chance to re-read the series and win your own signed ARC (advance review copy) of Breaking Point.

Here’s how you participate:

1. Sign up for the challenge by posting here and tell us which tier you’re in — virgins or vets.
2. Read or re-read the series (in order: Extreme Exposure, Hard Evidence, Unlawful Contact, Naked Edge).
3. Keep me posted on your progress. When you’re done, your name goes into the pot for a signed copy of Breaking Point.
4. Drawings for both the virgins and the vets will be held on April 15, giving you lots of time to read the book before the Spoiler Chat event, where readers and I get together in a chat room to discuss the book in detail.

Those who participate in the challenge are more likely to win at I-Team Trivia, too, so you’ll have an advantage over everyone else. Plus, you’ll have all things I-Team fresh in your mind when it comes time to read Natalie and Zach’s story. Think of it as foreplay...

Sign up below! And spread the word.

To help whet your appetite, here’s another excerpt:

From Breaking Point:

“This isn’t working!”

Zach raised his head and glanced up to where Natalie was bent over a mesquite branch, trying to rub out the car’s left tire tracks, her hair tied back, the AK she’d insisted on carrying slung over her shoulder like an ugly purse. “Put more muscle into it.”

“Easy… for you… to say.”

It was hard work, and he supposed having two X chromosomes made it tougher. Then again, none of this had been easy for her.

You’ve been hard on her, too, MacBride.

Yeah, he had been.

He’d done well enough when he’d been in chains and needed her help, but for the past few hours all he’d done was issue orders. But she wasn’t a SEAL. She wasn’t a deputy U.S. marshal, either. And she sure as hell wasn’t an enemy combatant or a fugitive. She was an innocent civilian, a young woman who’d suffered more than her share of tragedy, who’d witnessed a massacre, who’d been kidnapped and assaulted, who’d been forced to kill. She deserved his respect—and some damned human kindness, if he could manage it.

Yet, his first priority was getting her safely home again. And that meant staying focused on the objectives, which, at the moment, were evasion and escape.

Driving the Tsuru down into the arroyo had been a bitch. Zach had made Natalie get out of the car just to be safe, and for a few seconds he’d thought he was going to roll the damned thing or get stuck in the sandy, dry bottom. But the vehicle was now concealed beneath a concrete bridge, hidden from anyone who might drive by or fly overhead. Once its tire tracks were wiped out, it would take an expert in cutting sign to know they were there.

Or that was the theory, anyway.

He walked slowly backward, swishing the branch across the sandy soil as he went, careful not to fall down the steep bank as the ground became softer and less stable. He was about to warn Natalie to watch her step, when he heard her gasp. He looked up in time to see her tumbling toward him.

He reached out, stopped her fall. “You okay?”

She sat up, nodding. “I’m a little dizzy, but I’m fine.”

He took one look at her face and knew that wasn’t true. She was flushed, but she wasn’t sweating. “You’re dehydrated.”

She looked puzzled. “I’m not thirsty.”

Not good.

He’d seen men die from the heat in Afghanistan as medics struggle in vain to save their lives. He knew that dizziness and lack of thirst were not good signs.

“Let’s get you into the shade.” He drew her to her feet, slid an arm around her waist, and guided her over to the car and into the passenger seat, taking the AK from her. He propped the rifle against the car, then reached into the back seat for a bottle of water, ripped off the cap and pressed it into her hands. Too bad there were no powdered electrolytes to go with it. “Drink. A few gulps, then regular sips.”

While she drank, he touched his palm to her forehead, relieved to feel that her skin was neither clammy nor feverishly hot. She was definitely dehydrated and on her way to overheating, but she didn’t have heat stroke. Not yet.

You pushed her too hard, you dumbshit.

She looked up at him. “Were you a paramedic in your past life or something?”

“No.” He dug through the crap in the back seat for the first aid kit, then pulled out a cotton wash cloth. “But I do know a few things about first aid.”

“That’s a good skill for someone in your, um… line of work.”

“You got that right.” He would’ve loved to hear what line of work she thought he was in, but this wasn’t the time. “Quit talking, and keep drinking.”

You’re giving orders again.

He grabbed another bottle of water and dropped to his knees beside her, pouring out enough water to thoroughly wet the washcloth, then pressing it against her forehead and cheeks, hoping to bring down her core temp.

She sighed, her eyes drifting shut. “Oh, that feels good.”

A bolt of heat shot through his belly straight to his groin.

His mind knew her response hadn’t been sexual, nothing seductive intended, but his body apparently didn’t. He drew his hand back, knowing he was in trouble. But then she turned her head, exposing the side of her throat, and he couldn’t resist.

He pressed the cool cloth against that sensitive area, watched goose bumps appear on her soft skin. She sighed again, the sweet sound making his own temperature rise. Slowly, she tilted her head back to allow his hand to pass beneath her chin, then turned her face toward him, her eyes still closed, her mouth relaxed.

By the time she opened her eyes, his lips were almost touching hers. And for a single, slow heartbeat, he stayed that way, unable to speak, his mouth so close to hers that he could nearly taste her, his gaze fixed on hers.

What the… ?

He jerked back, dropped the wet washcloth in her lap, his brain searching for words. “I…You… You can probably handle this yourself.”

She looked up at him. “Thank you. For helping me.”

“I need to get back to hiding our tracks.” He stood and walked away, his abrupt retreat startling a few swallows out of the mud nests they’d built in the bridge’s life-giving shade. “Keep drinking.”

He walked back into the blazing sunshine, grabbed his mesquite branch and rubbed furiously at the tracks—which now included the soil disturbed by her fall down the embankment.

