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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I-Team Reading Challenge — Final Roll Call

We’re down to the last 24 hours of the I-Team Reading Challenge. So now I have to ask...

Was it good for you?

I had a lot of fun meeting new readers who’d hadn’t yet read the books — and just as much fun chatting about the books for those of you who were reading the series for the second or third or fourth time. Sixth time?!? Yes, there were a few of those, too.

As an author, of course, I can only feel delighted that someone enjoyed one of my stories enough to read it again and again.

One of the things that I discovered doing the I-Team Trivia was how many of you didn’t know about “Heaven Can’t Wait,” my one and only novella, which happens to be an I-Team story. I’m so happy that more of you discovered it and took time to read the story, because it was terribly fun to write. But some of you had read it, and you included it in your re-read.

Now it’s time for the final roll call.

I know a lot of you already commented and or updated me all along, but things are so completely crazy both at work and with my writing right now that it would make things much easier on me to have you all here in one place.

So IF you completed the I-Team Reading Challenge, please comment below to be eligible for a signed copy of Breaking Point. Feel free to share your feelings about the series, your favorite story moments, your favorite characters. And, yes, definitely tell me what team you’re on — Team Reece, Team Julian, Team Marc, Team Gabe or Team RJMGZ.

Also, please tell me whether this was your first reading of the series or whether this was an I-Team re-read. Virgins and vixens. Which are you? I’ll do a separate drawing for each category.

The deadline to complete the challenge was/is Friday, April 15. I’ll draw names for signed books over the weekend. How many copies I give away will depend on how many readers are in each category.

If you’re reading this on Goodreads, please pop over to my blog at to comment for your chance to win.

My author copies of the book have arrived, and they are so delicious! I can’t seem to put them down. I think they look better in person than they do in the .jpg. I give the credit to Jed Hill and his amazing body. As I said in a FB post and a tweet, I slept with Jed Hill last night. OK, so it was just the image of him on my book. But still... what a sight to wake up to!

I’ve already ordered a second case of books because so many copies have already been claimed. Those of you who donated to International Midwife Assistance will get yours first. They’re already signed the packaged and are going into tomorrow’s (Thursday's) mail. I-Team Trivia winners are next, along with my home team — those of you who spent long hours with me as I recovered from surgery and did my darned best to finish this book on time.

On a different note, I may have to scale back my crazy plans for this blog a bit. I had hoped to have a month of festivities leading up to the release of Breaking Point, but between trying to heal my neck, trying to get enough sleep, and keeping up with work at the paper and Connor’s book, I just don’t have time. My priorities right now have to be my health and also finishing Connor’s book on time. I hate to think that might cut back on our fun and give Breaking Point less exposure than it deserves. But that’s how it goes.

So what do I have in store for you?

I hope to post an interview with the U.S. Marshal who answered all my questions for this book. I also hope to do an interview with the I-Team heroes. If we can work in a Match the Hero to the Quote, we’ll do that, too. I might toss an excerpt in for good measure.

It’s awards season in the journalism world, and Friday night I’m going to be getting a huge award that I can’t really talk about yet because it hasn’t been announced. But you can bet I’ll fill you in this weekend. One of my co-workers at the paper is having a dinner party to celebrate the award tomorrow (Thursday) night — a pre-party, I guess you could call it. Then Friday night is the awards ceremony in Denver. My parents will be there, together with my older son and the reporting staff of the two papers where I’ve been editor. It’s going to be an incredibly special night for me. I’ll share as much of it with you as I can.

So back to today’s topic: The “Get Out of My TBR, Get Into My Bed” I-Team Reading Challenge.

Sound off below, and don’t hold back!


Jane said...

Congrats on the award, Pamela. Can't wait to hear more about it. I am an I-Team vixen and am currently on Team Marc. After I meet Zach, I might be changing affiliations. Books don't usually make me cry, but I cried at the end of EE when the adoption came through. I heart Connor. Take care of yourself.

I was an I-Team virgin...but no more!

I thought I might be able to choose which team I was on, but when it came down to it I just couldn't so I'm on Team RJMGZ & W (can't forget Will b/c he was yummy too!) If I had to choose a favorite book....I guess it would be Extreme Exposure since it was my first, that and because while being Alpha, Reece was a different sort of hero than you normally get in RS, and I liked that.

