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Monday, January 27, 2014

Annual I-Team “Favorites” Poll Results

Every year in the I-Team Facebook group, we have our "Favorite" polls. Here are the results of this year's polls. 


We’ve had major upset. For the first time since we started doing these polls, Marc Hunter (Unlawful Contact) did not win. He was beaten by a margin of three votes by Julian Darcangelo (Hard Evidence). Zach McBride (Breaking Point) got a fair number of votes to come in third, with Gabe Rossiter (Naked Edge) coming in fourth. The rest lagged significantly, with Javier Corbray (Striking Distance), garnering only 10 votes and coming in behind Reece Sheridan (Extreme Exposure) and Nate (Skin Deep). 

Finally, Julian gets his due!

Favorite I-Team Heroine — NATALIE BENOIT

It’s Natalie Benoit (Breaking Point) by a landslide, followed by Sophie Alton (Unlawful Contact), Tessa Novak (Hard Evidence), Laura Nilsson (Striking Distance), Megan Hunter (Skin Deep), Kat James (Naked Edge) and, in last place, Kara McMillan (Extreme Exposure).

Favorite I-Team Couple — MARC & SOPHIE

Marc and Sophie (Unlawful Contact) are the big winners, followed by Julian and Tessa (Hard Evidence) in second place, and Zach and Natalie (Breaking Point) in third. Kat and Gabe (Naked Edge) came in fourth, with Reece and Kara (Extreme Exposure) in fifth and Laura and Javier (Striking Distance) in sixth, Megan and Nate came in seventh (Skin Deep), and Lissy and Will (Heaven Can't Wait) eighth.

However, there was some general agreement that the official favorite couple of the I-Team series is a character known as “Marcangelo.”


The winner pants down is Zach and Natalie’s love scene under the waterfall (Breaking Point), followed closely by Marc and Sophie’s first sex scene after he’s out of prison (Unlawful Contact). In third place, is Nate and Megan’s first love scene when she kisses his burns (Skin Deep). Other notable mentions were Reece and Kara’s threesome with Mr. Jiggle Stick; Julian and his “sucky-swirly” trick and little strip tease; and Kat and Gabe making “snow angels.”

Favorite I-Team story — UNLAWFUL CONTACT

Unlawful Contact wins this year, with Hard Evidence in second place and Breaking Point in third. After that it’s Naked Edge, Extreme Exposure, Striking Distance, and Skin Deep. Novella Heaven Can’t Wait came in last.

Favorite Wrenching I-Team moment — GABE’S DEATH SCENE

Gabe’s death scene in Naked Edge won by a landslide, followed by the climax in Breaking Point where Zach flatlines. Marc’s death scene in Unlawful Contact tied for third with Laura’s final decision regarding Klara in Striking Distance. The ending of First Strike when Javier gets the news about Laura is fourth.


The winner is Connor showing Reece Kara’s “jiggle stick” in Extreme Exposure, followed by a tie between Javier’s quip about Marc and Julian being married in Striking Distance and Marc’s used of “Dickangelo” and “Dorkangelo” for Julian. Fourth Place goes to Kara talking with Reece while drunk in the bar in Extreme Exposure and fifth to Javier walking in naked while Laura was on Skype with her mother and grandmother in Striking Distance.

Categories we might add next year: Sweetest Non-Sex Scene and Best Cover.

So what do you think? How would you have voted?


This was so much fun, and I can't wait until next year!! I am really happy Team Gabe won for most emotional and did really well in rest of the categories. Go Team Gabe!!

Jackie said...

This was just awesome. More people should come and join us and take part ;). I am full-on Team Reece as I think we all know, but I was totally okay with Julian's win because I absolutely adore him. I was really surprised Laura didn't do better, although someone did mention that the international folk haven't had much of a chance to read Striking Distance yet, so that may well be it. I think she's your best heroine so far - so rich, and layered, brave but vulnerable. I love her. I love them all but nobody else is even a close second for me. Totally agree with Gabe's moment as most wrenching! My heart may never recover. Thanks so much for doing all this, and for being so fun and interactive with us.

lheira said...

Hola! No hablo inglés, sin embargo soy seguidora de tus novelas. Me perdí la encuesta, espero participar en otra que postulen. Me encantó Breaking Point!!

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