What the fuck was wrong with him?

That Zeta bastard must have shocked him one too many times, because only fried brain cells could explain what had just happened. He’d almost kissed a woman he was charged with protecting—while administering first aid, no less.

That kind of mouth-to-mouth is against the rules, and you know it.

Okay, so he hadn’t technically been assigned to protect her, which meant that the rules didn’t technically apply. In fact, her being with him was purely coincidence and had nothing to do with this case. But he did not get mixed up with women while on the job. He did not develop feelings for them, and he certainly did not get physical with them. That wasn’t marshal service policy; that was his own personal policy. And he never broke his own rules.

Maybe it was just the situation—the two of them being thrown together like this, forced to work together to stay alive, sharing the dangers of a survival situation, his being injured, her being vulnerable. He knew from his years in combat how walking that line between life and death could make two people bond. A bit of pheromone had probably gotten mixed in with all the adrenaline. Simple enough to explain.

And how many of your SEAL teammates did you try to kiss?

Ignoring that stupid question, he stood back, his gaze moving over the embankment, searching for any sign he might have missed—a shoeprint, an overturned rock, obvious swish marks. Satisfied, he walked backward under the bridge, rubbing out his footprints as he went and assuring himself that he’d done just as thorough a job of rubbing out any inappropriate impulses he might have had toward Natalie.

When he reached the car, she was sound asleep, her lashes dark on her cheeks, her lips relaxed, an empty water bottle perched in her slender fingers. A sensation of warmth spread inside his chest.

Oh, MacBride, you are in such deep shit.

He slid quietly into the driver’s seat, felt her forehead and was relieved to find it cooler. Then he settled his rifle at his side, took the empty bottle from her, and, helpless to stop himself, watched her sleep.

Sign up for the I-Team Reading Challenge by posting a comment below. And keep us all updated on your progress. Remember: The deadline to finish is April 15!


rbm said...

I'm in the first tier...have the whole series in the TBR but have not read them yet. :)

Denise said...

I'm totally in! Just finished reading the whole series about 2 weeks ago. Even got my friend hooked on them!

Tonya said...

I have read the series a few times & just finished reading it again recently. Can't wait to read BREAKING POINT!

Tonya Gentry

Welcome, RBM, you dear virgin you. I'm excited to think the books will find their way out of your TBR. Thanks for joining in! :-)

Hi, Denise — So a recent I-Team veteran. Do you have a favorite hero? And thanks for getting your friends hooked. I hope they sign up too!

Hi, Tonya — Thanks so much for posting. Another vet. :-)

So you just finished a re-read. Cool! Do you have a favorite hero?

I'm in the vet column! I'll take the challenge! I am looking forward to adding Zach to my Julian/Marc team!!

RBM You must get started! This series is a top favorite of mine! You'll enjoy it I know!

Oh, poor Zach is dead meat! Delicious excerpt. I really can't wait for this one.

laurie said...

I'm on unlawful contact. I really love the series.

Alyssa said...

Count me in for the virgin tier! I had already planned on reading this series this year, this is just incentive to move them on up. So excited to get started!!!!

Brett said...

I'm in! Second tier...looking forward to it!!!

Ronlyn said...

I believe I qualify as a vet...a few times over. LOL

Janet said...

Count me in Pamela! I'm a vet with several reads under my belt. Can't wait for Breaking Point! ~Janet

Diane W. said...

Oh, I am definitely a vet. Reese, Julian, Marc and Gabe have already de-flowered me. Many times over. Wow, my heart-rate just tripled at that visual. ;-)

And, yey, I just finished reading "Extreme Exposure" (again) two days ago. I'm actually ahead of the game. That's a first. So, count me in!!

And, WHAT a yummy excerpt!! I can't wait to get my hands on Zach!!

What a great contest idea!!

Duh! Guess that excerpt scattered my wits. I'm tier one, as I've only read Extreme Exposure and Naked Edge. Got to get my hands on the other two.

I'm in the Virgin Tier but have all the books! I am going to finally move them off that shelf--can't wait :)

Scorpio M. said...

Sign me up! The only one I haven't read yet is EXTREME EXPOSURE. I've read NAKED EDGE like 3x already, LOL!

Patty Jones said...

Tier 2 for sure!!! I usually read these day they come out. I'll pull my copies off the shelf to re-read and get in the mood for Breaking Point!!!

Megan C. said...

Oh definitely count me in! I'm with the tier two group. Can't wait to re read for a third time. :)


ClaudiGC said...

I'm in tier 2 and I loved all of them! And, if I may say so, you popped my Romantic-Suspense-cherry with Unlawful Contact! :) I first read your Historicals and loved them, so I thought why not give her other books a try, and boy, am I glad I did! :) Since them I hooked on RS as well!
Good luck with Breaking Point and I'm definitely doing a reread!

Jenn said...

Vet here! So excited for the release!!!

Alison said...

Vet here...Love the series! Can't wait to read Breaking Point!

tresa said...

Have all the books. was already going to get them out to read again , while waiting so now have added reason. Can't wait !

I'm sort of a vet, because I've read Hard Evidence & Unlawful Contact multiple times, and I've read Naked Edge, too. But I haven't read Reese's book yet. So what does that make me? Have I only gotten to third base? I don't FEEL like a virgin, lol.

Tori Minard

RitaSV said...

*sigh* This working on developing my patience muscle is exhausting. Can. Not. Wait.

Wildcat78 said...

I'm a vet and in for another reread! And thanks so much for the excerpt, cannot WAIT!!!