Congrats on the award! (and for getting to sleep with Jed) And don't worry about being at the blog less. Those who visit here and on Facebook are not likely to forget when Breaking Point releases and will do our best to share the love with as many people as we can. Work, family, & your health definitely should come first!

Ronlyn said...

I'm so thrilled for your award Pamela! I know you've been crazy busy, so anything we [I] can do to help, just give a shout.

Congrats ahead of time & I am green with envy for having you getting Jed in Bed before me...and take care of yourself & Connor too first & foremost...we all know zac will be in our bed May 3rd or shortly thereafter

I am definately a Vixen & Team RWJMGZ. You make all those heros come to life that i look down my block constantly trying to find one...but to no avail!!

Please take care of yourself (but have fun with winning the award) so you can continue these great stories...

believe me I think all your I-team Vixens & now Virgins are wild enough to get the message out about Zac...And i enjoyed myself greatly with the Quiz!!!

I fell in love with the Kenleighs then I-team then the MacKinnon's so I am again waiting patiently for Connor

Respectfully a fan

Tonya said...

Congratulations on the award! Take care of yourself. We need you healthy so you can keep writing amazing books! Seriously, your health comes first. Your readers will understand that.

I've told you before that the I-Team series is the best series ever. I am Team Marc but it's hard to pick one. I certainly wouldn't turn down an invitation from any of them! ;-)

I am an I-Team vixen but I have no idea how many times I've read the books. I've read UC the most b/c I had it first & it's my favorite. I've bought the books a few times b/c I let friends borrow them & never got them back. That's okay though. Everyone needs their own copies to keep!

After your post about getting BP in the mail, I dreamed I got a copy of BP in the mail and when I opened it, all the pages were blank! Talk about being pissed off! I guess it was more a nightmare than a dream.

I did read a Harlequin Blaze book one time that the pages started over from the beginning when I got about 30 pages from the end. I had to buy another one so I could read the end.

I am counting down the days to BP! My husband coaches my son's little league baseball team & I told him to make sure that he didn't have a game scheduled that day. LOL I wouldn't want to stop reading to go to the game!

I hope you feel better soon & congrats again on the award. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Diane W. said...

Huge congrats on the HUGE SPJ award!!!! You're not nearly old enough for that that means you are GOOD, sista!!!

And of course I'm an alphabet team vixen...just can't make myself choose.

Hope your neck is feeling much better very soon!!

ahz1 said...

I was an I-Team virgin. I really enjoyed the series and the men were absolutely yummy. Looking forward to reading Breaking Point when it comes out.

inkbella said...

Congrats on the award Pamela!!!
I was an I-team virgin. I was pimped by Kristin to read them a while back but never got round to it then she told me about the challenge. I read the blurb for Breaking Point and was hooked! I had to find out about this I-team. I read the whole series in the month of February and I have read HE & UC another time round. I love your books they make me laugh,cry and MOAN!!! What I also love about you books is the suspense and the realism. I am team Darc-Hunter!! those are some heroes I could play damsel in distress for ;) Don't enter me in the contest as I just won I-team trivia but I wanted to let you know I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!! Soo can't wait for Zach and Natalie story!! can't wait for the I-Team heroes interviews and all other goodies you've got in store for us. I'm sorry to hear your neck is giving you such troubles. rest up and take of yourself Pamela!!

Ronlyn said...

Inkbella! I'm so impressed that you were a virgin and won the whole she-bang! Way to go!

landipan said...

I am definitely an I-Team Vixen at this point,I think I've read the entire series at least three times and probably a few of the books four times by themselves.I'm not sure which team I am though,It's so tough to choose! I'm gonna go with Team RJMGZ! But if I had to choose just one book out all of them I suppose....Extreme Exposure.Reese and Kara just really do it for me,I love them,Reese was just always something special to me! Kat and Gabe may be second.....Or maybe Tessa and, maybe Sophie and Marc...Oh, I dunno!

Remember,you gotta take care of yourself first and foremost! It's the most important thing!...Also Conners book

And again,A huge congrats on your reward!

Ronlyn said...

oh, I realized I never answered the question: for those that don't know, I'm an I-Team Ho. *snicker*

ClaudiGC said...

