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Saturday, April 16, 2011

News! News! News! UPDATED with video

I just wanted to share the news — and my happiness — with you all.

Tonight at the annual awards ceremony for Colorado chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Top of the Rockies, I was awarded the Keeper of the Flame Lifetime Achievement Award.

It was the last award given out and is the biggest award the state chapter of SPJ gives. I was floored to learn last week that I was receiving this award, as it usually goes to older journalists with long careers who are either deceased or about to retire.

I was so happy to have staff there from both of the papers where I’ve worked. They came just to share the moment with me.

During my speech at the microphone, I asked them to stand up so I could thank them for the support they’ve given me, for example while the whole shackling bill effort was going on.

I was utterly amazed to get a standing ovation from the crowd there. I never imagined I’d be given this award. Never in a million years. And here were my journalism colleagues on their feet and applauding.

My parents and older son, Alec, were there, too. And it was wonderful to have them be there with me. My father video taped my little acceptance speech, and there are some photos. I’ll share them with you when I have them.

I couldn’t come out and say what award I’d gotten — I also received a couple of state journalism awards for articles tonight — until the ceremony was over.

So that’s my big news.

Here’s the video from last night, showing part of the speech. There’s a little missing at the beginning and a chunk in the middle.

Wow, what a night. I have no words.


RitaSV said...

Pamela, that is absolutely fantastic! What a huge compliment to be so honored by your peers. That says an awful lot about you professionally and personally. Congratulations to you!

Congratulations, Pamela! You've more than earned it!!

landipan said...

Congratulations Pamela, I can't even imagine how happy and proud you must be feeling right now,you must simply be on top of the world. Can't wait to see some of the those pictures and video! You go and celebrate and have an awesome time!

KayH. said...

Wow what a night for you ! No wonder you're on top of the world. You should be ! How proud your family must be too. Awards well deserved !

Doreen said...

Pamela, obviously your peers value your journalistic integrity and talent! An award well deserved then I say! Congratulations and enjoy your moment in the sun!

Mary G said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mary G said...

What they all said. So deserved.
Congrats & I hope this euphoria lasts forever.

What a nice honor to receive from you peers. Congratulations on all your hard work.

j3nny said...

Congratulations! That is a major achievement. I can't imagine how you must feel! The happiness and pride must be overwhelming. Continue doing what you're doing and congratulations :)

Rach said...

Utterly fantastic! You clearly deserve it and what an amazing feeling that must be. Congratulations on your all around success!

Danielle said...

Congratulations, Pamela! You earned it!

landipan said...

I just watched the video of your speech and wow,that was a wonderful,beautiful speech! I really wanted to stand up and clap along with the audience,but I think that would have seemed weird in my work place LOL.

Jane said...

Super congrats on the award, Pamela.

Bernadette said...

Congratulations Pamela! You're speech was wonderful! Enjoy every bit of this moment!!!

Oh, I just responded to all of you and lost the post. Dang it!

Thanks, everyone! I just finished writing a bunch of personal responses and lost the post.

So now I really need to get to writing Connor's book.

But Rita, UM, Landipan, Kay, Doreen, Mary, Jane, J3nny, Scorpio, BPB, Rach, Danielle, Bernadette — THANK YOU for your kind words and for sharing my excitement. It means a lot to me and makes the moment sweeter.

Lori said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful honor. And you have done a lot for the people of Colorado, so it's very well deserved, too.

Side note: CU's journalism program was DCd? Oh how sad that makes me, if I heard that correctly.

And yes, agree. On to Connor's book :)

Thank you, Lori. :-)

Yes, sadly, the CU Regents voted 5/4 in favor of “discontinuance.” They don’t even have the balls to say "closure," so they use a word like “discontinuance.” They say they'll fold journalism into a communications major, but what they won’t answer is how they intend to preserve the ethics that are so important to true journalism.

That’s scary to those of us who care about our profession.

Big Congrats Pamela!!!

And I think it just goes to show how amazing your journalistic work is that you received a lifetime achievement award at such a young age.

It's always nice to have your hard work recognized by others, other than the people that you work with, your family and friends. You deserve it!

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