Kerrilyn said...

I am in the second tier i love the series.

Kriselda Marmolejo said...

I've read all of them and several times. I know the stories front and back and my favorite hero is Julian.

Rachel said...

Oooh, I'm in! I'm a veteran, definitely. Truthfully I could finish the challenge in a week, I read books during my hour long lunch breaks at work. :)

Congrats on Benjy's induction into NHS, Pamela!! And thanks so much for the additional excerpt! I already have Breaking Point preordered from my favorite independent book store, because supporting both you and the owner at the same time is completely awesome!

Wendy S. said...

Hi Pamela,

I'm a vet - just re-read Hard Evidence a week ago or so.

Marc and Julian are neck and neck for favorite hero. I can't decide between the two.

Lorie said...

Tier 2 - Just need to finish a re-read of Gabe in preperation of Zach. Looking forward to this one! - Lorie

Sonya said...

What a way to start my Sunday - an excerpt from a favourite series is the best thing when I'm in a reading slump!

Now I'm going to have to start on rereading the books.

So, I spend the day running errands and come back to find so many responses that I'll never catch up.

That's awesome! This is going to be a lot of fun. :-)

But one thing is apparent. I didn't distinguish between people who'd read only one I-Team novel and those who'd read two or three from those who've read them all.

I guess I thought that if you'd read one then you were no longer a virgin. But the idea of First Basers, Second Basers and Third Basers is intriguing. Hmmm...

I think if I make I have different groups depending on how many books a person has read it will get terribly complicated and my brain might short circuit.

So I think I'll define Tier One, the I-Team Virgins, as those who've never read a single I-Team book, and Tier Two, the I-Team Veterans, as those who've at least started the series by reading.

To make up for the fact that the latter category might have more entrants than the former, I'll balance the number of books I give to each category based on a percentage of the total who complete the challenge by the deadline.

How does that sound?

You know, when I first wrote this post, there were I-Team Virgins and I-Team Hos. And then I thought some people might not appreciate being called a "ho." And, of course, prostitution is no joking matter, not in real life.

Does anyone have a better term than Veterans. Vixens, perhaps?

Crystal, that's an interesting team you have there. Team Julian/Marc? I'm betting Zach will turn that duo into a threesome. Or something.

Hi, Jennie — Yes, Zach is in trouble in so many different ways in this book.

Laurie, I'm so glad you've made it to UNLAWFUL CONTACT. That's a very special book for me for reasons I can't tell you now without spoiling the ending. :-)

Welcome, Alyssa, you sweet, innocent virgin you! I'm so glad you're ready to dive in.

Hi, Brett — Cool! Thanks for joining in. :-)

Ronlyn, dear, sweetie, you, indeed, are a veteran. A vixen. A definite I-Team non-virgin. LOL!

Hi, Janet — Thanks so much for joining in! That's fantastic.

Hi, Diane — So you just knocked Reece out again and are primed for Julian. Wonderful! :-)

Yes, the whole idea of being deflowered by these guys holds immense appeal, doesn't it?

I'm so glad you liked the excerpt. I'm having a devil of a time finding tidbits that I can post without giving anything away.

Hi, Felicia — It's nice to have a fellow history geek joining in to read contemporaries. I recognize your profile pic. And, believe me, I'm a total history geek, too.

I hope you will enjoy losing your I-Team virginity!

Hey, Scorpio! So, do you have NAKED EDGE memorized yet? I'll be sure to e-mail you if I have questions about what happened in that story as I continue with the series. LOL!

So glad to have you aboard.

Hi, Patty — Thanks so much for participating! That's the whole idea of the re-read challenge — to get all of us in the mood for Zach and Natalie and their adventure.

Hi, Megan — You're a definite I-Team Vixen if this is your third time through the books. Thanks for joining in. :-)

Hi, Claudia — So you lost your I-Team virginity to Marc Hunter. Niiice. Was it good for you? I'm so glad you took a chance and tried the stories. It's a big jump from historicals to romantic suspense. Happy re-reading!

Hi, Jenn — So happy to have you along on this one!

Hi, Alison — Hurray! So glad you're joining in. I can't wait for BP to be out either. Truly! I have the typeset galleys right here to proofread this weekend, and I wish the book were out!

Hi, Tresa — What a pretty name! I'm so glad you'll be digging the books out and joining us. I hope you love them. And thanks!

Hi, Tori — LOL! Well, if you don't feel like a virgin, we'll take you on as a vixen. I'm so glad to have you along. :-)

Hi, Rita — Aw! Sorry to make it more difficult. Patience is an important virtue, however. LOL!

Hi, Wildcat — I'm so glad you're with us. And you're welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

Hi, Kerrilyn — Thanks for joining in. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the series. That's wonderful to hear.

Hi, Kriselda — Excellent! Another living I-Team encyclopedia for those days when I can't remember the details. And there are those days, believe me. :-)

I'm so happy to have you with us!

Hi, Rachel — What a nice way to escape the workday — an hour of reading for lunch.

And thanks so much for preordering the book from an indy bookstore. Supporting independent booksellers is a cause near to my heart. YOU are completely awesome. :-)

Thanks, too, for your kind words about Benjy. I'm crazy proud of him.

Hi, Wendy — I'm glad you got to spend some time with Julian. Could be that Zach breaks that tie between the two of them and takes first place. We'll have to see, won't we? Thanks for joining in!

Hi, Lorie — Another vixen. YAY! Hope you enjoyed Gabe again. ;-)

Hi, Sonya — Wild to think it's Sunday where you are. It's like hearing from the future or something. I'm so glad to know you enjoyed the excerpt. Reading slumps are no fun! Have a lovely day, and thanks for joining in!