I'm an I-Team vixen and very proud of it! I don't know how many times I've read the whole series and I'm definitely on Team Marc! Oh my, I adore Unlawful Contact. *swoon* Marc actually popped my Romantic Suspense cherry and I was so glad it was him. ;) Though, I could be easily persuaded to join Team Gabe as well, he is one fine hero, too. :)
Take care and don't overexert yourself!

Scorpio M. said...

I guess I lean more towards I-Team Virgin than Vixen. I only discovered this series last year. I read EE for this challenge and re-read HE, UC, NE & the novella.

I'm loyal to Team Gabe. He was my first so I'll stick with him. Plus, as Pamela knows...NE is my favorite! I also have a soft spot for Will from Heaven Can Wait. He's a sweetie. :)

Congrats on the journalism front. Sounds like a great weekend ahead.

I am an I-Team vixen.

I could never chose a team they are all just too wonderful.

inkbella said...

Ha ha ha Thanks Ronlyn It probably worked to my advantage that everything was so fresh in my head!! it was so much fun ;)

Hey, everyone! Keep the roll call going. I was in meetings, then was a guest lecturer at the university, and now I'm catching up with journalist work.

Love you all!

CMD said...

Congrats on the award!

Whenever it was that this whole thing started, I was most definitely an I-Team virgin. I'd had the series on my TBR list, recommended by various people over time, but faced the small problem of where the hell I was going to put the books in my little postgraduate student cubicle/excuse for a flat (scuba gear takes up a lot of room... and my room smells like neoprene; it's tragic).

Enter the Kindle, a series of Amazon gift cards for the holidays (because we postgrads don't get paid much, and I have expensive habits... as in regular scuba diving & gear, not drugs :-P), and the BP blurb, and voila-- I-Team virgin no more! Combine the fact that I'm a fast reader & a compulsive one, and it took me about a week & a half to get through all 4 books (& the novella)... would've been about 4 days, but, sadly, I had to show up to lab lest my adviser decide that I should be a postgrad no more. I've read them a few times since, so does that make me a ho now? I've always wanted to be a ho... we scientists-in-the-making so rarely get to! :P

Since no one else probably will, I have to fly the flag for Team Reece (and Gabe, who is really quite lovely once he stops being a wanker). I guess, technically, it's Team Kara/Reece & Kat/Gabe, since to me the heroine is just as important as the hero. I always feel like I want to slap Tessa & Sophie upside the head sometimes, so poor Julian & Marc fall to the bottom of the hierarchy. I'm predisposed to be Team Zach based solely on the fact that the cover sports a dirt-covered Jed Hill, who is the subject of my dissertation ("Ogling Obliques: The Quest for Abstastic Perfection"-- coming soon to a scientific journal near you) for the Ph.D. Programme in Male Hotness. My allegiances can be swayed by fit blokes :)

(P.S. Since I already won a book in the trivia challenge--dirt-covered Jed Hill in the [sort-of] flesh!-- I'm just here to show Reece some love. Because he was my first, and you know what they say about first times...)

Doreen said...

I am a total I-Team Vixen. I've read each book several times but Naked Edge is the winner with 4 re-reads.I know Gabe was a very bad boy at first but he just got to me! When he cut the ropes to fall to his death...sigh! I was screaming "Don't do it Gabe!" My husband thought I was nuts! LOL!
Pamela...I hope you're recovering and feeling better. Take care of yourself and Connor too!

Wendy said...

Re-read complete! ... For awhile. It won't be long before I pick these up again.

Team Julian/Marc! Take the backseat Reece and Gabe.

Vixen Wendy

Lorie said...

I've finished the re-read and at this point, I'd say Team Marc, but I'm really looking forward to Zach, so you never know...

Congratulations on your award! Enjoy having your family with you and your party!

Definitely look after your health first. That way we're sure to have continued good stuff coming from you. Look after yourself ...

Amy said...

Congrats on the award, Pamela!

Was a I-Team technical virgin. Went through the series for the first time, but read through Naked Edge three times already! That one is my favorite so far.

I am definitely Team RJMGZ. Every time I read a new I-Team novel, I fall in love with the hero. As for my favorite heroine, that would be Kat. I really liked her personality.

Alison said...

Congrats on the award! I loved the I-team challenge, it was so fun to re-read your books! I can't wait to meet Zach!

Heidi said...

I am an I-Team vixen and when not currently reading any of the books I consider myself Team Marc. However, I sway when reading a particular book.

