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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hawt summer reading

Thanks so much to Jenn LeBlanc for sharing her amazing photos of Denver hotties with us yesterday for Man-Titty Monday. It takes a certain courage and craziness to walk up to hot men in gyms and ask them if they’d like to pose naked for you. It makes me wish I’d learned to take decent photographs!

If you want to check out Jenn’s illustrated romance, click here to visit her website. The idea of having photos from love scenes... Well, it has a certain appeal.

So what’s on your summer reading list?

Mine includes:

The rest of Christy Reece’s wonderful CHANCE books. I read the first one and then got derailed by surgery and trying to finish Breaking Point.

Marie Force’s FATAL series and Gansett Island trilogy. The first, Maid for Love, came out in April. The second, Fool for Love, came out this weekend and is is live at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords if any of you want to give her a try.

Anna Campbell’s new historical Midnight's Wild Passion. She sent me a signed book from Australia, and I just love the cover. The colors are so lovely.

Julie James’ first two books — Just the Sexiest Man Alive and Practice Makes Perfect. (I loved Something About You and A Lot Like Love).

Can you tell I haven’t had time to read apart from research lately?

Also, Elisabeth Naughton has a book coming out today that sounds right up my alley. It’s actually an anthology titled succinctly Bodyguards in Bed and featuring novellas from Lucy Monroe and Jamie Denton, as well as Elisabeth Naughton.

Here’s the blurb from the back:

Bodyguards in Bed

There’s just one cardinal rule when it comes to being a bodyguard: no matter how tempting it may be, never, ever get romantically involved with the person you’re supposed to be protecting. But as these sensual novellas prove, even the most important rules are made to be broken–again and again and again. Join acclaimed authors Lucy Monroe, Jamie Denton, and Elisabeth Naughton as they open the files on an undercover operative who finds a sexy surprise under his covers, a hot case involving mixed messages and mistaken identities, and a mission impossible protecting a provocative beauty who lives to love dangerously.

Yeah, it’s a hard job,
but someone’s gotta do it.

What caught my attention was Naughton’s novella, "Acapulco Heat," perhaps because I’ve just recently written a novel about Mexico.

Here’s the blurb from "Acapulco Heat"

Sun, sand, skin and plenty of sex. That’s the name of the game in beautiful Acapulco.

Bodyguard Finn Tiernay’s new gig in the sultry city is nothing short of perfect. Too bad he can’t stand it. Hired to protect supermodel Lauren Kauffman during her very public, very sexy cosmetic shoot on the beach, Finn’s itching for a serious assignment and the chance to get away from the hot bod who’s set her sights set on him. Their mutual attraction has been brewing for some time, but he’s got no use for the super wealthy, isn’t about to become another diva’s boy toy. His no-fun-at-work motto might get him booted out of her bed, but when danger strikes, she won’t be able to shake him. And when he discovers things aren’t what they seem and that she’s more than a pretty face and smokin’ body, all bets are off. Lauren Kauffman’s about to take Finn for a ride he never saw coming. And there’s no telling who will survive.

Naughton totally had me at “Sand, sun and plenty of sex.” Sounds good to me!

The anthology got good a review from Publishers Weekly, so I think this will be my lazy-day read. Click here to read an excerpt.

So what releases are you looking forward to this summer?


Christina said...

Let's see. Lara Adrian has a new Midnight Breed book coming out this month. Rachel Vincent and Jayne Castle both have books coming out for my birthday at the end of August. I should read the latest Black Dagger Brotherhood book, the latest Sookie book and the latest Troubleshooters book. I'm also a couple of books behind on the Anita Blake series. Oh, there is a Kady Cross book I want to read, too. And, there's a were-dragon book I want to check out. The last dragon book I read wasn't to my taste but I'm willing to give dragons another try.

Beverly said...

Well for me for the month of June it will be Lara Adrian's "Deeper than Midnight" Lori Foster's 2nd book in her newest series "Trace of Fever" Lorelei James "Chasin Eight" (I just love those McKay's..LOL) JR Ward "The Rebel" then for July Lori Foster's 3rd book "Savor the Danger" and the one I am sooo waiting on in July Lora Leigh's "Dangerous Pleasure". For August I have several.. let's see.. Jaci Burton "Changing the Game" Lora Leigh "Midnight Sins" Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Retribution" Maya Banks "Long Road Home" and Jeaniene Frost's "One Grave at a Time". Oh my.. What a busy Summer. Enjoy Reading!

I got Lori Foster's TRACE OF FEVER today. I'm looking forward to her SAVOR THE DANGER this summer. Also, Carly Phillips & Susan Andersen have new ones coming out. I can't remember the names of them. And I'm gonna try really hard not to buy any more books until I read all the 80+ books in my TBR stack.

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