Aly said...

I am so a Vet --- TEAM REECE! No matter what Ronlyn and those other people say....

TJ9390 said...

I am I total I-Team vet! I re-read the whole series (even Lissy and Will's story =D) once a year in preparation for your next instalment. I'm off on my first cruise in 2 weeks and have tucked Marc and Sophie in amongst my holiday reads. I needed a tried and true favorite while i sail across the Pacific. May cannot come soon enough for me.

Tiffany x

Hi hi! I'm in the second tier! I started the I-Team series in a weird order. My first book was Julian's story then I was on to Reece then Marc and now, I'm waiting patiently for Zach's story. I'm a little biased with Julian since he's my first ;o) and I'm so team Julian for that reason! So, I'm going to read the I-Team in its proper order :oD Mei Ling

Di P said...

Hey Pamela
I'm a veteran and need NO excuse to reaquaint myself with Julian, who I think has ruined me for any other. I can feel the heat in my face already!
The excerpt was great. Can't wait for it's release.
Regards Di

CMD said...

Absolutely a virgin, but I'm in the process of remedying that-- currently on the Kindle version of Extreme Exposure and soon moving on to the others (I'm a really fast reader, haha). Yes, I know, I'm way behind the times, but I'm a poor little science graduate student with two really expensive hobbies (gourmet chocolate and scuba diving) and a laughable stipend, so I rely mostly on Christmas/birthday/etc. Amazon gift cards to feed my reading addiction.

Loving the series & characters so far, and looking forward to Breaking Point. I'll probably have read the entire series several times over by May 3rd :)

I'm a vet, but I read the books in reverse order (starting with Naked Edge when it came out) and have been meaning to reread this year anyway, so I'm in!

Rachel said...

I am on Tier Two....I love this series and can't pick a favorite...well maybe Julian or Marc!
I have read the series quite a few times since September! I can't stop...

Mary G said...

Hi Pamela
I'm definitely a vet - Team Marc/Gabe and after reading that excerpt I'm going to have to have a threesome LOL. I've read them all, some parts many times. They are awesome every time.

Woot! I'm a vet.

I've read them all, and even got my husband to read them and as a result, life in the bedroom is a whole lot more interesting these days!

I'm team Reece, Julian, Marc, Gabe and Zack: AKA, Team All You Can Eat Buffet.

I am a Vet for sure. Naked Edge & Gabe all the way !
Zack may just give Gabe a run for 1st place tho.
Thanks for the countdown clock for Breaking Point. (If only it would make the wait go faster) : )

Megan said...

I'm in!

I for sure a vet, actually just reread a couple. But I certainly don't mind reading them again. Absolutely cannot wait for Breaking Point!

alba said...

Okay Pamela I'm a bit of both A virvet as I have read 2 out of 4 book 1&3
so I guess I better get cracking buy 2&4
My P-sister Debbie H told ( gushed) about you Must read she said.
I have the Rangers my fav's to date.
I keep you posted.

Jane said...

I think I'm a veteran, but I really need to find the books and reread them.

wavybrains said...

I'm an I-team "Virgin," but I've had the series on my TBR list for some time now as it seems like all my Goodreads friends are nuts for this series! I'll have to see if my book budget will let me get through all of them by April, but I'll certainly have fun trying.

Doreen said...

Great! I was planning on rereading the series anyway! This is perfect! Yep..I'm an I-Team Veteran! Can't wait to revisit them all again! I got some of my friends into this series too! Breaking Point is going to be awesome!

Amy said...

Count me in the Tier One I-Team Virgins challenge, please. I'm an I-Team "technical virgin" LOL; I've only read Gabe's story, but I'll be getting the rest of the books and will start at the beginning.

Reg said...

Tier two please, Pamela! I actually made my local library buy all of the I-Team novels, and I've placed an order for 'Breaking Point' as well. The library can get a hold on them faster than I can by ordering them all the way from the States (I live in Australia, mind you), so I wait less this way. I will finish by saying, MARK FOREVER!

Alyssa said...

Just wanted to report my progress - I sat down with Extreme Exposure Sat night @ 10pm to read for a couple of hours before bed, at 5am I was done. I was back up at 10:30am and started Hard Evidence which I finished last night. I am ofiicially & completely addicted to this series! I bow to your excellence Pamela :)

Kelseya said...

I am in the second tier. I can't wait for Breaking Point to come out. Just started re-reading Extreme Exposure.

Tee said...

I'll be in the I-Team veterans. My favourite hero is Gabe <3. Can't wait for this book!!!

Gabriela Batlle said...

Is this open to international readers? Because if it is I'm in! I finished reading the series last year, read them all in two weeks!
Greetings from Venezuela, now you know you have at least one fan down here!

This comment has been removed by the author.

oh i so can not wait!!! loving the little teases...

oh I guess I am a veteren on the first three books...

Respectfully a fan

Amz said...

Hi Pam, pls kindly include me in the draw. I'm a tier two - read Naked Edge, Unlawful contact and hard evidence. I also luv ur historial books: Surrender, Untamed. Your books are definitely international- Greetings from the Island of Singapore.

Heidi said...

I'm in for the challenge for the second tier. Looking forward to reading the books again - loved them the first time. Can't wait for Breaking Point.

Denise said...

How about I-Team femme fatales? I think I could handle seducing any of the I-Team men (well except for Tom!), especially Julian. Of course, I could be Marc's "Sprite," too. Too many men and so little time! Can't wait to read about Zach!

