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Saturday, April 02, 2011

BREAKING POINT Trailer — the 30-day countdown begins!

And so it begins — the 30-day countdown to the release of my 10th novel, the fifth book in my I-Team series — Breaking Point. I never set out to write romantic suspense, but once I started, the project took on a life of its own. What began as an idea in my agent’s head — I had only ever read or written historical romance — has turned into a series that had been called the new gold standard in romantic suspense (and not by me).

Welcome to a month-long festival of trivia, games, interviews, prizes and giveaways!

Coming this week
Monday: MTM — The Return of The Jed
Wednesday: I-Team Trivia
Friday: I-Team Trivia answers — Prizes
Saturday: I-Team Reading Challenge final push check-in

Coming next week:
Monday: MTM — Men of the military
Wednesday: An interview with the I-Team heroes
Friday: I-Team Reading Challenge comes to a close — Prizes!!!

We kick off the celebration with the world premiere of the trailer for Breaking Point. So put on your glitziest gown, borrow some bling, and take a walk down the virtual red carpet for a sneak peek at Natalie and Zach’s story!

Thanks to Jenn J. of Sapphire Dreams for putting the trailer together for me. I really appreciate her help. Please support the release of the book by sharing the trailer with friends!

Please “Like” it, tweet it, share it with your readers groups, and put it on your own blog. And keep track of the number of times you share it! Each time you share, your name goes into a pool for a prize. The more sharing, the higher the odds get in your favor. The winner gets a signed copy of Breaking Point, a $25 gift card and a personal phone call from me.

Let the insanity begin!


Christina said...

i am so looking forward to this book! That trailer was cool too =)

can't wait till it come out!

Tonya said...

I am so thankful for the idea in your agent's head! I love your historical books but the I-TEAM series books are by far the best romantic suspense books ever. I read a lot of books, 5-6 a week, & I haven't found one yet that beats the I-TEAM series. I-TEAM bumped Lora Leigh's SEALS & ELITE OPS series to my 2nd favorite! I always tell people if they like Lora Leigh's SEALS & ELITE OPS, they will like the I-TEAM series!

Unfortunately, I live in the boonies & only dial-up internet service is available so I'm not able to watch videos but when I go to my mama's in a little while, I will definitely watch it.

I'm not sure I'll be able to stand all this excitement. Along with BREAKING POINT coming out (and it alone is enough excitement), Lori Foster's new series & Madeline Hunter's DANGEROUS IN DIAMONDS are all being released end of April & beginning of May. The anticipation will keep me up at night like a kid on Christmas Eve! lol

I can't wait for next week! I just finished Naked Edge and I think it is true...your I Team series IS the golden standard for romantic suspense. It is the perfect blend of romance and suspense with a great story and characters to go along with it.
I also love that we get to revisit past characters, but they don't distract from the new hero and heroines story, but make the sense of friendship and family stronger.

I'm going to put the trailer up on Monday as my new tempting trailer for the week! So exciting :)

Ronlyn said...

I hope everyone paid attention while reading because I'm putting together the match the quotes and man...they're TOUGH!

Thank you, Ronlyn! Bless you! And thanks to Stef, Sue Z., my sister Michelle and Dhes for trivia help. Truly, I'm too busy right now to do any of this and without them, we would bit just sitting here watching the minutes tick by.

THANK YOU to my dear friends for your help!!!

And thanks to everyone for your sharing my excitement!

Hi, Christina — I'm so glad you're excited for the book, and I'm glad you enjoyed the trailer. :-)

Hi, Tonya — Goodness! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I can't tell you what it means to me that you enjoy the I-Team that much. I hope you're able to watch the trailer soon.

It sounds like the end of April and beginning of May are going to be great reading time for you. I love having books to look forward to.

Hi, Booklover — Thanks so much for posting the trailer next week. And thank you for your kind words. I remember when I started writing EXTREME EXPOSURE, I was so concerned about being able to balance the romance and suspense and make both interesting and in-depth enough to be worth reading. And I still concentrate on that when I'm putting a story together.

I LOVE bringing the previous heroes and heroines back because I miss them. :-)

landipan said...

Love the trailor! Can't wait for all the fun activities next week!

Golden standard is the perfect way to describe your I-team series! I really doubt any other romantic suspense book can live up to these stories and characters.They're the kind of books that you can just read cover to cover and then read it all over again immediately with just as much excitement as the first time, Which I have done many times with almost all your books!

Mary G said...

Awesome trailer!! A month to go - so exciting.

j3nny said...

I am super excited for Breaking Point! I can't believe it's going to be out in a month. I remember last year after Naked Edge and I thought to myself "May is soooooo far away."

I'll be re-reading the books so I'll be ready for the trivia. I'm also excited because I was able to bid (and win!) on that auction of I-Team books for Fatin! From the looks of it, I think Operation Auction was a success. The romance community is truly amazing.

Thank you so much, Landipan! I'm so happy you feel that way.

And, no, it's not too late to join in the I-Team Reading Challenge. You just have to read fast! The deadline to complete it is April 15.

Hi, Mary G — Thanks so much!

J3nny, thank you so much for bidding on the books, and CONGRATS on winning! I'll be mailing them all to you as soon as I have my author copies for BREAKING POINT. Or, if you want, I can mail the first four and then send BREAKING POINT later. Thanks again!

I feel so good about being part of a community that supports its own. I know there's nothing we can do that can take this tragedy away from Fatin, but hopefully we can make the days that come a little easier for her and her kids. SO SAD!

Thanks for contributing!

j3nny said...

Hi Pam, I don't mind waiting till you receive Breaking Point. I think it'll be easier that way; you won't have to make two trips! :)

Kaetrin said...

Well, I've posted a link on Twitter (Kaetrin67) on my facebook page and on my blog. Good luck with the new release Pamela! And, may I say, EXCELLENT COVER!! :)

oklanannie said...

Looking forward to celebrating the countdown and the release of "Breaking Point" with you, Pamela. I can't wait to get my hands on Jed -- uh, oops, I mean the book. It's been so much fun revisiting all the I-Team books and the wonderful cast of characters.

Great trailer! I always love them -- adds to the anticipation.

Rach said...

I've read the first in the MacKinnon series, but after watching the trailer and following the hype for release (and drooling over Jed..) I decided I better read the first 4 I-team books so that I'm all caught up for May 3! I posted a link to the trailer on my facebook page as well as at the Sassy Girls' Book Club fb page. :)

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