When I first heard about your books I decided to give the first one a try. I loved it so much I had finished the other two within the next three days. Then I had to wait for Naked Edge.

So looking forward to Breaking Point.

Rachel said...

I finished! It's reeeeally hard to pick but I'd have to say I'm Team Julian, though of course I love them all! I'm definitely a vixen, I've had to repurchase copies of Hard Evidence and Unlawful Contact just because I read them so much.

Congratulations on the award!! I can't wait to hear more details so I can give you some proper cheering!

Mary G said...

Congrats on the award!
Thanks for the reminiscing on the I-team series. I have a few fave series but this one is beyond special. Although I've always been a Team Marc/Gabe girl, I know that I'll be adding Zach to that. If it came right down to really deciding it would be Team RJMGZ!! LOL.
Tnanks for writing such an amazing series.

Mary G said...

I forgot to say don't enter me. I'm in the first wave of those who donated to International Midwife Assistance (hopefully).

tresa said...

Hard evidence totally !!! Julian is my fav.! re-read at least 4 times.waiting impatiently for BP

I know there are a lot of people who participated in the challenge who haven't checked in here...

If you have a friend who did the challenge, can you urge them to represent? Thanks!

I'd like to hand out some BOOKS! :-)

Mary G, your book should be there soon. I mailed it Thursday.

And thanks for your donation to International Midwife Assistance. I really appreciate that!

Alyssa said...

I was an I-Team virgin but I completed the challenge! Your series rocketed to the top of my all- time favorites list. Such a wonderful series and I'm a proud card carrying member of Team RJMGZ!

I completed the challenge!!! Vixen. Thought I missed the deadline to check in, but just in case I didn't...count me in :)

Can't wait for Breaking Point! You have a gift. I love reading and re-reading your books. I love your heroines, first and foremost. But your heroes-- man, they stay with me. It's hard to narrow down, but I think I am team Marc. I just adore him. Can't wait to see if Zach unseats him though!

And congrats on your award!

Bethany said...

I was an I-team virgin when the challenge began and hadn't read anything by you, so this was a great challenge. I read all four books over two amazing weeks, and I've since re-read Naked Edge 2 more times. Is it any wonder I'm on team Gabe? But I have a feeling I might be on team Zac too! I would love, love, love to win a copy as I've been entering all the giveaways hoping for one! I didn't know about the novella! I'm buying that tonight! (Your publisher should be LOVING this challenge even if my book budget is crying for mercy!)

cgcook64 said...

Not sure if I'm too late,I was fighting a cold all week,but here I am just in case! My pal Landin reminded me to do this real quick!

I think I may be a I-Team Virgin,I started the series a few months ago(After Landi' bugged me for weeks about it lol so glad she did!) and finished Naked Edge several weeks ago but I wasn't aware of the re-read challenge until A couple weeks ago.

My fav book is definitely Naked Edge,the scene at the end had me in tears! I absolutely love Gabe and Kat,so def Team Gabe, they're both such wonderful amazing characters and I really learned alot of Indian culture in this book which was fun!

Scorpio M. said...

I recommended the I-Team series to my coworker, Marie, and she loved it. She completed the challenge. Team Julian for her. I know she meant to comment, hopefully she'll stop by ...if she wins, I get to read BP first, LOL!

Ashley said...

Love this series and loved this challenge!! The upcoming release could not get here faster!! Reading again about the guys and their ladies!!

Congrats on the awards!!!

ronna15 said...

Oh no, I'm late. Well, i'll try anyway. I've finnished it all like weeks ago. And as always, I just love it all!! Especially Marc . . . and Julian . . . and Reece . . . Gabe. I love 'em all! Even Will! Yes, I have also read Will and Lissy's story! :) Can't wait to add Zach and Natalie! Congrats by the way Pamela! :)


You're not too late, Ronna. I just want to get all of you who participated on here. I can't seem to reach everyone.

I'm glad you made it! I'll do the drawing Tuesday night. Anyone who finished by April 15 is welcome to be a part of that.

And thank you!


Ronna and AHZ1 — I don't think you've seen the blog entry from a couple days ago where you were prize winners...

Yes, that's right!

I don't have your addresses yet, so I'm guessing you haven't seen.

Please email them to pamelaclare at earthlink dot net and I'll get your copies of BREAKING POINT in the mail. :-)

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