Ronlyn said...

hey Hackett! Did you hear? I'm an I-Team Vixen Vet! LOL.

And I can't pick a Team...all the guys love me. :-)

Bernadette said...

Hi Pamela! I'm a VET....just reread all the books 2 weekends ago...we had a lot of snow so it was great reading weather. I've read the first 3 books several times this was my 3rd time reading Naked Edge and yes...totally cried again! Fabulous excerpt...Zach sounds delicious ;-) Can't wait for Breaking Point!

count me in as a vet! (assuming it's not too late to join in on this challenge)

inkbella said...

I'm in the virgin tier...I have Naked edge sitting on my shelf waiting for me. My book pimp(Kristin likes fiction) told me I HAD to vist your blog and enter this contest. After reading your Breaking Point snippet I'm gonna bump NE to the top of my TBR list!

ronna15 said...

Hi Pamela! I'm hoping you still know me, cause I'm an absolute vet! In all your books. haha!! I've read them all. But yeah, I've actually just re-read NAKED EDGE & UNLAWFUL CONTACT a few weeks ago. I had the suded urge to visit Marc and Gabe. Gonna go read HARD EVIDENCE & EXTREME EXPOSURE right away! Can't wait till this comes out, I've been ready since I read an excerpt from when N.E. came out! Sign me up! ;D

oklanannie said...

I've read each and every one and loved them all! Sign me up for the challenge in the VETS corner. Go Team Julian!!!

Note: The "Alphabet" team is the best bet -- who could go wrong with any of these guys??????

Can't wait for BREAKING POINT!!

Anonymous said...

Count me as a Vet - another who didn't read Romantic Suspense until I came to the I-Team via your historicals, but so glad I did. Really looking forward to Breaking Point.

Elise said...

HI Pamela,
I'm so much behind...
i'm in the second tier of course...
Can't I just get a free copy of Breaking Point to stop me thinking about all the various, disaster-linked issues I have home???
Even if I beg???
I'll try to keep in touch...

Annelise said...

Gotta say I'm in the vet catagory.

LOVE your writing!! Just finished re reading your series and I have to say it's hard to pick just one yummy hero! If you would have asked me last week it would have been Marc Hunter but today... Gabe. lol
Can't wait for Breaking Point!

FINALLY I have a moment to get back to my blog! The newspaper always makes M-TH very busy.

Aly, you are, I think, the official Team Reece spokeswoman, are you not? LOL! And, yes, you ARE a vet. Or a vixen, whichever you prefer. :-)

Hi, Tiffany — Wow, you re-read it every year? I guess it's time, then, isn't it? How exciting for you that you're going on a cruise. I was daydreaming about one day doing just such a thing while on the torture machine at the gym yesterday. I hope you enjoy yourself — and I hope you enjoy hanging with the I-Team again.

Hi, Mei Ling — So Julian was your first, huh? I think he deflowered a lot of I-Team readers. And he's probably proud of that fact. I wonder if the books will seem different to you when you read them in order. I do put little "treats" in the story for long-term (chronic?) I-Team readers. Glad to have you with us!

Hi, Di P — Enjoy your liaison with Julian. I'm so glad you enjoyed the excerpt. I had trouble deciding what to put. I'm trying SO hard not to give anything away.

Hi, CMD — YAY! Another virgin! I know what graduate school does to a budget. I hope your family keep you in Amazon gift cards. And those are very expensive hobbies. I'm excited to hear what you think of Reece and Kara's story. Thank so much for joining us! :-)

Hi, Ms. Bookjunkie — It will be interesting to see if new nuances come out for you when you read the stories in order. Thanks so much for participating!

Hi, Rachel — So you've read the series several times since this past September?!? That's amazing. Julian or Marc, huh? Those two... I should have posted one of their scenes. I'm so happy to have you with us. :-)

Hi, MaryG — So glad to see you. A threesome with Marc, Gabe and Zach... Wow. I got all tingly. LOL! Oh, I can't wait till you get to know Zach!

Hi, Blithely Bookish — Now, that's what I love to read. My books spicing up people's sex lives in the real world. Do you know I've gotten thank-you letters from husbands? Truth. Yes, you certainly are a vet. And — do you mind if I out you here? — you've read Breaking Point, haven't you? (And Ronlyn, too, wherever she is on this post...)

Hi, Kay — Great to see you here. Team Gabe. Hurray! He does make a rather large sacrifice for the woman he loves, doesn't he? And thank all of you for keeping that secret. :-)

Hi, Megan — Another veteran. I love it! Thanks for joining in. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the stories enough to look forward to another reread. Thank you!

Hi, Ann/Alba — A virvet? That sounds like something sweet and fuzzy that evil people try to turn into fur coats. Aw! Adorable! I know you've read the Ranger series. I'll be interested to see what you think about the I-Team books. And thanks for joining in!

Hi, Jane — Good luck tome hunting. I hope you find them. I know that that's like. My book organization system is only slightly less disorganized than the average landfill. LOL! So glad to have you here!

Hi, WavyBrains — Thanks for posting. I'm happy to hear your Goodreads friends recommend the series. I hope it lives up to your expectations and their praise.

Hi, Doreen — Good to see you. I'm so happy to have you along for the ride. And thanks for recommending the series to your friends. Word of mouth is an author's best friend, truly. And I hope you enjoy BP, too!

