Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and readers! I have so many reasons to be grateful, and I count you all among them. I wish you a peace-filled, fun holiday with your families.

Five reasons NOT to go shopping on Thanksgiving

5. While you're off shopping, your relatives will eat the rest of the pumpkin pie.

4. The best way to save money is to NOT buy stuff, rather than buying it on sale — 20 percent off is still 80 percent on.

3. Thanksgiving is about gratitude for what we have, not scrambling to buy things we don't have and don't need.

2. Black Friday is bad enough. Don't let commercialism encroach on yet another holiday.

1. Would you want to leave your family to go to work after Thanksgiving dinner? People with retail jobs need a holiday, too! Their bosses will only get that message if no one shows up tonight to spend money.

Please, respect the holiday! Shop at locally owned businesses on Saturday!

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