Hi, Reg — That's great that your library can get them in. I know there's a delay sometimes getting books Down Under. Not sure why that happens. And let's see... I'm guessing you're on... Team Marc? ;-)

Alyssa! Goodness gracious! I go away for a few days, make a paper, and I come back to find you halfway through the series! Whoa. Well, I'm so happy you're enjoying them. That makes my day! Thanks for sharing your progress. And thank you for your sweet words. I try very hard to write books worth the time it takes to read them. :-)

Hi, Kelseya — Thanks so much for participating! I'm just as excited as you are for the story to come out. How are Reece and Kara treating you this time around. You know, I really adored Kara's mom. I wish I could have more of her in the series. She cracked me up.

Hi, Tee — Great to have you along. Another one for Team Gabe. He is a very popular guy. Thanks for posting! I think I recognize your name from Goodreads, so it's nice to see you here. :-)

Hi, Gabrielle — As someone who has lived abroad, I've always had all of my contests open to anyone anywhere in the world. So please feel welcome! I'm so happy to know I have a reader in Venezuela.

Hi, Chele Blades — I recognize your name, too. Thanks for participating. I'm glad you're enjoying the little teases. My sadistic side enjoys torturing all of you with wee little glimpses. :-)

Hi, AMZ — Singapore? Wonderful! I'm so glad you like the Ranger series, too. I'm starting on Connor's book in two days. Thanks so much for posting and for participating in the Reader Challenge. :-)

Hi, Heidi — I'm so glad you've enjoyed the stories. Do you have a fave hero? Thanks for joining us. I hope the stories stand up to a reread for you.

Hi, Denise — Femme fatales. That's a great idea. You know, that's the problem as the series goes on. Too many men... *sigh*

(((Ronlyn))) — I'm outing you. Yes, Ronlyn has already read Breaking Point. And she is a vet vixen also. As I told her, I was tempted to call her an I-Team ho. Let's put it this way: When I met her husband he told me Ronlyn could buy as many of my books as she wanted to buy. And I'm not making that up. :-)

Hi, Bernadette — What a great way to ride out a snowstorm — by keeping warm with I-Team heroes. We haven't had much snow here. I'm totally jealous! And given how much I cried at the ending of Naked Edge when I was writing it, I'm glad to hear it made you cry even after a reread. Thanks for joining us!

Hi, SuperStarBecca — No, it's not too late to join the challenge. I'm so glad you're with us! Another veteran. That's fantastic. :-)

Hi, Inkbella — I'm so glad Kristin persuaded you to stop by. I hope you enjoy Kat and Gabe's story. Do check back with us. And thanks for joining in!

Hi, Ronna — Of course I remember you! How are you doing these days? Funny that you were already re-reading the stories. A number of people have told me that. We've missed you around here. Nice to see you. And thanks for joining in.

Hi, Annie — So good to see you! The "alphabet team," or the "buffet" is definitely one way to resole the hero question, isn't it? I certainly wouldn't turn any of them away. LOL! I'm so happy you're participating. :-)

Hi, Lesley — That's a convoluted path to romantic suspense -- via my historicals. I'm glad you were able to bridge the gap. I think it's probably easier to go from reading historicals to reading romantic suspense then the other way around. Not everyone likes history, but we can all relate to the contemporary world. So glad you're with us!

Hi, Elise — I'm so sorry to hear you've got disasters going on at home. Quelle domage! That doesn't sound good! I hope all is well soon. And, yes, you are a vet. I can't wait to plan those hollyhock seeds, by the way. Hang in there. Good wishes are coming your way.

Hi, Annelise — You illustrate the I-Team phenomenon known scientifically as "hero switching." LOL! I'm so glad Gabe was able to oust Marc. Now we'll see what Zach does to Gabe. LOL! Thanks for participating!

OK, so that's 70 posts. And I've finally caught up. I hate to neglect responses, but that's what happens when you run a newsroom. If only fewer things would happen in the world...

Thank you all for joining in. I'll be drawing winners from among those who sign up on this particular blog post here and on Goodreads just to help me keep it all organized. But I'm not imposing a deadline. So, Lurkers, if you want to join in, just post.

As you all progress through the series, it might be fun to have some discussion days, starting with EE and working forward.

I can't wait!

Thank you all! :-)

Alyssa said...

Just wanted to stop by and tell you that I'm done reading the books. I accepted your challenge as a member of the virgin tier on Saturday and finished Naked Edge on yesterday. The ride was one of the best I have ever taken with a series and I look forward to reading it again once Breaking Point's release gets closer. Thank you Pamela for such an AMAZING series!

Hi, Alyssa — You are welcome! And thanks so much for accepting the challenge. You completely made my day. I'm so glad you enjoyed the series.

I have to say, though, that you read very fast. It took me six years to write those books, and you read them in just a handful of days. I guess I'll take that as a compliment — just like when you spend all day cooking and the food is gone in 30 minutes.

Thanks again! And you're officially in the drawing for a copy of Breaking Point for Tier One.

I'm so happy you're not longer an I-Team virgin. ;-)

ok I have re-read extreme exposure and a quarter of hard evidence...gosh I almost forgot how much I love this series....I still have to go out and look for a copy of naked edge...for my favorite series I like the print copies but i will add it to my kindle if I have to until then..

I am not sure if this is where you would like us to keep you posted or not...let me know if i made a mistake

Ronlyn said...

ha! I broke into a little sweat when you said you were outing me. Yes, yes, I-Team ho fits me too. LOL. And I have been given cart blanch to buy whatever you write. And to rent another Jag whenever the mood strikes....

Aly said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! (Or RAAAUUUULLLLLLLL for Ronlyn) Pam says that I am the official Team Reece spokeswoman! Look at me go :) Thanks Pam!!

Hi, Chele Blades — I'm so glad to hear that! That's one reason I wanted to do this. Because I wrote soooo slooooowly, my books are few and far apart, and I think readers for them and me in the meantime. *sniff*

I hope you like Naked Edge, too!

And keeping track here is just fine.

LOL, Ronlyn! What did you think I was going to reveal? Hmmm???? I almost mentioned the Jag, too, but figured I'd let you do that if you wanted to go there. LOL!

Aly, you're such a passionate advocate for Reece. I'm glad. :-)

Lady Grey said...

I just bought the first two books in the series today and happened to stumbled upon your web site. I finished reading book #4 the day you posted the contest and read #3 just two weeks before. So I think I'll read the first two and then re-read three and four. Can't wait!

ronna15 said...

I'm doing good. Reading HARD EVIDENCE now. Yeah, I've been busy, college and all, but it's fun! Can't wait for BREAKING POINT! ;D

Kelseya said...

Just finished Extreme Exposure! I love it more and more every time I read it. I just love Reece. He is just such an amazing guy, knows what he wants, and goes for it. On to Hard Evidence...

JennJ said...

Hey dear I'm late getting to my blogging but count me in! You know I'm an I-Team Veteran can't wait to revisit my favorite reporters and I have it posted on my blog now as well! :)

BIG HUGS and have a great weekend!

Sharon C said...

A great challenge!

I am definitely an I-Team Vet/Vixen ;) I looove this series & can't wait for Breaking Point. I'll be starting my re/re-read over the next few days..

:) Sharon

Kelseya said...

Just finished Hard Evidence. I really loved Julien, and the fact that he wasn't really the perfect hero, but that was what made him all the better

Alison said...

I'm about halfway through re-reading Extreme Exposure...loving it just as much as I did the first time around.

Ashley said...

Im a vet :) Read and re-read so many times!! My favorite hero has to be Mark. Coming a close second is Reece, Julian, Gabe and soon to be Zach :)

Hey Pamela,

Fellow readers have been telling me for a while now that I should read your books because they think I will love them. I had already purchased 3 of the 4 and they have been sitting in the massive TBR waiting to be read. So when I saw this challenge I thought what better time than now to read them :)

Congrats on Breaking. I am in the virgin tier and can't wait to get started!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the first tier...I am so ready to get started!!!

I just finished my reread of EXTREME EXPOSURE, and have the hots for Reece. *g*

Alison said...

Hi All!

I just finished re-reading Hard Evidence. Loved this book just as much as I did the first time!

inkbella said...

Ok I only had NE when this conested was posted but I went out and got HE and UC too(the book store didn't have EE).Started reading HE last night... I fell asleep with Darcangelo in my arms!! To me that is the best sign of a great book, prolonging sleep until it consumes me. I love the first few paragraphs with Tessa and her love for coffee immediately I love her. Then tragedy strikes, mister dark and mysterious enters...then the kiss that wasn't a kiss & the kiss that sure as hell was one! I'm loving this book Pamela! Loved the cabin scene and description of the Rockies I used to live in the Canadian Rockies and it made me home sick for the snow peaked towers. I have a feeling I will get little done today around the house.LOL. not wanting to put this book down! My book anaconda(bookworm just doesn't cut it) is very happy!

inkbella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
inkbella said...

WOW Pamela I finshed HE! I really love the way you write! my life is crazy I have four kiddos(ages 11-4), I look to books for escapism and you deliver! & transport me into the book! I love a book that can make me LOL and drool and you definitely made this happen in HE! Off I go to read UC... ;)

Sorry I'm behind in responding. I will be catching up soon!

Thanks so much for the updates. I've read them all, but I'm slammed at the paper.

Inkbella, I love your descriptions of those kisses in HE!

Hopefully we'll have some blog fun tomorrow. :-)

inkbella said...

Just finished UC! wow I didn't think you could top Darcangelo, but Marc Hunter is an amazing man. That story was written amazingly! I'm loving these books Pamela. I love the connections in the epilogues, the men together fixing up the house, painted a very nice picture for me that's for sure and the celebration at the end of UC Marc getting his car back made me snot sob in such a good way. I also love how you write HOT romance with very serious situations in todays world...not just sugar coating the situations but telling them for what they are ugly. Ok so now I have NE to read (EE too but I can't seem to find it anywhere without paying an arm & a leg for shipping but something tells me it will be worth it). I thought I'd have no problem making them last til Breaking Point is released but I'm gobbling these books up and I'm gonna be sitting with baited breathe for Zach & Natalie

I am in the first tier, heading over to Amazon to buy them for my Kindle now!! can't wait!!! I also live in Colorado (Colorado Springs) and though the temperatures are finally rising I am going to lay around all week-end and read your exciting books!!! Sheila Schwartz

Hi, Sheila — Welcome! You're just down I-25 from me. Another Colorado girl. YAY!

Enjoy your Kindle, and thanks for joining us!

Hi, Inkbella — I'm so glad you liked UNLAWFUL CONTACT. I'm glad you cried, because I bawled like a baby from the "really bad scene" through the epilogue when I was writing it.

As for the serious topics, all I can say that I've seen a lot of things as an investigative reporter that other people don't see, and this gives me an outlet for that. I'm probably the only RS author who has seen a teenager with his head shot off or who knows what happens to human brains when they dry. Gruesome? Yes. And although some people don't think that belongs in a romance, I like to start with the world I know and then transform it, rather than starting in a fantasy world I can't relate to. Does that make sense?

I hope you can find a copy of EE somewhere.

I just saw how many posts are here. I am SO behind!!!

Hi, Lady Grey — Great timing! It will be interesting to see what you think of those books after reading the others. I'm so glad you found the website in time to join us!

Hi, Ronna — You know, you were 15 when you started posting here. Time has flown! I hope college is treating you well. And HARD EVIDENCE, too! :-)

Hi, Kelseya — I'm so glad the stories are standing up to multiple reads. How many times have you read them?!?

I think one thing that makes Julian so popular is the fact that he is flawed but in a heartbreaking way, not in a "you're such a pig" kind of way. (Even though he can act like a jerk.)

Hi, Alison — I'm so glad you're enjoying the reread of Extreme Exposure. That's what my current blog post is all about today.

Hi, Ashley — Thanks for joining in. Another satisfied Team Marc member.

Hi, Jenn J — So great to have you here. And thanks so much. You're a sweetheart! XO

Hi, Sharon — Let's hear it for the vets/vixens. Were you able to start a re-read? Do you have a favorite book?

Hi, Booklover1335 — And welcome!

I'm so glad you've dug the books out of your TBR! Can't wait to hear what you think.

One reason I thought of doing this challenge was just seeing on Goodreads how many readers actually already had the books in their TBRs but hadn't read them yet. I'm so glad you decided to move them up.

I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for joining in the challenge!

Hi, dlynnpen — Another virgin! We just love virgins here. :-)

Thanks for joining in. Can't wait to hear what you think of the stories.

Hey, Ms. Bookjunkie — Congrats on the reread of EXTREME EXPOSURE. I know what you mean about Reece. He is sort of my idea of the perfect man. So naturally I have the hots for him, too. :-)

Inkbella — Your post about HARD EVIDENCE was the bright spot to a cruddy day. I meant to post a response, but I couldn't get to it.

I love the way you described it:

"Then tragedy strikes, mister dark and mysterious enters...then the kiss that wasn't a kiss & the kiss that sure as hell was one!"

And the "book anaconda" comment made me laugh aloud.

You've got your hands full with little ones of those ages. I'm glad you're getting some time for yourself.

I only had two boys (three years apart), but they kept me busy!

BMCoulter said...

I'm definately a VET. Julian is my all time favorite character with Marc in very close followup. REally, what is sexier than a cop/military man, especially fighting not to fall in love? I have have read all the I-team books several times over and it usually takes me a day or so, so i have to move to another book just to refresh - but i always come back. I have so many parts of those books commited to memory, out of the blue i will recall a complete conversation and event. You Rock! Pamela. Keep up the GREAT work. :-)

Sunnymay said...

Yep. Have to admit I'm a book virgin, at least for this series. I'm writing down the titles and going to hunt them down. I've never been in a read-in, but it'll be fun with the Lake Effect Snow and weather breaking into the 30's tomorrow, so a slushy day ahead.

inkbella said...

Finished NE!! I'm telling you I LOVE this series and by the time April 15 rolls around I will be a vet, definitely going to reread them over again right away. I've never been one for the fairytale type love stories but I was rooting for Kat and Gabe all the way. LOVED the epilogue!! oh and good news I totally had a brain fart and forgot about so I was able to get EE and with some other books too I got free shipping! so excited to read how this series got started. I have one question about Matt in NE maybe I read to fast but is he ok? did he get over his guilt? I can only imagine this would be the biggest downside of being a reporter, people do dumb things and when they caught they can't handle being outed especially in a public manner. It's a reporters job to uncover the truth. It's a human's job to be good and follow the "rules". of course if we all followed the "rules" most reporters would be out of a job. it's no ones fault but your own if you get caught doing something you shouldn't. This is why I always try to do the right thing....the truth always comes out in the end!

inkbella said...

Alright just finished EE! Such a great story! I'm fairly new to human romance, My thing is paranormal romance...I use my books to escape my life and I'm happily committed to my man with 4 kids don't really want to read about women who want the picket fences kwim...that being said I love the way you write human romance, not weak women searching for a man to pick them up and carry them off...just the opposite your heroines are strong before their hero comes along and rather than him rescuing her they rescue each other. Even Kat who wants the fairytale(which is fine)won't settle, a very hard thing to do for sure.I also love the suspense in each book not just mushy love stories.
Being that I read all the other books first I only caught glimpses of Reece...Man was I missing out. Reece is an amazing man. I loved the scene with him and Connor making dinner for Kara. Lily was a hoot. Now that I've finished at the beginning I think I have to read through them all again...see what I mean I'll totally be a vet by April 15th ;) I'm with vets now and really can't wait for Zach's book now....

Inkbella, I'm so happy to hear that! I would imagine that switching from supernatural and paranormal creatures to human ones could feel like a disappointment. But I try to make the stories about something more than romance, and I try to make the emotions very real and the characters worth reading about.

I'm so happy to know you're a vet!

How is everyone else doing?!?

landipan said...

I'm in the vet teir! I've read all four books before,a few of them 2 or 3 times already,But I'm looking foward to read them all over again!

I finally finished them all last night. I thought I was done at the end of March, until the ITeam trivia when I found about about Heaven Can't Wait, which I loved. Yes, it was different from the others, but I really liked the straight contemporary romance aspect of it. I hope you one day write more of them...maybe for Holly?

If you've completed the I-Team Reading Challenge, CONGRATULATIONS! Today is the deadline.

If you've completed it, please look at my current blog post and sign up for the final roll call.

I will be drawing names for prizes from that list. Here's the link:

Or just go to my blog.

Only 17 days until you get to read Zach's story. :-)

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